Muse - Propaganda (Acoustic) Lyrics

Propa-gan ga

You got me trapped in your dark fantasy world
Don't you know you make me woozy?
You have me wrapped around your little finger

Baby, don't you know you can't lose
You make me offers that I can't refuse
You keep telling pretty lies
You toy with the truth
Oh you're killing me with your

Propa-gan gan

Cold chick
You ate my soul just like a Death Eater
I'm the ocean, you're an oil slick
Now I am choking on your thought pollution

Baby, don't you know you can't lose
You make me offers that I can't refuse
You keep telling pretty lies
You toy with the truth
Oh you're killing me with your

Propa-gan ga

Can't lose
You make me offers that I can't refuse
You keep telling pretty lies, babe
Baby, don't you know you can't lose?
You make me offers that I can't refuse, yeah
You keep telling pretty lies, babe
Don't you know that you just can't lose?
You make me offers that I can't refuse, yeah
You keep telling pretty lies
You play with truth
Oh you're killing me with your

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Muse Propaganda (Acoustic) Comments
  1. Heidi Leeshire

    Feels forced. IDK, but my 💖 isn't alight....yet.
    Sometimes, really special albums require a second listen.
    At times, a little insight into lyrics is the trick.
    Also, many albums are best consumed very specifically.
    I will try my first test when underwhelmed: listen w/ a friend.💖

    That did the trick.💞🔥😊😘

  2. Surbhi Patel

    This version does have a girl singing few words in background, damn! 😅

  3. Gabriel Diniz

    Hey, can you watch my video? It's how the song plays from outside a club:

  4. Loralyn F.

    When he played this in salt lake city hed forgot his guitar and couldn't find it best moment ever

  5. spyderr kat


    pinof 10:

  6. Imma Santoro

    Matthew ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Raphaël Borderies

    Wonderful song has much good has the classical one!!

  8. Melea Martinez


  9. mike99 zografos

    1st Listen: Meh
    2nd Listen: Actually this is not that bad
    3rd Listen: CANT LOSEEE!!!

    Aria Hernández

    Totally me

  10. VizuDraws

    This song is so goddamn sexy

  11. Biya Ali

    Fucking fantastic

  12. Luciano Clementi

    I am terrible at translation ☺️

  13. SLR 96

    Let's ask matt to say "dementor" instead of "death eater" on live performance

  14. Andriani Heni

    Keren 🥁😎😍💃🏻

  15. Elias Van den Broeck

    Amazing Beautiful song

  16. Ironicc

    Propaganda means commercial onde portuguese (^u^)

  17. Nana Pat

    Freaking awesome cover of this

  18. Jacob Grin


  19. HortenSya

    this country-west solo is soooooo good

  20. aleksandra


  21. Santiago Suárez Ortega

    I came.

  22. King Orochi

    Bro wtf this is lit af

  23. chiffmonkey

    Dark Fanta SeaWorld
    Enjoy hearing that every time from now on.

  24. Likealightning _

    I can't decide whether I love more the normal version or the acoustic one

  25. Shinitai-

    That guitar solo at 1:46

  26. Bartosz Zasieczny

    SMBH just got a sequel!

  27. Magdalena Narbutowicz

    Shittt is so sexi, element of prince and that Propagandaaa!!!!!

  28. Veronika Lašová

    I don't know why but the guitar solo reminds me of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Epic!

  29. Bozoi

    One of the best songs in this álbum


    you sir have impeccable taste !

  30. Roley Martin

    Got a flight of the conchords feel to it

  31. Ada YİĞİT

    Um I think Muse and I have very different conceptions of "acoustic"

    Ophiel Lox

    Probably. I guess it's a good job Muse didn't ask you.

  32. Susanne Verallo

    okay but can we talk about the HARRY POTTER REFERENCE!!!

  33. Ítalo Carlos

    q porra de track foda caralho

  34. Алексей Максимов

    Very cool piano cover of the song Propaganda

  35. Feeluck

    damn this album is great. first time i listen to propaganda (acoustic) - haven't listened to the original version. kinda thrilled to hear the difference

  36. Mr.Meister

    Oh I love the propaganda(acoustic)!

  37. Nicholas Ratledge

    I believe Prince was a big influence on Muse and I feel this is a great tribute to his music styles. Great song, especially the acoustic version. Very happy with this song and album

  38. Elke Hecher

    very good song, best album!

  39. The Voulgrim

    Where can i find the tab ?

  40. Nati K

    The voice saying "propaganda" sounds like a turian :D

  41. achmad burhan udin

    My best 6

    1. Blockades
    2. Propaganda
    3. Propaganda (accoustic)
    4. The void (accoustic)
    5. Break it to me (remix)
    6. Pressure (ft. UCLA)

  42. Areta Figueiredo

    I liked this version, really nice.

