Muse - Propaganda Lyrics

Propa-gan ga

You got me trapped in your dark fantasy world
Don't you know you make me woozy?
You have me wrapped around your little finger

Baby, don't you know you can't lose
You make me offers that I can't refuse
You keep telling pretty lies
You toy with the truth
Oh you're killing me with your

Propa-gan ga

Cold chick
You ate my soul just like a Death Eater
I'm the ocean, you're an oil slick
Now I am choking on your thought pollution

Baby, don't you know you can't lose
You make me offers that I can't refuse
You keep telling pretty lies
You toy with the truth
Oh you're killing me with your

Propa-gan ga


Can't lose
You make me offers that I can't refuse
You keep telling pretty lies, babe
Baby, don't you know you can't lose?
You make me offers that I can't refuse, yeah
You contort me with your lies, babe
Don't you know that you just can't lose?
You make me offers that I can't refuse, yeah
You keep telling pretty lies
You play with the truth
Oh you're killing me with your

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Muse Propaganda Comments
  1. Guadalupe Soligo

    Temazo se merece 1.000 likes míos buenísimo sigan así me encanta

  2. Soledad Vasquez

    You dont have to be rich to be my girl... Kiss Prince

  3. Be Happy Always

    Godfather reference😂


    Coll Matt you are good the speaking errors my Brazil rocky Rio

  5. A Detailed House

    When you think a song is going to be one thing, but is actually the ultimate "screw you".

  6. lee class

    Timbaland production!!!

  7. Mesal Gear Solid

    Muse Fans: I love how experimental and unique Muse are.


    Seriously, I love Muse but I fucking hate Muse fans.

  8. JV Strats


  9. Champ

    Simulation Theory really has grown on me. I love it

  10. Archivos Rock Chile

    I didn't like it at first, but now I freaking love this song, it's like an addiction 😆💖💖💖💖

  11. basengalenga loquenderoxXx

    「G E R M A N S C I E N C E」

  12. Mario Barrios

    Los que vienen del Vídeo del T-Rex todo bien en casa ??

  13. musicalMastermind

    The new Borderlands main theme sounds good.

  14. Anyadelit Covarrubias Contreras

    I'm like Matt's voice wow so fuckin sexy

  15. Cristhian Neyra

    Alguien llegó aquí por el video de un T-rex haciendo polk dance? :'v

  16. Antonio Cortez

    Stroheim is proud

  17. Roxi Reyes

    2:05 mi parte favorita de la cancion hasta el final :3 !!! lo ame

  18. Trojan Fallen Angel


  19. Swaggerman 69

    1:46 i love this part so much

  20. Baconator Doom

    I keep imagining Prince singing this.

  21. Gabriel Diniz

    Hey, can you watch my video? It's how the song plays from outside a club:

  22. Rae

    This song has no right being this sexy, with such a heavy undertone

  23. Fredy Rios

    Alguien mas viene por el encueramiento del concierto de mexico? :v

    Maximo Kyouma

    En Perú no pasó eso, a ver cuéntame y dime los detalles 👀

    Eduardo Cruz

    Estas hablando literalmente? Yo no vi nada de eso y estube en la parte de enfrente, bueno me tapaban la vista unos chavos mas altos que yo

    Fredy Rios

    Chicos es un meme una pagina llamada memes of muse lo propuso como dinamica en broma a todas las dinamicas que ponian las demas paginas busquen la pagina y ahi lo dice

  24. Ruta


  25. DDD Unwaken

    The song first time I heard: WTF is this shit? Matt lost his mind. Then I go on Muse concert and few months later: Oh you are killing me with your Pwopaganda!

  26. María Castro Díaz

    Jajaja, cuando vienes a escuchar propaganda y te sale un comercial del sears, pvta bida :'v

  27. Nataly Eliany Campuzano Villegas

    Camara bellamy, podemos poner esta rolota el dia que nos casemos uwu

  28. Luiz Antonio

    Sexiest muse's song ever.

  29. Sandro Gm

    Puta que me pário man tanto nome pra botar na música que é fodastica aí o maluco coloca *PROPAGANDA*

  30. Laura Araujo

    VEM de Rock in Rio 😎

    Sandro Gm

    Laura Araujo claro 😍😍😍

    Laura Araujo

    @Sandro Gm sai demônio

    Sandro Gm

    Laura Araujo claro que eu vim do ROCK IN RIO NÃO PRECISA CHAMAR EU DE DEMÔNIO NÃO OHH que violência não tô dando em cima de ti se era o que vc tava pensando ;-;

    Laura Araujo

    @Sandro Gm me desculpe pela vergonha que passei .. encerrando conversa !

  31. JP#222

    This is my new drug

  32. Francisco a

    1:03 Caviar

  33. Anson Hartzler

    Am I the only who finds it funny that Muse mixed trap and country before Lil Nas X and Old Town Road?

  34. Goran Hrastovik

    Prince influenced

  35. Mikołaj Krzyżak

    Promiscuous Matt

  36. Lady Stardust

    Sympa le nouvel album de Muse je l'avais jamais écouter ya un tas de styles mélanger vraiment pas mal

  37. 1 Legendeurs

    La France est là ?

