Musiq Soulchild - Befriends Lyrics

I Go Through Your Pictures In My Phone
Cause Sometimes They Get Me Through The Day
And Whenever I Start To Feel Alone
I Just Play Your Voice Mails
That I Saved Before Things Changed
Now I Read The Message You Sent Tryna tune out
When You Say I Know You Love Me But
You Should Just Forget About Us
But I Done Swam To Deep To Come Up Now
You Try To Tell Me I'll Make Someone Happy Some Day
But I don't Understand How You Can Just throw Away
This Heart I Gave To You
Right In Front Of My Face

But I don't Wanna Be Friends
Cause I Done Already Started Lovin You

I Wanna Take A Drive To Where You Live, But I Won't
But Still Feel Like Ain't Nobody Suppose To Be There But Me With You
It Should Be Me There Wakin Up Next To You
It Should Be Me Takin Em Showers With You
And I Should Be The One You Want Why You
Wanna Go And Mess Up Everything Baby
Now The Only Thing To Make It Better Is If You Say You Wanna Be Mine
Now don't You Get It Baby A Good Man Like Me Is Hard To Find
Look I don't Wanna Hear No Maybes In The Future
See There You Go Puttin Me Last When I Put You First
You Got Me Listenin To Songs But They don't Work
Cause They Only Remind Me Of How Much Love Hurts

So No I don't Wanna Be Friends
Cause Done Already Started Lovin You

Look Here
See I Got A Problem With This Whole Friend Thing
And Uh Heres My Reasons Why
Number One You Kiss Me Like You Love Me
Number Two The Touch me Like You Love Me
And Number Three You Make Love To Me Like You Love Me

So that's Why I don't Wanna Be Friends
Cause I Done Already Started Lovin You

I don't Wanna Be Friends
Cause I Already Started Lovin You

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Musiq Soulchild Befriends Comments
  1. calisouthqueen

    This is A good song to strip to.

  2. Jacquel Adams

    Whewwwwww 😍😍😍😍😍🤞🏾❤

  3. Tim Barnes

    This is the most sexiest stalker songs i know!!!!

  4. asia cole

    2019 😫

  5. Verice Herbert

    Wow believe it or not this is my first time listening to this song My bestfriend told me to listen to it three time while we facetime each other so after the third time he said did you get what it was saying I'm like yes I did So break down and say I been trying to say these words to you since high school 20 plus years and I was like me too 💖💖💖💖💖 to be continue

  6. Elle Class

    This is cool 😎

  7. Eric P


  8. Majidah Smith

    Dope song, smooth melody and romantic all the way. Every great relationship starts with friendship.

  9. 3ofclubs

    Stupid ass song made me propose. 😒 5 years later and I still love it and this crazy ass heffa next to me asking me who I'm texting. 😩



  10. clinton shamis

    So that's why I don't wanna be friends! Cos I already started loving you! 🙌💖🎤🎶

  11. Cedric Ingram

    this is real music right here...

  12. Brand New

    When I say say, I LOVE THIS MAN! I mean it...

  13. Joy Harper Kontao

    I absolutely have loved the vibe and spirit of this man's music from day one. Realest ever.

  14. Larry P. Lawrence Jr

    My bro Preached on the song.. and since she still wanted to remain friends after I gave and Sacrificed so much.. Lets Be Friends Her Loss!!!

  15. Dray Frets

    I went through this numerous times I'm starting to think its not meant for me to be happy.

    Jeannie Ferguson

    You deserve to be happy. You're going to make it through, I am going through this right now. But, whatever they did has nothing to do with you. They don't know what they are missing.

    dawg 1

    Jeannie Ferguson this why i love 90's artists, real music.

  16. starlay100

    This song speaks volumes!!

  17. Kalon B.

    Jamaica satterwhite😢😢😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😣💔💔💔💔💔

  18. Jo Jo

    This song just explains my situation rn so perfectly, I miss you so much baby

  19. Kianna Rosales

    This song explains EXACTLY how I feel ! 😭😭😭

  20. Ronica Morris

    Music is a phenomenal writer. i want take a ride by your house........but i won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Andre Richard

    This sent me to Knxwledge, then knxwledge sent me back here.

    fernando varas

    +Andre Richard Me too...

