Muse - Pressure Lyrics

I'm trapped and my back is up against the wall
I see no solution or exit out
I'm grinding it out, no one can see
The pressure is growing exponentially
I'm trying to keep up to speed with you
Your lane changing is oscillating me
I'm hitting the ground and I'm sprinting
I'm falling behind now I'm tuning out

Pressure building
Pressure building
Pressure building

Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't stop me, don't choke me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge

I'm feeling the pressure
I can't break out
No one can hear me scream and shout
Get out of my face, out of my mind
I see your corruption
I'm not blind
I'll carry the burden and take the strain
And when I am done I will make you pay

Pressure building
Pressure building
Pressure building

Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't curb me
Don't thwart me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge

Pressure building
Pressure building

Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't stop me
Don't block me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge

Pressure building
Pressure building

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Muse Pressure Comments
  1. Arto Sekepyan

    Before you ask, Rocket Baby Doll was the bands name before they changed it to Muse.

  2. edge 1985

    This tune itself is cult-like you either hate it or call it genius i prefer the latter.

  3. Brian Russo

    Better story than the latest Critter's Attack movie lol. Also, Muse are the best. Was such a privilege to catch them live in STL back in 2013.

  4. kylere2k9

    Ya know what... I’ve listened to the song ever since it came out... never watched the video... and now... I’m I don’t even know... but it was great!

  5. WHY

    Love this album.

  6. kattenbroekcom

    Supermassive black hole but way worse (I love supermassive black hole also)

  7. kahetel13

    WOW at 2:08 and for 3 seconds...... he looks just like Tom Cruise !


    Me pregunto porque no utilizaron esta canción para ponerlo en youtube rewind

  9. Ahmed Kacimi Elhassani

    i love the references :D

  10. StoutlandJim

    Best one of theirs in a while. I played this song like 50 times on new years eve lol.

  11. Asteri 81

    Omg I love this!! TC

  12. kahetel13

    My kids will eat, breathe, and sing Muse...... and they-will-like-it..... so help me all the Goddess and Gods......

  13. Lafayette Busato Laurete

    Congratulations.!!!!!. Fantastic video and music.

  14. do you see me? well, you can't cuz i can't see you

    At the end, that's a L4D3 survivor team right there lol.

  15. Caio

    O ano é 2020, e essa música continua foda. Obg

  16. Lulu

    carrie, sorry !

  17. Lulu

    Carry !!!

  18. Lulu

    Ok : The Stray Cats and Muse !

  19. alex ferrell

    He has the weapons ready has this already happen

  20. electrontube

    the return of the welder mask.

  21. 아미안녕
    The Best cover of this song

  22. Daniel Sawyer

    Hey terry

  23. LosApuntes

    Muse siempre maravilloso.

  24. Johnny 0007

    Muse is the best band in the universe!!! :)))

  25. Universal Question

    no homo but chris is hot

  26. HellVenge Infernus

    1:02 Mr. Bean?

  27. Daniele Sussarello

    Muse=genialità creativa!!! Unici🤗💙🇮🇹😎👍

  28. Edward Jam

    Yeah another 21:9 video!

  29. Aarondev Atwal

    The opening riff sounds like a part of Unnatural Selection.

  30. Esteban Salazar

    Y pensar que el nombre que utilizan en este video, es el primer nombre de la banda, antes de llamarse Muse.

  31. ha nguyen

    Dich ta lon chau phi

  32. ha nguyen

    Nhac guitar dien?

  33. A Racist Coffee Mug

    what in the kentucky fried fuck is this?

    A Racist Coffee Mug

    i love it

  34. Leonardo Hidalgo

    El chavo no es el mismo del video de Pierce The Veil bulls in the bronx? :v

  35. Romain Charpentier


  36. Gabrieli Aprilia

    why does this reminds me of furbies...

  37. Zappy GMD

    Don't push meee (Ahhhhahaahaaaaaaaa)

    Don't push meee (Ahhhhahaahaaaaaaaa)

    Let me get off the ground (Don't push me)

    To you I'm no longer bound
    (Oooooo weeeeee oooooo)

    Don't stop me
    (Ooooooo weeeeee ooooo)

    Don't chake me
    (Ooooooo weeeeee oooooo)

    I need you out of my head (Don't push me)

    You got me close to the edge
    (Don't push me)

  38. Rowan Wickman

    Law enforcement barricaded all the exits lol

  39. INDIGAME350

    references to return to the future very good

  40. havoc176

    Some guys at my school played reapers at our school Christmas concert, the teacher announcing it said the guitarist refuses to play anything by my chemical romance and is going to perform muse, but he actually said chemical my romance and the muse

  41. el loco valen Pereyra

    Esta buenísimo

  42. Bardibia

    3:02 Sonic.exe 4K

  43. Faiz Maarof

    Rocket baby doll is their name of the group before MUSE

  44. 1423 171

    TBH Terry Crews is just the GOAT

  45. Ronin Warkentin

    Some serious Back to the Future vibes. . .


    Great, almost psychologically touched kind of a music-made video...

