Mushroomhead - How Many Times Lyrics

With mouth open wide
We lie and wait
We can't crucify
Relive our mistakes

The Devil that you know
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Your mate is your match
Set fire to the whole thing
Fire to the whole world

Would you please accept my invitation
No salvation just follow me
Forked tongue with fingers crossed
Transformation the mark of the beast
If ignorance is bliss
Sever me up a cold dish
Of your vengeance
Commitments your sentenced
Crimes through your Father's eyes
you dare to speak with me but choose to lie
Win some lose some
Fuck the world it's now numb

After all this time
It's time to say goodbye
Like we've never met

How many times can we say goodbye
And subject and reflect everything we've tried
How many times can we say goodbye
I've tried and tried goodbye is all I say to you


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Mushroomhead How Many Times Comments
  1. Jeremy Rogers

    This song was stuck in my head the other day

  2. Virus 666

    I Love this Song, greetings from Germany

  3. Aaron Andermann

    Man this song is killer🎯

  4. Timothy Clark

    Not colorblind friendly lyrics *sigh* bummer

  5. Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    The last part it doesn't say "relive our mistakes" it says "we laugh in your face". Perhaps listening closely would help you.


    Kristabella Klairessa Erlynella Fireheart jaja I don't Know why I put these words as subtitles, tan you

    Andrew Macnaughton

    How about calm down?? Have some bud it's all good.......

  6. Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    I just got a new favorite song..

  7. Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    I'm so glad J-Mann is back

    Dylan Hughes

    Dragonsword Pagan Master i believe you man, when i looked up j man it said that he was a former singer for mush, so did he leave and then recently rejoin?

    Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    Dylan Hughes he left right after he did the solo song called tattoo with the band
    simple survival and your soul is mine were with Waylon
    J-Mann came back at concert one day while performing his most popular track with the band called "bwomp"
    then later went to the studio with MRH and performed and wrote parts of beautiful stories Album
    also was in the righteous and the butterfly
    so yeah he's back now lol
    I'm glad too

    Booker Pound

    He wasnt on savior sorrow or beutiful stories but he played a show with them because waylon got sick and couldnt sing both waylon and jman are on rightious


    Your information is way off. Waylon left after this album and J Mann rejoined after Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children. The Righteous and The Butterfly is the only album to feature J Mann, Waylon, and Jeffrey Nothing on vocals.


    Only Jeff and Waylon were on Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children. J Mann rejoined in 2013 about year before they released The Righteous and The Butterfly.

  8. Robbie LifeLess

    honestly I love it

  9. Danter_999

    awful combination lyrics and backdround

  10. Anthony Haller

    Reminds me of Do I Know You?

  11. Harrison Little

    Only song I like by them haha, huge buckethead fan

    F2X PR02P3C7

    +Harrison Little no srry bro i dont know him

    Harrison Little

    +F2X PR02P3C7 dude check out his album boiling pond!!!!! Good stuff

    Fred Leparski

    Harrison Little buckethead is hands down most talented guitar player ever

    Jeremy Orndorff

    I like enter the chicken

    Booker Pound

    Harrison Little listen to before i die by mushroomhead If you like this one