  22. LOVE Colon,NIEVES

    I Love my husband. Sean Nieves with all my heart and soul. Amen ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

  23. Moor-ena El


  24. Joe Mck

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  25. Karen Rucker

    I love Musiq every since I first heard Sunny!

    Tawasha Walker

    Have u listened to his other albums, under the personas "Purple WondaLuv" & "The Husel" ??

  26. Kristyn Fuerguson

    This is my first time listening  to this song and, whoa!!

  27. Banks Ebony

    Favorite from this album!

  28. Jus B

    One of my fav

  29. drew2truth

    This is some medicine to me rightnow couldn't have said it better. Rest-full-ness!

  30. Kandace W

    Going thru it now...

    Kianna Rosales

    Same here 😑

    lashundra pelzer

    Kandace W me too

    Adra E Harris

    OUCH. . . I WANT OUT!!!

  31. Elizabeth S

    I just discovered this song today, and I LOVE it! Whoever said this is the "Friend Zone Anthem" is right!

  32. Shock Ali

    Real music right here

  33. vintageblass

    MusiqIsMagiq Album

  34. Heygirl85

    I remember......

  35. Gugenheim Costello

    What album is this from?

  36. AyzWay

    I did as you said, have moved on to something better. Thank you!!

  37. Kedric Hill

    I think he was n my head when he wrote this......,ex needs 2 hear this bc this is exactly how I feel

  38. BOSS1124

    ThanX for posTing!!!!

  39. Peter Chen

    AW fuck yess

  40. fifi trooper

    damn, this song is beautiful.................

  41. Tony Carolina

    My heart hurts every time I hear this... Friend zone anthem

  42. Buttuh B

    Couldn't stop playing this record when I got friend zoned by my former significant other a while back.. Crazy song.

  43. 386savage

    man this real musiq straight up

  44. Lantier Drake

    This is exactly how I feel.

  45. AyzWay

    Great advice. I will definitely think about it.

  46. vintageblass

    the other person probably feels the same way.. You should tell them.. People say you only live once, No you only live long and die once, TELL EM FUHK IT.. I WOULD

  47. AyzWay

    I have to stop listening to this song. Every word is my freakin love life right now. How does he do this?

  48. mmuzikmuzik

    Soooooo Soulful!!

  49. ms. Optimistic

    This is real music

  50. strappedup24

    yes i know the feeling i think everyone can relate to this song

  51. AyzWay

    I can't stop playing this song. How does this man get into my brain and speak for me.

  52. dannyaraya1988

    the friend zone anthem :/

  53. ms. Optimistic

    Musiq marry me :) i have everrrrrry piece of record related n non relatef

  54. Sameeha Terry

    The 6 pple who disliked this just cant deal with 'Being Friends' and hv probably become stalkers... lol.

  55. Xavier Mayo

    then send her this song and tell her dont feel awkward but this is how i feel about you my friend did and hes been with his gf for 2 years now

  56. ALICIA the best

    this song right here stop it ! i must of played it like 3 times , this is the musiq soulchild that i member that soulfulness

  57. RBGD_ Tube

    I've felt like this about her for years now... Damn

  58. clcfeb89

    how?whats song?

  59. Aurianna Mi'Chele

    Story of my life. Love this song.

  60. onabanana

    favorite part 3:22 <33

  61. Shawna Turner

    *snicker*,,,,i know someone who fits this song.....

  62. Msnym08

    Wow! I never knew so many men felt like this about the women in their lives. I guess it takes Musiq to bring it out of you. Take it from me, TELL HER, TELL HER, TELL HER........we woman are always saying that we wish guys would be upfront and honest with us, and tell us how they feel. Feeling that much love for some one needs to be shared with the women you love and desire. Come from your heart guys!

  63. Akari Reynolds

    oh Shit babyface What if resurrected Damn! this brotha either fixin relationships, breakin relationships (sort of) Or makin u wish u Were in a relationship * Ha ha Damn u Musiq! :-) Fuckin complicated melody 4 real--Luv u Forever though True fan Down n Lock tight Always :-)

  64. Sameeha Terry

    @HolliesWood... damn we dont want u goin halfcrazy

  65. HolliesWood

    sorry to hear that man, that really sucks. hopefully ya'll will be friends again one day!....For me I am scared to tell her how I feel for that very reason. Because I'd rather deal with being her friend, and keeping my feelings in than to not have her in my life at all. I wouldn't know what to do without her....

