Muse - Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) Lyrics

When hope and love has been lost and you fall to the ground
You must find a way
When the darkness descends and you're told it's the end
You must find a way

When God decides to look the other way
And a clown takes the throne
We must find a way
Face the firing squad, against all the odds
We must find a way

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down and find faith
When you're close to the edge
With a gun to your head
You must find a way

When friends are thin on the ground and they try to divide us
We must find a way
We have entered the fray and we will not obey
We must find a way, yeah

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down and find faith
When they've left you for dead and you can only see red
We must find a way
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Dig down
Dig down
Dig down, find faith
We won't let them divide, we will never abide
We will find a way

Dig down (Woah-oh-oh)
Dig down (Woah-oh-oh)
Dig down (Woah-oh-oh)
Faith (Woah-oh-oh)
Dig down (Woah-oh-oh)
Dig down (Woah-oh-oh-oh)

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Muse Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) Comments
  1. Elvis Vežuks

    Me: Daily Jazz radio listener
    Weekend: You need to mix it up man. There is this Muse playlist, you might enjoy.
    Me: Found it on Thursday, puts on his studio headphones turns up volume and puts list on shuffle.
    List: First song playing MUSE - Dig Down - Gospel version
    Me: ...
    My body: Goosebumps all over the place, voice sings along, tears come to my eyes
    Me: Garbing the napkin feeling the music, I need this ... I can not live without this now and then.

  2. Denis Bondarenko

    Has anyone found sheet music for this masterpiece?

    Merluxa Merluxiana

    It depends , i have the guitar part

  3. Samuel Rendon

    This song gives me serious Far Cry 5 vibes

  4. Angel Santiago

    Muse have something for everyone, and thats the true meaning of music. EVOKE.

  5. zauberbarbie 1

    Love it😍

  6. Alexandru Gutan

    Who's here on November 9, 2019 ?

  7. Kat Stat

    I absolutely love both versions!

  8. brokenheART

    Muse, your music is my cure .

  9. KROZ36

    im rlly happy, i'll go okoctober 3rd , my first time in a concert ! see u in mexico city ! besitos en el sin orillas

  10. Ollivier Gandolfo

    With my wife, we did the first dance at our wedding, no need to say it was a magical moment. Thank you Matt, Chris and Dom for this masterpiece, from the bottom of our hearts :)

  11. Mr.Meister

    Its like Matthew rose up from the dark side and caused error in the jail or whatever facility it was, and caused her find her way out.

  12. Ahmad Afandi

    I dont like the original version. I never listen it to the end. BUT, the acoustic version is really good. .

  13. Atari-Dude 1

    I like this version, but not more than the original. Even though this was more likely the intended sound before they finalized the direction of the album... I just prefer the produced sound in this case. Still like this, though.

  14. Chris Dorgan

    it reminds me of the Joshua Tree, absolutely awesome

  15. Carine Bobineau

    Juste un petit bijou 🥰

  16. Carine Bobineau

    Juste un petit bijou 🥰

  17. uriah heep

    top rendition

  18. Will Haley

    Honestly prefer this over the original

  19. Christina Hansen

    hope that you are gonna play this version in denmark 8.sep

  20. Thomas Jakob

    Sounds like a Vietnam War song.

  21. Truth Teller

    Best moment live ❤️

  22. whereismymind

    Olympic stadium in Rome,I was there when they played this beautiful song❤️ 20/07/19

  23. Christina Hansen

    wauw i looooove this version!!!!!

  24. France Allard

    Definitely the best version of this song

  25. RoseeVeronique

    Next to this versión, the original one is SO BORING. This version in beautiful ❤

  26. Chiranshi Mathur

    acoustic is more soothing than the original one

  27. Brenda Silva

    Muse you're so fucking awesome!!!

  28. Jochem R

    Very nice, I like it very much.

  29. L9Dedos

    I hate that


    I'm just kidding


    I'm just kidding again, it's terrible

  30. Jory Stultz

    Getting Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion vibes!

  31. Frank Esposito


  32. Krysiss Leja


  33. 상여자

    와 어쿠스틱 미쳤다 돌았다.... 너무 좋아... 확실히 이래놓으니 madness랑 비슷한 느낌도 있네...

  34. Gabriel el tipo ese

    This might be the Hey Jude from Muse

  35. GWP Sucks

    LOVE the song LOVE the lyrics..."When God decided to look the other way" .... I MEAN WOW, just WOW. How many of us have felt that?

  36. Missy Lavery

    This version gives me goosebumps it’s just so damn good

  37. Niket Sharma

    where can i get a guitar tutorial for this?

    GWP Sucks


  38. Jessica

    Best version

  39. Jim Willis

    This is like a cross between George Michael and Primal Scream.

    And I quite like that.

