Musiq Soulchild - Deserveumore Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Who, tell me who knows you better than I do
Said it out your own mouth
I ain't even gotta say it, ooo
You ain't gotta make an issue, ooo
I ain't tryna play the victim, ooo
I'm just tryna make this thing right
How could you think that I
Could ever be better without you
I mean, I can go a few months
But everyday girl I be missin you
Me loosin you to another dude
I thought of it as so depressing, ooo
You know and I both know that we need this, that's why

I'm explaining what I'm fighting for
Girl there's no one, who deserves you more
So stop subscribing to those crazy thoughts
Cause there's no one who deserves you more
Who gave you love
Don't change on me
I'll go halfcrazy if you choose to leave
That's why I'm explaining what I'm fighting for
Girl there's no one who deserves you more
Deserves you more

[Verse 2]
You don't often talk about it baby
But know it's true (it's true)
That you were insecure once
Cause someone really did you you dirty, ooo
But I encouraged you to make it through
Showed you special was a part of you
But you did the same for me too
So girl I thank you and I'm so thankful for
The times when we rise and we fall
The nights when laugh and we talk
Lets not break up
Let's be grateful that the strain of our arguments only brought us close in spite of it all


We spend more time on our problems instead of
Tryna work them out to get better
However, let's turn this negative into a positive
You believe in you and I
I feel theres a need to try
If I don't fight I'll regret it for the rest of my life


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Musiq Soulchild Deserveumore Comments
  1. SummerGlow FallBreeze

    Loveeee this song, this whole album speaks to my heart ..

  2. K3lli Kell

    Y'all betta sang

  3. Talia Brown

    All his albums is FIRE but this my fav iiissshhhh!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tanzania Cain


  5. NewWorldRob


    Beloved Royalty

    "I AGREE"💯❤💯

  6. Lynette Conley

    I Love This Song Brought Me Back To Christ And To Love Myself Again I Have Been Through A Abusive Marriage This Song Helped Me To Hear My Voice

  7. The Truth Channel with Beauty

    It's good music you think to do right by the one you love..and think to sing about it ,we need more music like this keep it up
    soul child.

  8. Brittni Perkins

    i love this song. this maybe the best album he had

    Kevin Mansell

    all background vocals is done by Musiq Soulchild