Muse - The Globalist Lyrics

You were never truly loved
You have only been betrayed
You were never truly nurtured
By churches of the state
You were left unprotected
To these wild and fragile lands

But you can rise up like a God
Arm yourself
You can be strong
You can build a nuclear power
Transform the earth to your desire

Free your mind from false beliefs
You can be the commander in chief
You can hide your true motives
To dismantle and destroy

Now you finally have the codes
I have given you the code
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fire

There's no country left
To love and cherish
It's gone, it's gone for good
It's you and me babe
To hunt and gather memories
Of the great nation we were

There's no countries left
To fight and conquer
I think I destroyed them all
It's human nature
The greatest hunter
Will survive alone
With no one left to love

There's no culture left
To love and cherish
It's gone, you know it's gone for good
A trillion memories
Lost in space and time for ever more
I just wanted
I just needed to be loved

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Muse The Globalist Comments
  1. Aryo Aryo

    Biji Kau Pecah Enam Ini Kok Nd Bergerak Woyyyy

  2. Илья Шоберг

    Even Muse try their best to stretch the video up to 10 minutes mark…

  3. picklerickisinsideme

    ngl the melody of the intro sounds like thoughts of a dying atheist

  4. Maxime

    the pieno ending sounds so much like Beethoven – Pathétique 2nd Movement (Sonata No. 8)

  5. Dimple

    Big King Crimson vibes...

  6. Dimple

    Bohemian Rhapsody is Queen's Globalist.

  7. Vincentwashere

    I'm pretty sure you can hear a melody from 'The Gallery' in this, which is really fucking cool!

  8. Alianger

    woooooah didn't know these guys were antisemantic

    Mad Man

    Ight, first, you spelled it wrong, second they aren't it's making a parody of those that are and also gives a callback to those that are afflicted by those people.


    @Mad Man nobody likes my jokes :(

  9. nicolas piton

    Why not in a Tarantino movie yet ???

  10. Miralex

    Even if with no sound this song is great..😂

  11. fmt315


  12. Plushboyq

    wheres the sound

  13. Joseph Stalin

    Why is there no sound?

  14. HAARP

    I can hear in this song huge influence from Ennio Morricone: L' arena (Il Mercenario).

  15. B Benson

    Where them lyrics at??

  16. Shrk 1987

    This is Alex Jones theme song

  17. W x B

    This song sounds like a sequel to Knights Of Cydonia. Especially in the beginning

  18. 이테루

    M A S T E R P I E C E

  19. Rifki Haidar

    Wheres the sound dumb?

  20. English Heart

    I wonder if Tony Blair laughs himself to sleep listening to this ?

  21. Harry Soten


  22. Plushboyq

    its really quiet

  23. Charlie Martin

    horrible audio quality

  24. TheCircuitWizard

    A trillion memoriieeessssss lost in spaceee and tiiimmeeeeee foreeevveeerrrrrrmooorreeeeeee. Sadly it's heading that way :(

  25. Leila Redpath

    I just read the lyrics as poetry. Such a beautiful piece of writing. The words could stand alone without the music. Matt Bellamy you have a brilliant mind if that wasn't already obvious.

  26. hoody coo

    Red dead redemption vibes going on here...

  27. Toby Brooks

    Matt always says that MUSE are a sort of Parody to rock bands, I really feel that in the intro, the cheesy western vibe also like the intro to Knights of Cydonia is funny to me, but at the same time Matt outs across this brilliant political message, it's entertaining in all aspects.

  28. Lawrence Sheard

    The Nimrod in this is the best fucking thing ever. Eargasms every second...

  29. Klarks Rudolf

    Bad quality..

  30. Arief Rakhman

    Where's the lyric guy?

  31. bergulometro

    The song sounds like the continuation of United States of Eurasia. Those speaking randomly, and very incorrectly, of globalism, nationalism, EU, Brexit, really miss the artistic dimension of the song, as they rather focus on the less relevant political meaning.

  32. Wilted Carnation

    No music is playing

  33. Charlotte f

    this song so amazing

  34. Kapow

    First 2 minutes sound like invincible

  35. Breizh Rudie

    Story of my life, gotta kill now, myself or others how should I know.

    Arief Rakhman

    Just play some video game dude, plenty to kill there..

