Musgraves, Kacey - Wonderfilled (Oreo) Lyrics

Wonder if I, gave an Oreo, to this cute guy that I used to know.
Would he have dumped his girlfriend? Typed that email and hit send.
Would it not have ended like it did? Would we now have kids?
Oh, I don't know, whenever I taste one, I still think we will.
'Cause life is wonderfilled.

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Musgraves, Kacey Wonderfilled (Oreo) Comments
  1. iamafish Chinchillas

    The owl city one is better

  2. uthayabalan Nagarajah

    sWEET sONG.

  3. Lalit Sunar

    Wonder if I
    gave an oreo
    girl from high school
    where I used to go.

    would it be enough to create that spark
    fill some love into her heart

    would she not have said that last goodbye
    Would she hold my hold?

    Oh, I don't know, whenever I taste one, I still think we will.
    'Cause life is wonderfilled.

  4. Invader Marbles

    Wonder if I gave an Oreo to my enemy that I used to know would she reject that good treat or would she recount how she eats she just got some problems that I can't understand right now oh I don't know what she does all day but no worries today
    Ooh life is just wonderfill

  5. Invader Marbles

    Wonder if I gave an Oreo to Gir the Robot
    From nicktoons
    Would he go completely nuts or would he spell the word big butt I don't know oh well he'll pro-ba-bly be fine Wonder if I gave an Oreo to you

  6. Aisha Montenegro

    This song is so cute and beautiful 💞💞💞

  7. ¡Kawaii Oreo!

    I used this song for my Gacha intro cuz I love Oreos xD

  8. DarkBlueCraft25 YT

    *2019 Guys?*

  9. Baru 22

    This song is like
    For my dear Blue.💙
    - Love Simon

  10. Dawn JSAB

    Wonder if I,
    Gave an oreo
    To my mother
    That i always know,
    Would she love and hold me tight?
    So we'd never pick a fight?
    Those few words were stabbed inside my chest, Would this grudge be at rest?

    Oh i~
    Can't deny
    Whenever i see her
    I just want to happily live~
    Cause, life is *w o n d e r FILLED.*

  11. maria laura Gomez

    Por tatera musica oreo Cookies :)

  12. Gru

    Whoa this gave me goosebumps. This is so cute <3

  13. The lamb sauce

    *gives an oreo to crush*
    Crush: Hey thanks!
    Me: no prob, so can you uh get married with me and dump your boyfriend? I gave ya an Oreo
    Crush: -.- um what? I like Oreos but no I ain’t dumping my boyfriend!

  14. Zadicus Creighton

    For some reason, this video just sounds sad. like some delusional ex gf of some guy thinks that if she gave him a cookie, he would dump his current gf and be with her. the ex gf is really desperate

  15. Ainun

    nice. i love this . but i never see this in my indonesians tv😂


    love this💑

  17. KripZ Gaming

    The girlfriend that he dumped is the gurl who gave the orea to him.... that's very sad.

  18. Valentina Malvavisco

    Necesito una versión completa de esto. ❤

  19. KingFanDisney

    Me Thinking: Wonder if I gave an Oreo to this Cute guy that i used to know
    *gives oreo*
    Guy: ...
    Guy: Is that it?
    Me: *leaves* Well that didn’t go to plan

  20. KingFanDisney

    There should be an Oreo Wonderfilled Album, I would literally listen to the album on eternal loop

  21. Ainun

    can u tell me the guitar chord of this song?

  22. ven ser

    November 2018 and still listening???

  23. Jack man

    She clearly likes it!

  24. Lam

    Taylor Swift 3.0? But, better?

  25. X coast X I made a meme out of this song ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Diana Alberts

    Can we have a loner version?

  27. Mike Wolf

    I can't help but cry whenever I listen to this version. So many unanswered questions about lost loves which speaks to all of us on many more levels then I think Oreo or Kacy ever intended. A very depressing, yet hauntingly beautiful song.

  28. furbyclub

    It’s an oreo.

  29. Wasabi Cake

    omg great advice
    give an oreo to a murderer
    BOOM, they won’t kill you!

  30. Coco Nut nut

    thank you Oreo! i gave it to my crush and he liked me back☺

  31. ThunderPlunder101

    She almost became a thot if she gave that oreo. Breaking a relationship like that.

  32. Jheddalie Wilkie

    This is low key dark and kinda depressing ...

  33. Sarah Walter

    In grade 10 I had a crush on a boy in my drama class. I saw this commercial and thought I'd try it.I brought in oreos for my drama class and on that day HE SKIPPED CLASS!!!!! So I guess we'll never know what might've been

  34. Xenia L

    I’m giving an Oreo to my crush

  35. Maryam M.

    Speed at 1.25 sounds so much better

  36. Angie Morgan

    hit send

  37. Ewaldus Dwi


  38. The Unknown Guy

    Pretty sad one ;-; cuz it says about failed love :(


    So life is wonder filled if he leaves his current girlfriend for his ex? Wonder filled for who then? Pretty bad rendition of Adam's original message.

  40. Priscilla M


  41. Chloe Brammer

    Oreo theme cover:
    Wonder if I gave an Oreo
    To this cute guy that goes to my school
    Would I now be his girlfriend
    Text all night for hours on end
    Could we have got married in the end
    To be more than friends
    OH I don't know
    Whenever I see him
    I still think it could be
    Cause life is wonderfilled

    For my crush Bradley

  42. JE- Review

    What..did I just listen to...

