Mushroomhead - Elevation Lyrics

How Am I Supposed To Think?
Can I Feel? My Hands Are Numb,
My Feet Oh No My Dick Is Dumb
And The Rain Came Down Plucked My Sight
Elevation, Elevation, Elevation
How Am I Supposed To Think Now?
What's In My Head Now?
Like A Cheap Parlor Trick Slight Of Hand And The Blood Covers A Soul,
Any Day Now What Do I Feel When I Awake?
Where Am I From When I Am Lost?
I Feel So Low, I Said My Hands Are Numb,
My Feet Oh No,
Elevation I Said My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No,
Elevation And Every Time I Get Up They're Pulling Me Down,
Can't Get My Feet Up Off The Ground,
I Said My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No.
How Am I Supposed To Think, now?

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Mushroomhead Elevation Comments
  1. WillB 115

    So good song of an underrated album, from an underrated band...

  2. AL SkiSkiSki

    It really doesn't get much better than this folks!

  3. WillB 115

    Where can i find the bass tab of this one???

  4. Corey 742617000027

    .reve sdnab tseb eht fo enO

    Oddball Skull


    Maggot qliao

    sey ckuF

  5. Project Alkaline

    Is this the real mushroomhead

  6. Booker Pound

    This, indiffetent, mommy, 43 are the best on this album. This song is great

    Raven / Fuck Antifa

    some dude This is my favorite off the album.

    Booker Pound

    Raven i love the part at 1:26 and his screaming in this one. I wish he screamed like that in more albums


    2nd thoughts is THE best song on this album

  7. Raven / Fuck Antifa

    Best song off this album, along with Too Much Nothing.

  8. Kolby Massengale

    You can hear a lot of Mike Patton influence on this album

  9. Kyle Barnett

    this is the backbone of all successful duo lead singer bands ...lets see anyone else sync this way

  10. cheeto

    This is pretty cool.