  66. ThoughtAbstrak

    damn man :( i went through the same thing a couple months back. Told her i liked her more than a were not even friends anymore :/

  67. HolliesWood

    God damn this is my exact situation right now. I'm soooo deep in love with the girl who has become my best friend. I look at her Facebook pics to help me get through the day, I save all her voicemails and listen to them when things aren't going well. I know I would be better for her than her bf...whenever things don;t go well with him, I'm the man she runs to for a shoulder to cry on. I wish she realized that if we were together she would't have to run to another man when she was upset...damn

  68. AyzWay

    Story of my Effing Love Life

  69. ms. Optimistic

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve musiq

  70. Michael S Jordan

    I don't want to be friends cause I already start loving you.....REAL SPIT!!.....UUUGGGHHH!

  71. Sameeha Terry

    This is why i dont wanna be friends...

  72. Dominique Wright

    I love this song so much. I can really relate to it

  73. cubedmack

    Musiq never lets me down. He never changes his style. He keeps giving us great music.

  74. Bmore Careful

    Do i hear Bilal ??

  75. Sean McGee

    Check out my cover to this song let me know what yall think its a lil different but its FIRE!! come see for yourself

  76. Sean McGee

    good video!! check out my new R&B MIXTAPE #TREASON HOSTED BY: DJ MIC-O FROM OHIO dropping Feb. 15 2012 Download it FREE on Suporrt good music follow me on twitter @IAMSEANMCGEE also @MICOFROMOHIO....Sean McGee

  77. Marcus DeShawn

    is this off his latest album?

  78. iCharmCity410

    damn this is too nice...soulful!

  79. Msnym08

    @lilhomes12 just heard this song. keep being that person's "friend"....someday, so way, things have a way of working out......good, no great, things come to those who wait. In the meantime stay positive

  80. NEXTDAYent

    Follow the writer of this song Taj Jackson on Twitter --->> @Tajua2009

  81. lilhomes12

    "you try and tell me ILL MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY SOMEDAY, but i dont understand how you could just go away. this heart i gave to YOU right in front of my face, I DONT WANT TO BE FRIENDS"

  82. lilhomes12

    @sandiesnazy :(

  83. EbonyBlackDee

    I dont wanna be friends...
    ... coz i done already started loving u

  84. Blaqmozar

    Beautiful Song. Je pense que beaucoup se sont retrouvé dans cette situation

  85. kyle jacobs

    Its Nice to hear some real R&b for a Change! Usher has sold out and chris brown was never r&b. Beyonce is a Wana Be Mary J and todays music is missing the heart and soul of music thumbs up for the Soulchild!

  86. Blackgirl Jane

    OH MY GOD!....I've got to get this

  87. RichMocha30

    @Fevapres Thank you I appreciate that so much. I can't cry over spilt milk, and i'm getting better with handling things differently.

  88. Louie Loud

    @RichMocha30 :( keep ya head up

  89. D C

    I can't stop listening to this song! Every lyric is me and my "friend" right now.

  90. Matt Beezy

    he plays her voicemail thats a lil sad lol

  91. KOOL KEN

    I don't wanna be friends...

  92. Brandie Meekins

    oh my...good said

  93. RichMocha30

    Sing it Music!!! I feel the same... I've been through it, and i was depressed for a whole year, because the situation was sooo foul, but i forgave him after while, but he stopped talking to me and avoiding me like i did something wrong, and i'm the victim through the whole thing, but whatever... Smh.. -_-

  94. American girl play

    great pick me up song for the person that has wronged you...gets me through the day!....momentappropriate#iforgiveyou! kisses!!!

  95. Wakanda Savage 9000 AF


  96. Teasha Stewart

    @NatalieTMedia Man it freakin suck golf balls!!

  97. krys white

    Are u serious Musiq?!?!?!!? I'm about to cry, he sayin everything I'm feelin right now... This is my new favorite song...

  98. The Music Seducer

    @BUCKDOWNZ Yep this is my favorite song from this album, too. Probably one of my favorite Musiq songs PERIOD.