Mushroomhead - Darker Days Lyrics

Finish what you fold up, digest, lock away
confiscate the sins to cleanse the brain
Six feet under, Six feet down
there ain't no way that you're keeping me, pulling me
Six feet under, Six feet down
there ain't no way that you're breaking me, taking me

And it happens everyday

Divisible by moments fed the human race
Pontious read the riot-act, of your hate
We used to give the love, but that was never enough
there ain't no way that you're breaking us, taking us
for a ride again, that was way back when
we used to give the love, but now we're out for blood

Kill for any reason, left to pray
as you feed yourself Religions
god did not create
We used to give the love, but that was never enough
there ain't no way that you're breaking us, taking us
Six feet under, six feet down

Darker Days to come at 45,
Darker days to come
So hear my words to the Fallen
and Save Yourself

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Mushroomhead Darker Days Comments
  1. David A. Fye II

    The drummer 🥁 is out of this world 🌎 !!!

  2. Keyland Jackson

    Sucks you can't buy this song

  3. sds sdsd

    what is this song about? i can't find the lyrics meanings

  4. Mafaman

    Pure gold.

  5. Barsabus

    The story behind this song is one night Waylon got pissed of at everyone because they didn't want to help him make this song so he went to the studio and recorded this whole song. He played all the instrument and recorded the whole song while everyone was asleep. They all woke up and heard how great the song is. Since nobody knows how to play this song, it can't be performed live. It is a secret song at the end of album 13 - go fuck yourself.

  6. Hilch

    Añade. Un. Camentario

  7. Ronnie Martin


  8. Jack Spicer

    Anybody comparing Slipknot and Mushroomhead are doing so because of their image and not their completely different styles, and are therefore uneducated to the extent of both amazing bands. You can maybe compare a few similiar feeling songs but people, seriously. It's non-debate.

  9. Luvbie Burroughs

    it's my belief that mrh is better

    Epic Gamer Politics

    Luvbie Burroughs slipknot is the sellout shitty version of mushroomhead. Can’t write a guitar riff worth a shit

  10. Jason Farris

    f-en awesome can't listen to it enough



  11. Christos Antonopoulos

    Keep a track on how many kids come out each generation people the UN FIGURES ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD ON THE MATHEMATICS OF IT ALL

  12. Christos Antonopoulos

    Seen enough dark days

  13. Christos Antonopoulos

    I hope not.

  14. JJ - CyberTonic

    And it HAPPENS every day!! Bitchin' track.

  15. Paradigm _sh1ft

    Call me crazy, but I can totally hear Pantera writing this exact song. It would've fit perfectly on re-inventing the steel.


    Oh hell yeah. Thought the same exact thing


    Yeah Dave is a huge Pantera fan. His solo band is like diet Pantera lol

  16. baine loro

    MRH BEST!!!!!

  17. Warrior2200

    A Pantera southern feeling:) Love MRH

  18. Yuki Vendiola

    i'm really like this band 😄

  19. Timothy Da2nd

    amen Jesus was always against those religious scribes and phrases! He Definitely didn't create religion. God the Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit not about religion.


    Timothy Da2nd So I'm NOT the only one that notices Biblical themes in their songs

    Epic Gamer Politics

    I think this about religion being a lie we’re fed, and the proof is that god didn’t make it is enough to lose your religion

  20. Dmitrij lazurko

    this is hardcore i love it.!

  21. N. Hale Green

    Simplistically awesome riffing. Slipknot need to take notes, their riffs are boring and predictable as shit. Gravy knew how to put a fresh spin on the style

    lucan valerius

    N. Hale Green both bands like each other dumbshit

    Kolby Massengale

    They didn't rip Mushroomhead off dude. That's the biggest misunderstanding that fuels the whole stupid feud between the fans. One day Clown from Slipknot just decided to wear a clown mask during practice and refused to take it off. After that they just decided to each wear masks to try and be unique and separate themselves from the other Iowa bands coming up at the time. If you're talking about their styles then you're wrong again because musically they sound very different, especially when it comes to their vocalists


    Oh shut up. Mushroomhead and Slipknot are two different band, it's two different genre, completly different masks. Just enjoy the music.

    Medesi Gaming

    Well clearly slipknot are doing something right when they are more popular than mushroomhead

    Dylan Fritzinger

    Lol these people are so funny they need to do research before posting . Mushroomhead would have been alot bigger but they turned down the record label that afterwards would sign Slipknot . They did it because the record company wasn't gonna pay enough and they made more money on there own. As far as the mask thing goes it's a fact mushroom head was wearing masks before Slipknot. But it's not like mh was the first band to ever wear mask so why fight between who wore masks first Slipknot or mh . But factual info will tell you it was indeed mushroomhead. There both good bands Slipknot being alittle more main stream when compared to the more underground metal that mh does so well . They both shoot for different goals and take some things more seriously because of the image they want to make . Yet again why Slipknot got bigger because they have a great show but isn't very interesting but it's just a fast heavy musical concert . Mushroomhead is very theatrical and go for a scarier sound .

  22. Tigertattoo

    This song mades me horny, is it normal?

    Lisandro Tonelli

    @Asperger :c yes

  23. Kattle Prod.uctions

    Badass. I was told this album sucked, looks like I need to do my own research.


    This album is great. Mushroomhead changed their sound a lot with this album . Too bad you won't hear anymore songs like this anymore live, because Waylon left Mushroomhead. They are still very good live though.


    it's their best album, for songs like Come On, Slaughterhouse Road, Harvest the Garden, The Harm You Do, The Feel, and Darker Days.

    Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    People are pissed because this album is different, but what they don't realize is that literally every album has its own sound.


    I have not been following them since Savior Sorrow. I enjoyed it as well as Supeebuick,Xiii & XX
    I heard this album& the other 1 with the Butterfly on the cover weren't as good.but I am playing this for the 1st time and I like it enough to where I'll buy it on Amazon for the 6$ they charged.should have it in thd mail in a few days.

  24. Grumpy Platypus

    Brutal. Heaviest they've been in a while. Thanks for uploading

  25. Brandon Gerald

    Hey this is not garbage its pure awsomeness

  26. Andrew Par


    SM 7