  43. Namjoons Dimples

    I used to think it’s cute ‘cause I was in fourth grade but it’s actually so depressing

  44. Юлия Левина


  45. Lilpeep gbc

    This makes me feel happy

  46. Ada Nb

    If he dump his gf because of an oreo I think he is not really trustworthy

  47. CottonCloud102

    "Oreo with cream legs." That is weird. I mean like "Oreo with cream legs & kids?" creepy.

  48. HorrorSweetArts

    this makes me sorta sad...

  49. lucaschannel7 2

    Wow this song is just kinda sad

  50. ruegen

    the animation is literally goal👌👌

  51. Lola


  52. Pneuman1ac_!

    Wonder if i, gave an Oreo
    To my mom when it's time for her last chemo
    Would she hug and pat my back?
    Would she know she filled the crack
    That's deep down inside my broken heart
    And so torn apart

    Mother... Oh mom...
    Why do you have to go so fast?
    Come back, and stay...
    Hope life is wonderfilled

    Sorry i just missed my mom 😢

    Paul Anthony Nuguit

    you. take my hug.

    weird person

    Stay strong your mother is now in a better place

  53. Cherryswirlc 107

    I like the other version better

  54. b1lld2gg XP

    This song is retarded and I love it


    b1lld2gg XP the lyrics aren't the best, but the tune and the singers voice is awesome.

  55. Slickboy2004

    This is a bit sexual not much though

  56. Lokhendro Athokpam

    ah well, im going to the owl city one, better

  57. Ice Vulpix

    Ugh the love love in this video is so strong it's making me feel happy.

  58. Elaine Vanpoole

    She makes this worth the while of eating oreos on Valentine's Day! So sweet!

  59. Jetix 2000

    Nm. , N. B,b

  60. Sophia Casey

    Do it in GALA major

  61. crazymonkey

    just to say owl city is the orginal singer of this

  62. fraulein irog

    Wonder if I gave an oreo
    To my bestfriend
    He was like my bro
    Would our friendship never end
    Still hang out even just friends
    Even though I wanted more than that
    I wish that you'd come back

  63. walle387

    p öä. .Llpp pööö öä löö Llpp ii t z öä ääüp ä
    ä lll ä ä ň hhhj ZuP öä Öl ä

  64. laura hunt

    I liked this ad so much..... I learned it on my ukulele....... don't judge me

  65. YI HUNG Chung

    hope it can be a theme song why this song just have 45sec....

  66. Prabu

    kacey's voice so soft like oreo's cream!

  67. heyitsMinj

    this song sounding too nice but the meaning stabs my heart...

  68. Nick Jasper

    There should be a fuller length (that's what she said... sorry - old habit) -- but for real, this version should be at least 2 minutes.

  69. jose Gonzalez



  70. felisa Rodriguez

    love the song

  71. pierre puren

    Even though this song is so cute and sweet why didn't I hear anything about marriage?😟All I heard was Cute guy, him dumping his gf, and then the girl and him having kids?🤔😦😵😟😟
    - Maxine Puren

  72. Fresh Avocado

    They should make a chick flick about Oreos and use this as the theme song. XD

  73. Kead Davidson

    I think this one made me cry a long time ago...

  74. RB TV

    so catchy

  75. As You Wish.

    Love this

  76. Mohammed Bush

    thanks for in spiring me to write a note to a girl I know

  77. Soundwave563

    Oreo, the new date rape drug.

    Yes I know the description for Date rape drug is quite different, just let me make my feeble attempt at comedy.

  78. Baby Panda


  79. Hailey C

    such a cute song

  80. Kead Davidson

    I think this made me cry at one point...

  81. EmmasaurusRex

    this is cute

  82. Mary-Ann sav

    I can't stop watching this , I love it

  83. sindy denne

    J'adore cette chanson <3

  84. Gud Meme

    I wonder if I gave an Oreo to a vampire from a creepy show would he thirst for milk instead?

  85. ecso828

    So... I wonder if I can make this guy leave his girlfriend for an Oreo cookie.Hmmmm.  Would that dude really be boyfriend material if he leaves his girlfriend for a cookie? And what kind of ho are you, trying to break them up in the first place?

  86. Mollie Crowe

    Listen up, Oreo cookies. I sing this song by heart, confirming how effective this advertisement is. I want Oreos and I want to share them with Kacey Musgraves.

  87. Jade Nguyen

    Wonder if I
    Gave an Oreo
    To this cute guy
    That I used to know
    Would it have dumped his girlfriend
    Typed that e-mail and hit send
    Would it not have ended like it did ?
    Would we now have kids ?
    Ooh I don't know
    Whenever I taste one
    I still think we will
    Cos life is wonderfilled

    Masbin Master

    Cause life is wonderfilled :D

  88. Phuong Hoang

    Dont mess with someone else's boyfriend what r you DOING girl???? lol

    Enrique de la Cruz

    Phuong Hoang She meant that the boy broke up with her. She was his girlfriend, and she was wondering if she had given him an oreo he could haven't send the email in which they broke up

  89. adrian

    This and the Owl City one are stuck in my head.

  90. jeff nguyen


  91. Dominique Sampson

    its ruined for me now.. I want owl city back

  92. Jairus Enguana

    mee toooo!!!!!!!!