    Breizh Rudie

    @Arief Rakhman No this is never enough, I will fucking avenge myself from this whore who ruined my relationship, from all those fucker who always hate me in secret from every being on Earth, all of them want to harm me and I know it.

  36. L. E. Gonzalez-Cortés

    This song is a masterpiece

  37. Project-awesome customs and music

    This song reminds me of Queen, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Killers and Tool all at the same time. It has so many different parts to it, but it still feels like one. It feels like many different bands and styles, but it is all still Muse. This is what I love about Muse!

  38. Neon secret

    Anyone doesnt have sound from speaker? Only in headphones

  39. Wilson XV

    Is nobody not gonna talk about the message in these lyrics?

  40. Francesca Malberti

    The ending sounds like Edward Elgar's Enigma..... cool, was it deliberate? Ahahaha

  41. KarmaPolice42

    Drones' Knights of Cydonia.

  42. Jesperado

    I suddenly really love this song.

  43. SamLamingMusic

    I love Muse, but for anyone wanting to here the 'original' of the ending of this song, listen to Elgar's 'Nimrod' from the Enigma Variations, a very famous Orchestral piece that many of you will have heard before, from which the final melody is clearly taken:
    Great adaptation though!

  44. William Lane

    True story

  45. Max Van Leeuwen

    Last few minutes are based on "Nimrod the Hunter" from the Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar, also known as an acapella piece on Lux Aeterna.

  46. L'HAPPY-CULTURE 14 sec


    magnifique !! on retrouves pas mal de références de queen quand même

    Tom Rolland

    L'HAPPY-CULTURE Muse ont repris de tous les gros groupes, de queen, u2, en utilisant aussi du classique comme ici avec Nimrod Enigma Variations de Elgar🤷‍♂️sachant que Matt Bellamy a fait le conservatoire avant de devenir ce grand chanteur

  48. TwentyOne. Chemical.Phans

    Mathew’s voice blows my mind everytime I listen to this song! Absolutely amazing 🖤🖤🖤

  49. WriterGrl360

    Ok I'm sorry but does anyone else hear literally nothing bc that's what I'm getting rn. Is my phone speaker broken??


    Yeah.. just went in and out and still can't hear anything but weird chirpy noises. Help?

    JuanDa Granados

    Sorry, copyright issues that mute the video in mobile youtube. In PC it sounds perfectly.

    Spam singles

    WriterGrl360 I have that problem too


    It works with head phones

  50. Michael

    Here's my take on the albums story:

    A heart broken man (dead inside) was swept into military service (psycho) Afterwards, he realizes he is being controlled and pleads for help (Mercy) but is met with brutal resistance from the powers that be (Reapers) Wounded he manages to break free from their control (The Handler) and then led a coup d'etat (defector/revolt) Even though the revolution takes it toll, he seems to be victorious and has a found a new love (aftermath) Unfortunately it seems like he lost her as somehow he ends up being a dictator who starts a global nuclear war which wipes out humanity and thus leaves him with no one left love. (Globalist)

    His tragic story comes full circle and seems to be heavily influenced by the divorce Matt Bellamy went through before recording this album.

    azizi mansor69

    Kucing i love u...✌️

    azizi mansor69

    Meowew wee

    azizi mansor69

    Tanya sama pokok apa sebab goyang...

    Jens Martin Kollerud

    I think the protagonist’s story ends with aftermath, and in The Globalist we see it all from the antagonist’s perspective

  51. Smooth

    Another masterpiece from Muse! So emotional!

  52. empbac

    Once again Muse predicts the rise of Donald Trump... Un-fuckin-canny.

    Wilson XV

    empbac trumps actually anti globalist

  53. Hysteria Muse

    For a very long time, Hysteria was for me the best song from Muse [My pseudo speaks from itself]. The globalist touches me so much that now I am lost.

  54. JennyImpatient

    Nuclear weapons should be banned. You don’t have to fear a nuclear war if all the nuclear bombs have been dismantled.

  55. Leslie Cristopher

    Is it just me or does the EQ sound fucked up?

  56. Dudeee_

    You can be the commaaaaaaander in chiiief

  57. Ulis

    I Love you so fucking much

  58. Valery Klipp

    fantastic song. Added to my playlist :)

  59. Force

    Where the lyrics at buddy??