  38. Mr Slinky dragon

    9/10 cockneys have looked intently at this subject...

  39. Tyto Alba

    I think that Muse like Prince a lot.

  40. Cristopher ツ

    La mejor canción de ST

  41. Soaribb

    I don't know about this

  42. Dzec 21

    the voice sound like prince

  43. Aliyah Burnette

    Matt’s voice is so sexy.


    You too

  44. Ana Flávia Ramos

    So nice solo

  45. monochromatic color wheel

    bruh they used the marble hornets font

  46. Richard Jones

    Love love Claudia

  47. Singerz Michael


  48. Ronald Irawan

    I am still questioning why muse use such as a word like Propaganda and HAARP. Its like you wanna show something and hope people notice that message.

  49. Jezza Corbyn MP

    Is this the second ever muse song to use a slide after invincible??

  50. aQuestionableQuestion

    reminds me of "Closer" by NIN but less dirty

  51. Cedric BV


  52. ライムannna

    Im suprised that no one said anything about pinof 10 but ok

  53. Davide Dave

    In Italy we are suffering the Propaganda of nazi Northern League which is at government now. So sad. Thanks Muse

    PSW1980 X

    Fight my friend Nationalism and nazi's are on the rise all around the western hemisphere.

  54. Mafer Sanchez

    Supermassive Black Hole 2.0

  55. Таня

    I ❤ everything they creat)

  56. Eduardo Borges

    Muse is what happens when you smelt every good band on the planet and drop it into the same cup

  57. james kim

    I’m getting Prince vibes...

  58. France Allard

    Well this one had to grow on me, but now I do appreciate the Prince guitar references!

  59. Polin4ik Melnikova

    💙💛🧡❤️❤️🖤💞💓OH GOD WHY I LOVE THIS

  60. Wanda Adareis

    So much better in concert

  61. alberto rossi

    Bella cover di Kiss.. ma, visto che da 20 anni fanno la cover band (prima dei radiohead, poi dei queen, ora di police e prince), perchè non lo dicono apertamente, anzichè sobbarcarsi in centinaia di cause per plagio???

  62. Pinko Pallesi

    Who ‘s afraid of Art of Noise ?
    Muse not fur sure !

  63. Erika Vitali

    Simply loved you at Stade de France 💜🤟🤟

  64. Валерия Голубева

    This song is pure sex for me.

  65. Danil Trawinski

    кто ставит дизлы дыбил

  66. Dion7

    I think they've got Death Eater and Dementor mixed up.

  67. Thomas Chapman

    One thing wrong in this song...
    They said “you ate my soul like a death eater” if that was a Harry Potter reference then it’s wrong it’s dementor (the actual thins that eat your soul)

  68. caleb stead

    i diddn,t like propaganda in real life but i love this song

  69. caleb stead

    I love this song so much and so does my dad well done Muse

  70. Pastel Guts

    this makes me want to hear him sing kiss by prince. it'd be so fitting with the way he sings.

  71. matt bellamy

    Kok beda ea genre nya

  72. Dean Harrison

    Absolution was the album that got me into muse. I've liked a few of the last albums as well but I must admit this latest album has really grabbed my attention!!!

  73. Karasu 0501

    This song is so good, when performed live. Especially with the whole show they do.
    Love it

  74. darugla

    Love it!


    asu mare al igual que UNO un nombre de una cancion en español, y yo pensando que era los anuncios aburridos de spotify

  76. Olivia Pottier

    Makes me twerk

  77. 상여자

    To me the 'floozy cold chick' is Matt
    He totally can't lose and we can't refuse his songsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  78. 상여자

    진짜 멍해진다.....

  79. Psycho DOG

    Is This Propaganda?
    Definitely. Muse Is Muse, What Did You Expect?

  80. Dark Lord Flaglo

    90% robot wubs 10% darkshines 100% a song that i can't stop listening too

  81. kerry quinn

    such a combo of different styles in this song

  82. Space Dementia

    I love you... propaganda told me to feel that way

  83. Giorgia Strano

    I love you Muse❤️

  84. lestvrs •

    pa pa pa pa pa pa pinof

  85. Sarah Kiara

    When matt bellamy says "you ate my soul like a death eater" But you know what he really meant is "like a dementor" COME ON MATT

  86. Ashe Legend

    probably one of my favorite albums tbh

  87. Rain Red

    "Papapapapapapapapapapa Papa Gandalf."

  88. Rain Red

    "You've got me caught in your Duck Fanta Seaworld."

  89. gonzalo

    hablando de propagandas...
    Mate cafe
    Harina y palmitos Yerba, mermelada Cacao, picadillo
    Paté, caballa Arroz y arvejas sardinas y atún Choclo y lentejaaaaaaaaas

  90. Alex P.

    I know exactly what he is talking about in this music; people who are clueless are either too young to understand how mass media works, or they are just uninformed.

  91. Camel Park

    ㄹㅇ 목소리 기깔난다

  92. Katherine V

    please someone makes a choreography for this song please contemporary dancers

  93. Nânci Pires

    Just love it!

  94. banbeebo bean

    P p p p p p p p PINOF

  95. Lewy


  96. Erni Kalinowski Gaming


  97. Miles Rose

    Wow, wasn't expecting that Harry Potter reference