Muse - Agitated Lyrics

You make me agitated
With all the things you've hated
But you're uncomplicated
So why should it affect you
That my loving was so untrue?

You do it to me sweetly
To my yeah yeah
You do it to me lovely
To my yeah yeah

You try to make me crazy
You make me agitated
But we're not suffocated
So why should it affect you
That my loving was so untrue?

You do it to me sweetly
To my yeah yeah
You do it to me lovely
To my yeah yeah

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Muse Agitated Comments
  1. Alexis Gómez



  2. Jorge Martins


  3. Alexis Gómez


  4. Isaac Gtz

    This song and leg day will not be so hard!

  5. Joseph Wolfe

    This is different from the Newton-Abbot version, where did this come from?

  6. Carson Hula

    I get a massive smile on my face when I hear that intro riff

    Carson Hula

    Which breaks out into outright laughter in the outro

  7. vero vero

    When did matt compose this song?

  8. Stephen Doran

    massive nirvana influence on this one

  9. Miguel Pereira


  10. Etniem JR/#


  11. Sarah Loranger

    You make me agitated,
    You know i appreciate it
    Why can't i complicate it
    So why should i look at you
    My love here is so true
    You do it to me sweetly
    Do them yeaahhh
    You do it to me lovely
    Do they yeaahhh
    You try to make me crazy
    You make me agitated
    And then i'm suffocated
    And why should i look at you
    My love here is so true
    You do it to me sweetly
    Do them yeaahh
    You do it to me lovely
    Do they yeaahh

  12. Doireann Ní M

    my yeah yeah (is dat supposed to be his dick lmao)

  13. Stephen Doran

    massive nirvana influence on this one-like it

  14. imbaWoWpro

    they just played it at the end of their paris performance wow

    Etniem JR/#


    Alejandro Ramirez Avendaño

    They put it sometimes in the live shows. Like in Hullabaloo for example.

    Arun Osborn

    @Alejandro Ramirez Avendaño Yeah that hulabulo version is so much better as well

  15. Stephen Doran

    you can here the nirvana influence in this one.Sounds like a cross of negative creep and school

  16. Yulissa Angelique

    This song sounds like it got highly influenced by Nirvana's " Breed"

  17. Pheenic

    if only they officially released this outside of hullabaloo ;-;

  18. Matthew Miley

    That 5/4 ending 😱

  19. Simon Taylor

    This was released, it was a B-side to Uno. 1999 I think.

  20. Cemo

    I can feel the nirvana influence

  21. Luis D. Mancilla

    it reminds me of Yes Please

  22. el cucumber

    if I were in a band I'd play noise guitar

  23. Nathaniel Sneddon

    2:00 Elmo!


    But what does he really say?

  24. Carolina Coreas

    the beginning sounds like the part near the end of Micro Cuts played backwards


    Carolina Coreas that's oddly specific 😹

    Adam Taylor

    True tho haha


    It kinda sounds like yes please.

    Alec Martinez

    that’s because it literally is


    Alec Martinez Noooo it is not lol. Yes Please is basically Micro Cuts backwards not this.

  25. Agent 0-1-0

    IMO this should have been on Showbiz

    Stefán Atli Jakobsson

    they actually played it on the Showbiz tour.


    That’s everyone’s opinion

    Alejandro Ramirez Avendaño

    I think it doesn't fit the mod of the album. Its too frenetic, still awesome tough.

    Monica Recendiz

    Agent 0-1-0 fucking AGREE

  26. Kieran Schafer

    The beginning always reminds me of Sabotage by the beastie boys so much

    jacopo schiavano

    I was just thinking the same thing

    Alexander Johansen

    True dat

  27. Coldwind81

    This is probably the dirtiest Muse song.
    Still rocking.

    Clemente Contreras

    Execution Commentary


    Yes Please too

  28. David Reising

    You just don't get music if you don't get Muse

  29. Nicename0 050

    i like muse because i feel like they are the the new nirvana


    Oh God, please... Muse is not the new Nirvana, Muse is Muse and nobody else

    Etniem JR/#

    Muse is always far beyond....just as Nirvana was.

    Etniem JR/#

    ShyLesbian: Maybe for Isaac is Muse a sort of Nirvana. No need to bash.


    They're nothing alike tho

  30. Laura

    The very beginning made me think of Liquid State


    Aaand the final riff made me think of MK Ultra and Reapers...


    +Citizen Erased 2105 my thoughts exactly wow

    Etniem JR/#

    Liquid state live 2013 with Chris singing yes anyday

  31. IceCat7

    the best song they (n)ever released

    Jaiden Mcevoy

    IceCat7 they did release it as a b side on their single uno off of showbiz

  32. maximus bugati

    The intro scared me so bad. My head phones were on full blast haha😂😂😂

    Heil Hux

    What can i say but youre welcome

  33. Jev!Animate // DXDFanatic OPS GDMT

    01:49-02:03 WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhh........

    The Great Sloth Lord

    I thought it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woof woof

    K M

    NintendoGamers2467 jevera to me it sounds like he says "Elmo"

    Moon Pilot

    Kristin Munson
    I just pictured Elmo in a full black suit headbanging on stage, what have you done

    nerop the rat

    _space _sheep AHAHAHA YES

    Alexis Gómez



  34. Bente De Witte

    I just saw this live in Brussels!! 😀

  35. Schaub

    hahahah the 5/4 at the end

    Math Helper

    Best part of the song.

