Mushroomhead - Mommy Lyrics

Mother may I? Mother may I please go outside and play?
Don't put me back in the dark I promise I will not tell anyone mother may I?
Mother may I please share our little secret of love?
The way that you touch me, should I feel shame?
Mother may I?
Mother may I please feel your warm embrace?
Mother may I?
I feel your hands on my face no you can't go out
but you may cum inside of me mother may I please feel you?

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Mushroomhead Mommy Comments
  1. Shrapnel92

    I once asked Stitch- "If Mushroomhead got to perform at The Roadhouse in an episode of Twin Peaks what song would you want to play?" He said it would be Mommy.

  2. Auspicious Autonomous

    I once would make love to a woman to this song later, reading the lyrics how HORRIFYING it is... ~ 13 Disturbing Songs People Love -

  3. Rocky Kreations

    KoRn - Daddy
    Mushroomhead - Mommy


    Rocky Kreations you beat me to it!

    Agnostic Metal Head

    Slipknot - Iowa

    Flint Ironstag

    Ugh.. Daddy by Korn was much more disturbing IMHO!

    Agnostic Metal Head

    @Flint Ironstag it was

  4. HakuChan Yuuki

    very disturbing song especially if you experience sexual abuse or touching as a child

  5. slum chemist

    wanna fuck up your whole day?....after this song go straight to korn's daddy song..

    Flint Ironstag

    Nope. Heard it once.,. .way too fucked up to hear again...

  6. Jordan Fire Star

    Oh boy, can't wait to see the comments on this one!

    Flint Ironstag

    Jordan Fire Star Creepy!!!! That's my official opinion...

  7. Flint Ironstag

    Soooo creepy!!!

  8. Randomness Calls For Randomness

    My mom's boyfriend is friends with the drummer who also happened to babysit my mom's BF's friend. They're all buddies.

    Flint Ironstag

    Speaker Cringe Uhm.... wow.. Considering what song you just made that comment on.....well .. I have no words ...

    Randomness Calls For Randomness

    Flint Ironstag Uh why? What's wrong with it?

    Flint Ironstag

    Speaker Cringe Uhm... nothing actually. I just thought it was creepy at first, considering the song is clearly about molestation of a child. I didn't mean to imply anything BTW!! I was just pointing out, jokingly, the irony of your comment. I meant no offense.

  9. ernesto alvarado perez sancho

    faborite song

  10. King Bugs

    Beautiful, and very creepy. This sort of song is what sets Mushroomhead apart from so many other bands that arose around the same time. Underrated band.

  11. Level Manny

    This song definitely makes me sad.. I wonder which band members experienced this abuse.


    Anthony Haller are you sure?

    HakuChan Yuuki

    how you know?

    Rocky Kreations

    J/Nothing was abused? :(

    Anthony Haller

    @xxredgamer Not really just a guess.

  12. Tony C

    mandy lascko is the vocals not roxy

    HakuChan Yuuki

    Tony C how do you know that?

  13. A. inK

    does anybody know what album this song is on

    A. inK

    +trey stewart thanks man

  14. lilth zaraki ravnson

    what is this song about if any one know s

    lilth zaraki ravnson

    that is a bit mest up

    Trey Derbyshire

    Nah its great

    Privacy Lover

    +Trey Derbyshire Don't refer to abuse as a relationship.

    Project 420

    Ive heard from many people that it happened to an ex band member, ive also heard from some that i happened to JMann

    Flint Ironstag

    Incest and pedophilia.

  15. WaterBuffaloesOfWater

    This song goes from ?!!eh? to ??!?!?WHOA WHAT teH FuCK?!?!?!?!?!?!? really fast


    +WaterBuffaloesOfWater this is back when mushroomhead made good music.

    Randall Kincaid-Shatto


    no shit.

    I can't listen to anything past xiii.


    I really stopped caring for what they made when Savior sorrow came out.

    Roldi RB

    So bad, check Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children and The Righteous and The Butterfly, they're legit albums lml

  16. Mario Rideout

    What is this about??

    ParalyzZed !

    +Mario Rideout its about isolation/child abuse/ incest

  17. lilth zaraki ravnson

    this song givs me cerps

  18. Bold King Oreo

    my friend told me to look up this shit wtf 

  19. Anthony Haller

    @Jess Ainscough I think it either Jeffery or Jmann that experienced this trauma.

    Three Little Words Studios

    It was Jeffrey, not Jmann

    Anthony Haller

    @Three Little Words Studios
    Thought so.

    Pentex Sucks

    Anthony Haller source?

    Anthony Haller

    @Pentex Sucks They are the ones who usually write the lyrics that's why.

    Pentex Sucks

    @Anthony Haller oh.

  20. Cloud575501

    Never knew the lyrics to this song until now...

    slum chemist

    Cloud575501 yep..and its disturbing..

  21. troy clookey

    Just listen

  22. Anton Orlov

    very good song!

  23. kikkirow

    I love this band. I hope Jmann stays there full time now.

  24. doomstormsandcelticsvikingspagangods BREEF


  25. lloyd clookey

    great song

  26. Katherine Winter

    You're wrong. The singer is, actually, Mandy Lascko from the band Racermason. Look up Racermason on YouTube and you'll see that their voices are the same. And Mandy Lascko being the vocalist of this song is all over the internet so Google it, if you don't believe me. I know Mushroomhead.

    slum chemist

    Kate Winter why does everyone have to argue about whos singing?....just enjoy the fucked up song..

  27. Corey Frazier

    thats Roxy singin u dumb fuck...obviously u dont know mushroomhead

  28. Jakob

    a small boy would sound similar anyway if that's your point.

  29. Jakob

    why the hell not. I prefer her to Jeffrey in this particular song.

  30. Steven Ditello

    Whys a girl singing?


    Mandy Lascko

    slum chemist

    bc it sounds better on this particular song..

    HakuChan Yuuki

    a womens voice sound more like a child than a mans voice

  31. Child of Chernobyl

    fucked up song


    (I know I'm 6 years late, but...)
    You seriously think they made this song just to be funny or some shit? I think one of the band members actually experienced this as a kid. You can't just judge a song based on it's lyrics.

  32. Jess A

    I wonder which band member is telling his past story....

    Project 420

    JMann apparently, according to some

  33. Tyler Smith

    Popped the comment cherry

    slum chemist

    Tyler Smith comment the popped cherry...