Muse - Dig Down Lyrics

When hope and love has been lost
And you fall to the ground
You must find a way
When the darkness descends
And you're told it's the end
You must find a way
When God decides to look the other way
And a clown takes the throne
We must find a way
Face the firing squad
Against all the odds
You will find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
And find faith
When you're close to the edge
With a gun to your head
You must find a way

When friends are thin on the ground
And they try to divide us
We must find a way
We have entered the fray
And we will not obey
We must find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
And find faith
When they've left you for dead
(Dig down)
And you can only see red
(Dig down)
You must find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Find faith
We won't let them divide
(Dig down)
We will never abide
(Dig down)
We will find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Dig down
Dig down

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Muse Dig Down Comments
  1. Daniele Sussarello

    I Muse sono 40 anni avanti a tutti gli altri gruppi musicali mondiali.....non c'è ne per nessuno. 💙🇮🇹👍😎💪👏🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. Geralyn MacVittie

    The Night Fire by Michael Connelly brought me here. Thanks, Renee Ballard!

  3. grl_MaxL

    I don’t know why this song doesn‘t get the love it deserves. In my opininion it‘s great

  4. Daniele Sussarello

    UNICI. 😎👍💪👏💙🇮🇹

  5. Axatack

    this is the same melody !

  6. fuzzyrat123

    I believe number 8 has been found....

  7. Malcolm Nuttall

    As a long term fan, this direction is great, it has depth, not just a CD of stupid love songs, with no point.

  8. Ali Zepeda

    No sé inglés we

  9. Makk Tilpatrit

    Someone please tell me what movie/show has this song in it.. I saw it like a week ago and cant remember what it is...
    Great song.

    Gizmo Cat

    6 underground

  10. Hail_2legit2quit_ yt

    Who's here after watching 6 underground?

  11. Cristian San Martin

    Malo el video!

  12. Claudia Tasso

    Oh great, my depression say: thank you, muse.

  13. limie sapit

    6 underground bring me here

  14. jimmy li

    Show muito bom


    Welcome if you come from Underground 6.

  16. Ömer Damgacı

    Tek Türk benim herhalde

  17. marcus Leopoldino

    Alguém de 2037

  18. muthu kumaran

    You didn't saw the video fully and started reading comments...

  19. Heisenberg

    I don't know why everyone hate this song and simulation theory. For sure it's not the best muse album but I don't know, I actually like it 😕

  20. BOOKER

    Aquí por escuadrón 6

  21. Riski Janwar

    WhO iS HeRe AfTeR WaTcHiNg 6 UnDeRgRoUnD... LOL

  22. George Lopez

    6 underground ,got the best soundtracks so far...

  23. chloe b

    these comments are about to be destroyed by 6 underground

  24. Kalana Perera

    6 underground ❤

  25. Dude meister

    Love the Max Headroom homage in this!

    Dude meister

    And the aliens lift scene

  26. Tedium Vitae


  27. sanmanDC050

    It’s a great song. Ppl are nuts.

  28. imilkbongs

    I knew this song before 6 underground but it gave me a reminder.

    also nobody caught the max headroom reference??

  29. Sean Flynn

    6 Underground! Great soundtrack!

  30. Axel MH

    Escuadrón 6 😂🙂

  31. Robert Nugent

    6 Underground brought me here.

  32. Max Avalon

    I just discovered this cut. it's awsome.....shows me that so much music is released that I cant (I haven't) heard it all....and I'm a Dj.

  33. Isabel Xavier

    I have this music on my playlist for 2 years now and I was sooooo happy to hear it in 6 undergroud!!!!

  34. Your Name Your Last Name

    I haven't seen 6 underground but I swear it has the best music and I'm not even talking about only muse

  35. bionikball75

    Hottie Italian bartender ..

  36. Your Moms Box

    6 Underground Hell yeah!!!

  37. PKzin _XL

    Só quem veio pelo Esquadrão 6 da Netflix 🇧🇷 e acabou de apaixonando ❤️

    Ramon Miqueias

    Kkkkk acabei de assistir e já tô aqui atrás das músicas

  38. Air Air

    Got this song from the Netflix movie 6Underground

  39. Josh Smith

    Clown takes the throne, must be suggesting the orange scrotum Trump lulz

  40. Ripoux

    6 Undeground fans, here we come

    Ahmad Ghofirli

    I watched 3 x not bored


    @Ahmad Ghofirli epic fan moment

    Ahmad Ghofirli

    That's film so amazing And that's what makes me not bored to keep watching


    @Ahmad Ghofirli ikr

  41. Hien Trinh

    From 6 Underground of #Netflix


    Who's here after 6 underground

    lwhyatt20 05


    Enry Hox

    Ohh yes

  43. Blauqkween

    6 Underground brought me here. I love the lyrics and the beats sucks you in.

  44. 김춘식

    6 underground 😊

  45. weepingserpentsong singswithjoy

    ill join. I will totally join.


    Who's here before they even finish the movie 6 UNDERGROUND?

    AE E

    @jeff coulterlisten to my playlist

    zozo Ben

    Me hhhh

    Nick Jakobsen

    Me to 😊

    Hira Asif

    Oh God...I thought I was the only one.....Lol xD

  47. Jeremy Bettis

    6 underground just brought me here

  48. Sound ON

    6 Underground got me here :x

    lautaro azar

    Hear the acoustic version is better

  49. grl_MaxL

    Incredible Song

  50. ya ya

    Time for the flood of 6 Underground comments


    have heard it before of course but the movie did bring me back to it, not going to lie about that.