    JuanDa Granados


  60. Barry Berry

    I heard this is sequel to Citizen Erased. Is it true?

    Kems Ch_05

    Yeah dude, it's the sequel.

  61. Klarks Rudolf

    There is no music....?

  62. Austin Lenzi

    why isnt this on apple music anymore 🤯

  63. Kenny Davila

    The bass is gone. I almost throw away my new sound system thanks to trying it first with this version of the song

  64. Serj Herman

    And then Matt went and met with Hillary and attended her fundraiser event... I guess Muse is just a decoy for wannabe revolutionists who are blind as a kite and can't sense the right direction.

  65. Alaskan Tundra Wolf

    Alex Jones hates this song

  66. Nikki Kusters

    Am I the only one who seriously doesn't hear anything?

  67. The Quirk

    Idk why but the beginning of this song reminds me of a rimworld soundtrack

  68. kalixi

    Nimrod from Ed.Elgar!

  69. Domen Gašperin II

    This is some nationalist BS right here, lol. Globalism isn't even bad.

    Domen Gašperin II

    Correction: It isn't bad period.

    Wilson XV

    It’s not a bad idea but the globalists we have today are pretty bad

    Domen Gašperin II

    Your loss then, haha.

  70. NovailesOfficial

    Such a great album. This song is one of my favorites from Drones.

  71. Thebagman Show


  72. English Heart

    My poor country

  73. Walking Terror Gaming

    badass song, shame about the audio quality though :/

    This Name Is Stupid

    I played this through a stereo and it actually sounded better than the others in my opinion...

  74. TheAviator

    These guys are too sick! Can do any genre👍🏾

  75. Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin

    There is no audio

  76. Michael Vargas


  77. Belize jungle Paintball

    We have muse with a dash of tool and a sprinkle of Floyd cooking in this pot.I think I’ll have unintended for desert!And dream of keeping our nations sovereignty good night.

  78. Bot

    The Alex Jones theme song

  79. victor pasta

    Wait, did i just step into Kill Bill? xD

  80. Anson Hartzler

    So are we all just going to ignore Bill Cipher at 4:31?

  81. Andrus Andrus

    Velocidad x2 parece otra canción

  82. Anneka Patel

    Pure and utter perfection until 6:32....

    Killer Kuerbis

    Anneka Patel yeah should have ended there

  83. TIsaacs



  84. ryshenton

    I really wonder what Muse means by this song. "Thre's no country left, there's no cultures left" honestly, with the theme, "drones" the Orwellian type themes, I think that generally, there's loke no real culture anymore, what do people even value? So many people vacant, and self entitled, I don't think people even know what they're doing. They've somehow managed to almost create some freaking dictatorship. I thik they honestly let capitalism take it's course and it's almost destroyed the world.

  85. Scarface27

    Infowars theme song

  86. Chris Johnson

    What is the name of the classical piece that the piano bit is based on?

  87. Ben Barker

    Is it just me, or does the intro remind you of;

    "And thus... Beatrix Kiddo set out... to Kill Bill"

    _TomExtreme _

    Ben Barker it definetly does

  88. Pan- pan

    The ballad theme is lionel richie's "Hello". But globalist is a masterpiece

  89. TorideTheRising Wind

    Wait is that Elgar's Nimrod at 6:40?

  90. Escaia McMillan

    I don't darn hear it!

  91. garry mylan

    the sort of music Tarantino would use.,,,,just saw Muse in Melbourne,,,,,Awesome night.

  92. Aurantiaca

    This is so fucking beautiful :)

  93. Mr Flibble

    From the second Matt said this is the sequel to citizen Erased, I was setting myself up for disappointment. Nothing will ever live up to that piece of absolute perfection. However, this isn't bad. It isn't citizen Erased either though.

    Charlie McMillan

    Mr Flibble he explained that it was the opposite of citizen erased in an interview I believe, where in CE the person the song was about chose to fade into obscurity rather than hurt anyone, and in this song the choice was mass destruction.

  94. irvin clemente

    4:35 this part onward sounds like a boss fight from an epic video game

  95. jcbc2004

  96. Tommy Karnerfors


  97. RenzoCPT

    Why I can't hear the video on mobile anymore?