Musiq Soulchild - Goodgirl Lyrics

This is for the good girls, I'm callin' babe (ungh)
All over the world and I want you babe (I'm looking for ya)
Baby wherever you are, I'm gonna find you (yeah)
Girl I promise what I'll do, I ain't gonna let you go 'cause

You the one that I might go and wife up (up)
You the one that I might get the life up (up) for
I mean of course yeah I love messing with these bad girls
but now I'm looking for a

Good girl, yeah
Girl you got so much zest I want me a
Good girl, yeah
You don't put your freak on blast because you're a
Good girl, yeah
Ain't nothing wrong, change who you are, I'm looking for a
Good girl, yeah
Looking for somebody real good and I found you

'Cause you work real hard (yeah), got a good job (yeah)
Got you some degrees but you're still street smart (ungh)
Every time you pass somebody think you a star
'Cause your beauty's so amazing
That's not all (no), you can have it all (yeah)
House, car, anything you want from the mall
Yeah, I'll do it for you (It's nothin' babe)
I'll do it 'cause

You the one that I might go and wife up (up)
You the one that I might get the life up for
I mean I love playin' with these bad girls
but now I'm looking for a


And you don't know how good it feels to find someone like you
after all the other girls I've been through
Even though up in the club you're so vicious
Still always up in the church you're so relentless
I need someone to come save me from this big bad world yeah
And that's why I need a


So won't you be my good girl...

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Musiq Soulchild Goodgirl Comments
  1. Lisa Artis

    Miss you and your #musiq
    Still some good girls in #2018!

  2. Tookie2627

    LUV Musiq

  3. Tookie2627

    Luv this song

  4. korreyj

    man.. every song that Lil' Ronnie produces is crazy

  5. lachae88

    love it..... :D Keep it up musiq

  6. whitney Bueno

    I like this! thanks Taalib for another Great piece!

  7. Simphiwe Nzuza


  8. blesseddivine

    Yes! Finally a song to celebrate women that don't compromise their morals and standards. The moral fabric of society continues to waste away. Just look at the content shown on TV, music videos, lyrical content. good job Musiq, as always!

  9. Kitty BankZ

    De good girl is right here.. ah!! (:

  10. scb083

    great song

  11. scb083

    @honeybee1226 it on the special edition version

  12. Sameeha Terry

    he is one bad dude, yo! i have loved his musiq from the very beginning! This jawn right here is the ish!!!

  13. Cameron O'Riley

    Badass song..

  14. CaronAplus

    This is hot..... love it

  15. 2sammusic

    hotness son!

  16. 23djTbone

    Make it available for mobile viewing!!

  17. Naturallyhoneybeecouponer1226

    I have his new album this is not on it. How do I get this song?

  18. 23djTbone

    this needs to be the single hands down

  19. loco9280

    is their any way to get the instrumental 4 this if so please let me kno thanks

  20. loco9280


  21. LoniYoni

    Went to the House of Blues yesterday...Him and Bobby V rocked it!!! 6/27/11

  22. piggenpoop

    Needs to be NEXT SINGLE! followed by "SAY i DO"..
    Dis is dopE.

  23. Bradford Dotson

    different works.

  24. Nes'

    Dope !