  36. Courtney Gregory

    saw this at download ahhh

  37. ThePunkPhantom

    and they just played this at download festival. unbelievable. my jealousy is off the charts

    Alex Cooper

    I was incredible! This, Citizen Erased, Dead Star, Micro Cuts, The Handler, New Born I cried


    +Kathryn Cooper Agreed - debut of The Handler too!
    What amazed me even more is Agitated wasn't even on the set list!! Best Muse set list in many, many years and I doubt they'll ever top that again

    Alex Cooper

    @Irnbru9999 yes, Matt said before that it would be a special set and they wouldn't play another show like it I feel so lucky to say it was my first Muse gig.

  38. V Vasquez

    Came here after listening to Psycho

  39. IPlizard Swaders

    Such a good song to headbang to!

  40. Zooropa_Station

    So fun to play. Drop D plus Hendrix chord = awesome.

    Carson Hula

    Those harmonics are fun's a tricky one but it's great for venting frustrations

  41. Felix Abk

    That 5/4 signature outro though. Magnificent.

    Robert Alexander

    I hate that weird time sig. I mean, I respect it, but i effing hate it. And i certainly cannot replicate it on stage.... Rub my two brain cells together


    And it’s swung too lmao

  42. ian sound

    Sooo Aggressive Rock !

  43. Adrián Ramírez

    Goosebumps every fucking time, never gets old

  44. Ben Chambers

    Good memories with this song!!

  45. My Getaway

    matt said that the 7th album should sound like this!

    Sarah Loranger

    yay! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    It's too late.
    They lost.

    olivia pottier

    he lied to us

    Chatte Marron

    ...HE LIES!!! ALL LIES!!!


    Sherlock Holmes yeah this didn’t age well

  46. Victor Manuel Enriquez Diaz

    They just played it on Mexico yesterday! fucking awesome!!!

  47. Beau Ferchaud

    Ah, that 5/4 at the end!

  48. 김혜린

    I like it!

  49. Diego Alencar

    Nice song to start a monday, hehe!

  50. Stephen White

    They played this last night in Atlanta. It was AMAZING. Totally wasn't expecting it.

  51. 15sicknick

    Saw this live last night in helsinki it was awesome

  52. Tero K

    This just played yesterday in Helsinki, Finland at Olympiastadion, I'M SO LUCKY BASTARD!!!

  53. ElinEatsSheep

    I only just discovered this Muse song... WOW

  54. a a

    1:50 and 2:00 <3

  55. Zillionatom

    Different from everything but Ashamed. And Yes Please

  56. Abbi Martin

    His screams ahhh

  57. Michael Last

    Sweet! I didn't know there was a studio version of this, I only ever heard the live version off of Hullabaloo.

  58. panpanmanon

    C'est génial, comme toutes les autres chansons de Muse !! ♥

  59. MrSachsie

    add block plus is your friend!

  60. castiglioneism

    it is also in hullabaloo soundtrack(according to musewiki)

  61. Mr. Lobotomy Sound

    This song is a drug. I play it over and over again for 3 hours tonight, not joking.

  62. Alexander Dickey

    The percussion seems like a precursor to Apocalypse Please.

  63. Lugiazul

    Uno's EP!

  64. Simply Muse

    where can i get this!!!!!!! i need this in my ipod now!!!

  65. Brian H

    I don't know about "different", but I agree with the rest of your comment. This song is perfect. Also, the Hullabaloo recording.

  66. futurenotion

    Did I just get a Spanish commercial???

  67. davorm5

    2 people dont know what music is

  68. Deemic

    I have a big "yeah yeah"

  69. mizpah1993

    I absolutely love Muse...but vintage Muse is like gold dust!!

  70. Acolyptic

    @dikkekak2 its not much of a riff, Matt is just playing the same note during the parts you are talking about, not hard to find similiarities.

  71. Trusty

    intro beastie boys sabotage sounds alot like the intro of this song. did beastie boys used the riff?!?!?!?!?!?!?LOL:P

  72. lachmyster


  73. webros16

    Still prefer Yes please I gotta say

  74. Charlie Gee

    Great riff

  75. Carolina Shadows

    Omfg I did NOT know Muse had this side.......its awsome

  76. Elbastianos

    1 person is a justin bieber fan

  77. Rosie Summers

    One person is pretty agitated right now..

  78. Dionne Noorderwerf

    That picture is so adorable!

  79. kadaveri

    The outro to this song is in 5/4, interesting.

  80. MichaelBgB

    @Mincaatje That guy is now known as the "Angry German kid" when a video of his reaction to clicking the wrong button was uploaded to youtube

  81. Ginni Wallin

    @merox88 at 0.40 too ^ ^

  82. Minca Huiberts

    one guy clicked the wrong button -_-


    i'm here because this comment it's old.

  83. bimbi93

    f*ucking the one of the best

  84. merox88

    I dont know about anyone else, but I find it an extreme turn-on at 1:47, Matt's sex moan! and that breath he does at 2:00 is just as hot

  85. RIESENII1234

    you do it to me sweetly, to my yeah yeah.
    i bet that that part makes girls wet and boys cum


    i'm here because this comment it's old.

  86. MissOrange94

    GREAT sound! Thanks for uploading =)

  87. haigh152

    Thank you for putting this up I've been looking for this song withe good sound quality!!! I love muse!!! :)


    i'm here because this comment it's old.