  51. morning star

    Okha I am here after Ryan Reynolds 6 underground 😂

  52. 木野静光

    6 under ground?

  53. J. C.

    6 underground anyone?

  54. Shaina Mathey

    One of my favorite things about Muse is that they can do anything and do it well. AND have fun doing it. <3

  55. maca benitez

    Ya lo escuche esto pero en donde,ese estribillo.

  56. Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik


    Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik


  57. Ārty Cøøper

    This background sound is captivating, I love this vibe of Muse

  58. N0ob0 McSc0ob0

    Max headroom incident?

  59. jesuscepticeye

    Never dig down, gamers.

  60. LAIPAS

    Eminem vibes from the beginning i dont know why

    César Villalobos

    Both Eminem and Muse are referencing Max Headroom or either the hijack of a TV Station done by a guy wearing a Max Headroom mask. Sorry about my english.

  61. Ian Fielding

    Thanks for the tip, Renee B,

  62. Gabriela Ramalho

    1984 reference...

  63. Graham Phillips

    the problem with this track is that synth line, what were they thinking? and Im not even a fan

  64. Trustin Dean

    this lady looks exactly like the protagonist of drones they showed off in their tour and she is badass

  65. Gaïa

    Love this song but sorry at every "Dig Down" I hear "Big girl" of Mika and wanna say "Dig Down you are beautiful" .... I guess Im the only one, am I?

  66. 『Ghiaccio's Gently memes』

    *Never dig straight down*

  67. Emilano Ramirez

    It is the best sound of rock history

  68. popo popo

    Max headroom


    Matt Headroom!

  69. eduarda pinto

    This song is spectacular!

  70. JJ Hofstra

    I'd like to dedicate this song to the great Canadians who have to suffer as the famous Clown, Justin Trudeau, once again takes the Throne...


    Yeah like the alternative was any better. Our choices were a dork or a spoiled brat. And at the end of the day they're all Freemasons anyways.

    JJ Hofstra

    @GLORYTOMANKIND scheer, singh and may are freemasons? i cannot make sense of your reply...


    @JJ Hofstra yeah, you don't get to that level if you're not. They run every level of gov, from municipal to federal.

    JJ Hofstra

    @GLORYTOMANKIND the media could never COPE with a logical realist...

  71. user_name_is_unavailable

    Okay so I randomly heard this song one day, and I'm not really familiar with Muse or any of his other songs, but this one sounded really familiar and I'm pretty sure I heard it in a movie or something, but I just can't seem to remember what movie it was, and I can't find anything on google.
    Does anyone know of any movies that had this song on the soundtrack?

  72. Carla Sanchez

    I love this song😍

  73. Nacho Abella Falgueras

    Don’t listen to these guys!!!
    Never dig down. First rule of Minecraft

  74. Little Miss Sunshine

    I really loved the cd you all are just throwing shit against your own tribe wtf,first of
    All the computermade sounds are because of the cd concept but the music was still great and idk why all the hate against dig down.

  75. Mark Schaffer

    There is not a Muse song that is more or less than others they all are music at its highest form I’m loving all phases of this awesome band

  76. Cristopher ツ

    suena mejor en vivo

  77. Monica Leal

    I remember this
    The last week
    Love you ♥️

  78. Natalia Arai

    Is that a reference (in the video) to the Max Headroom Incident? :O

  79. Alexandre Ribeiro

    Freedom 90' - George michael

  80. Aaron Hyde

    I'm not going to lie here. Matt looks quite a bit like Michael Scott in this video

  81. Dr. Z

    I’m loving Matt Headroom

  82. Fresco pavo

    Thanks to come to México, today was amazing. Was my first concert and was great. Next time I Will go to see you again. I don't have words to express what your music make me feel on my brain.

  83. Fer Uriel Gónzalez

    Esta es la Madness de este álbum osea una caca 💩, la neta

  84. To The Moon

    I was never a fan of this song when I first listened to it, but after watching the live version... *HEAVEN*

  85. Faith

    can't believe it took me ages to listen. I love it

  86. emiparajon

    Am I the only one who thinks this song is a shameful robbery to George Michael´s Freedom?

  87. karla cervantes


  88. Mr Slinky dragon

    The acoustic version is better.

  89. Keenan Descartin

    Dick down...

  90. Linexy

    I love the Max Headroom reference!

  91. ImyBird Plays

    Why does the lady in this video remind me of Captain Marvel


    I don't see how, this chick is hot and her character is badass. Captain Marvel, on the other hand...

  92. Ethan Young

    That guy with the gun is ugly

  93. Jake

    Matt isn't human he's a musical wizard-alien sent from the planet 'instrumental'. muse still feel under rated to me. people go on and on about these bands who aren't even a fraction of the talent that is muse. nobody can touch muse in terms of being sick at absolutely everything. the drones album is the best album ever made by anyone, forget nostalgia and look at it from a pure musical talent point of view. 'Reapers' alone is a masterpiece. everything from lyrics to instruments is perfect.

  94. Syd Wicked

    Where have you gone, Muse?

  95. 모나c

    Dick down~

  96. A TITAN

    The begginning sounds like “Madness” from the third law

  97. trevgreg2

    Lately, I've been feelin' so cool (cool)
    Top to the bottom, just cool (cool)
    Every little thing that I do (do)
    Dammit, I feel so cool

  98. Alex Ryan

    Love this. As a lifelong muse fan of everything they haven't even written yet I must say this is a good version, but if you didn't see the gospel choir version they performed on jools Holland you tube it and treat yourself!