  43. SebSk

    I Fucking love this song now.
    Jesus Christ Muse!
    I get sentimental now how much you mean to me. 2000 and still going strong. For the love of god, never stop music, and please, stay alive and keep doing your thing! You're incredible. Tons upon tons of love from Norway.

    PS: Me and my best buddy started the encore shouting at Quart festival in Norway in 2006, it spread, and you played New Born as we wanted. Will never forget ^^
    (He was 17, got kicked out for drinking alcohol without a band, climbed back in over barbed wire and we found each other just in time for encore, I was 18.)

    Etniem JR/#

    @SebSk: I totally get your sentimental feeling! I literally just cried and am so thankful that I am able to listen to this band (since 1999). Lots of love from the Netherlands!

  44. Le Tri

    Perfect :') That's all I can say

  45. Ian Heath

    Youve got me trapped in a DUCK fanatsy world

  46. Heil Hux

    So much for no nut november...

  47. twomalibu

    prince ¡¡¡¡¡

  48. Diegobeat


  49. Patrick McD

    They just introduced the country solo. Fucking amazing!

  50. Big Spadey

    baby dont you know i cant stop listening

  51. Andy Anwari


  52. Sebastian Liikanen

    I have listen over and over this album, and I think this is the one I like the most. I'm so happy they did this version of this, because I think this is better than original version of propaganda witch is good too.

  53. Dorota D.

    PWOPERganda <3

  54. Dan Arevalo

    How i can get acoustic version?

  55. João Victor

    Version original or acoustic? What is the best?

  56. Cem Gurbuz

    This song is perfect to cover with those squeezy chicken toys :)

  57. Jimmy McGill

    Matt recorded the “PROPROPROPAGANDA” bits on a mobile app on his phone - so I’m guessing that the version used in this acoustic version is his original audio from the mobile before it was mixed for the album version?

  58. Komando Arshad

    My head non-stop move back and forth and my body slowly dance like a cobra. This song's addicted & toxicated guys. Muse you nailed me this time!!!

  59. ThePunkPhantom

    the pre-chorus is so catchy it makes up for the rest of the song

  60. Flavia Michelotto

    Beautiful song,i like!!😆Matt's voice so sensual...seems Prince!😘😘

  61. Pejalan Lokal

    Wih okay

  62. Cynthia Moraes


  63. Ang Ll


  64. Fadzil Ashari

    Micheal jackson wanna be sound.

    Sanity Is Radical

    Actually this style is more Prince inspired than MJ

  65. Daryl Stephen

    Sick! 💯

  66. Matteo Bedetti


  67. Emocion

    terrible song.

  68. Peter Ping

    *E A R G A S M*

  69. Diana S. Bercu


  70. Marco

    There are some good songs in the new album, bit this one is horrible...

  71. David

    This music is so perfect, I want to sing

  72. Herjuno Pangestu

    this version is better imo

  73. Arturo flores

    Siempre superando las expectativas B)

  74. Ariel Charles

    Times is running out sexyness v2.0

  75. NotMyName

    Props for making funk, slide guitar and a Harry Potter reference work in one song. 👍👏

  76. Eva Garcia


  77. cybersphere

    Sounds a bit like Kiss from Prince at points

  78. •Anatiha•

    9th of November is my birthday
    I'm crying

  79. Gregory Samuel Teo

    omg that slide guitar solo in the middle was Kreygasm

  80. Brandon B.

    This definitely should have been the album version. I liked the official album version but this just has such a better hook, better instrumentation, and experimentation that blows away the official.

  81. DJ Baby Otaku


  82. Johannablaise

    The guitar riff with dat bass at 1:45 made my whole day <3

  83. Javier Moreno


  84. LauPhotts


  85. L.Garza

    No puedo con tanta música nueva !!!!

  86. L.Garza

    Increíble !!!!

  87. Fakhrian Noor

    Really catch off guard by the bluesy feel of this song

  88. Megafunk Dancer

    Prince vibes ! I love it already !

  89. Arturo Jara

    Excuse me wtf

  90. carly conlan

    Muse makes me woozy

  91. Chelsea S

    This song sounds a lot like Kiss by Prince

  92. colonels8

    Floozy, you got me trapped in a Jacuzzi. Don't you know it makes me woozy.


    muse eres lo mejor

  94. Daytona

    I'm still screaming that this actually exists🤣 This is why I love Muse!

  95. Donny Wiggins

    I like it, but I feel like there's not enough of a difference between this and the original. Idk either way they're both great.

  96. Jane L.

    OMG i like this song so bad, it's so sexy >//////////<