  47. pololojcf

    Sepan disculpar! pero que video de mierddddd

  48. Giuliano Tremoglie

    La migliore band in circolazione oggi.

  49. Jean Jacques Leviot


  50. Rick Hard

    muse + Terry Cruz. mind blown. power!

  51. Kar Howard

    Fav 💕✨

  52. dede59170

    rif is coming from prodigy...

  53. Your joke are totally from the Internet

    I were hoping Terry would scream *NINE-NINE*

    A man can dream.

  54. True Gamer

    Oh no after getting bit they all turned into Jared Leto's Joker. THAT'S SCARY BRUH!!

  55. David Almeida

    Julius o diretor bolado!

  56. Caio Andrade

    0:55 is that guy pearce?

  57. Myeloxilo

    I've been a muse fan since 2004. The old muse was raw, had blues, rock, sick riffs. Now they suck because of shitty warner brothers. Tell Matt to give up this shit and go back to real rock.

  58. Mayerlin Juan


  59. Alexander oekr

    wow, didnt expected it from Muse. Please give Oscar to those threesome

  60. Ale Flores

    rocket baby dolls, pero matt no sale con su look de androide 17, que estafa :.v

  61. ジョシュ

    One of the best songs I’ve ever heard, love it 🔥🔥🔥

  62. Nabeel guitarist 355

    Why does this remind me of back to the future

    Blanca Rodríguez Martínez

    Maybe because it's inspired by it? 😅😥

    Nabeel guitarist 355

    Blanca Rodríguez Martínez ........😶

  63. Frenchie

    Im telling my kids these people were the ghostbusters

  64. Iron Teacup

    2:39 That guinea pig better be named Chekhov.

  65. Ashi_ Baebunny

    OSU brought me here,found the song and love it,songs like these i wish i could of heard sooner like where the fudge have i been while songs like these were posted on youtube :>

  66. Dat Explosion Guy

    why does the school have a supa deadly lazer that turns hamsters into gremlins? and why does the host guy have lazer guns in his office???????

  67. fluffieMetalhead

    Does anyone else hear The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep at certain parts of this song?

  68. Max Gross

    A surprisingly stupid video. But we were married in 1984...

  69. Ed Jackson

    This is so weird and I love it

  70. DezertE4gle

    Sounds like Maroon 5 a little bit

  71. louise chirault

    Liker si vous êtes aller voir muse en concert au moi de juillet 2019 au StadeFrance!👍🤘🤟🎙️🎤🎧🎸🎸

  72. Jon Broyles

    I'm way too late to this party

  73. Arthur Slugworth

    saw then play in Chicago 2019 and this gives me goosebumps because the energy I got from that concert is still with me today. AMAZING BAND you can tell they LOVE what they do and they pass it on to the fans.

  74. c00kie_Thumper

    so many retro movie references

  75. Андрей Насткевич


  76. vicente rivera

    good music!!!

  77. 조재현

    믿고듣는 뮤즈

  78. Stas FG

    обожаю этот клип++

  79. elamogero2

    Y donde estan las rubias?

  80. kew iqq

    Я тут чисто из-за духа моей общаги

  81. Christopher Lynn Johnson

    This is a Hot Record! Bravo!

  82. Vladimir

    "I've seen this one. This is a classic"

    "What do you mean you've seen this? It's brand new!"

    Blanca Rodríguez Martínez

    Oops! Good one! 😂😂😂

  83. Nathan Lerud

    Music is made about me doesn’t mean I’m playing it for you

  84. Nathan Lerud

    Ever since I got the notebooks it’s been great ideas actually getting recorded in what I originally told myself was a final draft that I changed into a rough draft. I’ve been flowing or pissing fucking excellence. But what I wanted to say is I don’t give two fucks about you just because mu

  85. jesuscepticeye

    2:10 when you ask daddy to choke you, but then realize that you don't like it

  86. Burnout88

    The music videos of Simulation Theory tell us a History

  87. Hdjd Gshs


  88. Domnu' fLicK

    Youtube: How many ads do you want on your vid in 2019??
    Muse: yes.

  89. Derby Harrington

    In my opinion the best song of this album, i love Muse so much, my favorite band.

  90. Dave Lister

    The lyrics are a fucking mystery ! cause the cd is shit ! WTF Muse !

  91. craigs craig

    Hello my name is Matt Bellamy and I don't know how to age

  92. John Tarsitano

    Is the Principle supposed to be the hero from Halloween Harry (also know as the video game Alien Carnage)? Also, what public high school has access to high grade lasers...this one apparently, which makes having the principle office sport a hidden bat cave more believable (and justifiably necessary judging by the chaos). The singer copying Marty from Back to the Future was neat as well.

  93. Green Day123

    I want muse to perform at my high school like that 😪

  94. Indie Dude

    Muse Improv Wembley 2007

  95. Robert Cornelius

    I didn't realize the Stray Cats had an offshoot band. Wow, how anyone could dig this song is beyond me

  96. Gavin Shawn

    Ok who here lost their shit when they saw Terry

  97. Not-Not Nooo

    Rocket Baby Doooll 🤣😂