  40. JessLillian

    Oh ma LAWD how Matt's voice soars at 3:03 ❤❤

  41. erik zambrano

    no me canso de escucharla

  42. Victor Hoffmann

    Hey! I made a video playing this version of the song with my dad. Check it out:

  43. DeAnne Smith

    Gospel? Sounds like an old time western (Young Guns) or Bon Jovi with a choir.

  44. glynis mcdonnell

    For my brother fighting cancer!

    Tom Swartz

    I hope he beats it. I just lost my 42 year old younger brother to cancer April 29, but we went to see Muse on April 2 in DC, and even though I miss him so much, I'll forever cherish he and I together hearing this song, and us being together at this show.

  45. Angel Santiago

    Y este es el momento en el que INVINCIBLE encontro un digno rival. Justo cuando creia que no viviria para sentir otra cancion asi , y llega Dig down en esta version. Esta y THE VOID....... puff. no estoy solo en este mundo.

  46. Marja Kubbutat

    next Batman-Movie vs the Joker ... "when a Clown takes the throne" xD taking things literally here ^^

  47. Kurt Valentin Rodriguez

    qué bueno que queda en acústico también!

  48. Vant Drones

    Lindissima versao Gospel , Backing Vocal do caralho mesmo ... And Find Faith ... Dig Down

  49. Wiploc Jr

    This reminds me of Cowboy Bebop

  50. Davis Mavis

    God doesn't decide to look the other way, we do.

  51. Dominic Poulin

    144p 👌

  52. Émile Bilodeau

    Soooo beautful..

  53. Othello Ousay

    I feel like I got baptized.

  54. Vant Drones

    Sensacional esta versão acústica de Dig Down. Todas do novo álbum são boas na minha opinião . Dig Down versão original e ao vivo, é um som daqueles que fica na historia da carreira de "ouvidor" de boa musica.

  55. Melody Moon

    Love :)

  56. Cyril Salvan

    This song could be a great movie song !!!

  57. Stephen Robinson

    If you dig down in the words it’s all about current politics and I think a band this great is way above that or should be

  58. Bryan Woolley

    I definitely prefer this version.

  59. Eduardo Lööps

    Somebody knows the chords of this song ??

  60. Iqbal Adiyat

    Anyone knows why didn't their Alternate Reality make Get Up and Fight and Blockades?

  61. Neil Aspinall

    The visuals look like a tribute to the landing sequence from Captain Blood:

  62. Joanne Wilton

    Christ - that vibe!

  63. Joanne Wilton

    holy - that piano!

  64. Joanne Wilton

    fuck = that guitar!

  65. Joanne Wilton

    so beautiful

  66. Frelancer

    A S T E T I C S

  67. Pan Człowiek

    Beautiful :O

  68. Aby Téllez

    I hate this song but in acoustic is so beatiful

  69. Inki Puppy

    Incredible song to have acustic version to. 🤙

  70. Rathox

    Firefly anyone

  71. Cecil11- Gamer

    Great band. Superb

  72. Eduardo Lööps

    one my favorites songs from this album

  73. Patrick Macher

    This Intro got me ❤️



  75. Wilfran Z

    Much better than Madness 2.0

  76. brpadali

    Amazing with the choir

  77. Amy Vintage

    Matts always walked that line between Prince and Queen... This album is proof... And Im living for it!

  78. sjs42

    Such a perfect song to end the deluxe edition album. Beautiful take on the original.

  79. Tomáš Hošek

    I really like the album and live version of this song, but damn.... this is a magical-sounding, goosebumping masterpiece.

  80. Colleen McCaffrey

    This is seriously such an inspirational song. I was laying in bed feeling depressed and then this song came on and WOW! I jumped out of bed and turned it all the way up & went for a run. This just made me feel invincible. Thank you Muse!

  81. Alejandro Hellebuyck

    Ghost needs to cover this :v/

  82. hahatoldyouso

    Reminds me of George Michael's 'Freedom'!

  83. Henrique Bruno

    Far better than the original version.

  84. May04bwu

    This is beautiful

  85. Misraim Meza


  86. HimTortons-

    Fallout 76 coming soon.

    Sanity Is Radical

    You gotta dig REAL down to find anything good in that game..

  87. Elke Hecher

    better version

  88. Robert Furssedonn

    This is so beautiful 😍 thank you muse 🙏💜

  89. Pascal Müller

    Wow, this version is beautiful!!!

  90. Kevin Aguilar Burgos

    musellsong united

  91. Steve Young

    "freedom, FREEDOM!!" OH wait...


    This surprisingly suits FarCry 5 very much.

  93. -R C-

    All alternate versions are better than the original ones

  94. gazzel52

    Ok Opening myself up to abuse. Y does this sound George Michael

  95. Νίκος Μπράτος

    This is the first version they made... I love it!

  96. Kristen Deupree

    what road is this

    Kristen Deupree


  97. Ali Rafiei

    This version of song reminds me so much of Hey Jude, just from the vibe and message it gives, and even its sound (slightly).

  98. Débora


  99. Catia Gouveia

    These lyrics mean something today...