Muscadine Bloodline - Can't Tell You No Lyrics

Well I can tell you took a little longer
With your makeup, well I can tell you
When you wake up, you don't need to do a thing
I can tell you, who's left standing
On the bachelor, oh I can tell you
That there'll be laughter
From my buddies making fun of me

I got no problem staying in
Don't mind blowing off my friends
Now and then, it's like
I don't even wanna go
When you look at me that way
There's that one word I can't say
Girl I know you know
I can't tell you no

Oh, I can tell you, you wanna dance slow
In the kitchen, so I can tell you
That you're fixing to see my two right
Or two left feet

'Cause I got no problem staying in
Don't mind blowing off my friends
Now and then, it's like
I don't even wanna go
When you look at me that way
There's that one word I can't say
Girl I know you know
I can't tell you no

Whatever you wanna do
Whatever you listen to
Wherever you wanna go
Well you already know
Whatever you wanna do
Whatever you listen to
Wherever you wanna go
Girl you already know

No I got no problem staying in
Don't mind blowing off my friends
Now and then, it's like
I don't even wanna go
When you look at me that way
There's that one word I can't say
Girl I know you know
I can't tell you no

Oh I can't tell you no
Oh I can't tell you no

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Muscadine Bloodline Can't Tell You No Comments
  1. Wyoming Wyoming

    Shout out to the Sweetwater County Deputy Sherriffs And Sweetwater County Ambulance on Duty tonight.1-29-20 I seen y'all passing by And I really just wanted to shout Hi!I JUST DOING DISHES,singing ,dancing AND LISTENING to I can't tell you know Muscadine Bloodline my favorite song on you tube over and over...I wanted to flicker the light to say hello and have a good night but thats just weird .you know.Goodnight.Dang I was going to ask the ambulance for a ride to little ceasers because Pizzza is my cure !But no thats just weird too!Thank You

  2. Wyoming Wyoming

    Well i actually think the legal hemp that is 0.3%thc or less in Wyoming is actually working just a little unless I am just really tired...It works a little better then last time I bought some legal hemp that 0.3%thc or less lawfully and legally on C street and thats good for now..

  3. Wyoming Wyoming

    Is that a threat or would you like me to read you the miranda.Because for me I cant all this silence.The other day I actually had a whole van with 7 guy singing and jammin you tube songs.NOW THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE WHEN YOUR AROUND ME.

    Wyoming Wyoming

    Because in my County the internet is just hear say!But if our local l law enforcements keeps up with social media and the agree they'll definately read your miranda way before youll ever hear it from me or anyone in the commuity but for real in reality....Our local law enforcement is the bomb diggity and most of them Love You tube and the arts just like me.....

  4. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you....I am so not proud right now....You know why??I feel like going to colorado Right Now.Wyoming my name is Carlos and I am so dissapointed in the Recreational laws that we have chose to accept instead of Change...

  5. Estevan Lopez

    O oh! First Dance type song right here....shout out to Miranda for turning me on

  6. Cody Black

    Love y'alls music

  7. Wyoming Wyoming

    Oh, i can tell you you wanna dance slow in the kitchen...whoo so i can tell you that your fixin to see my two left and my two right feet....Which mean we can dance together in the kitchen all night or all day long! Whoo

  8. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you when you wake up you dont need to do a thing whoo

  9. brad portillo

    Dude I love these guys there songs are on replay also the homie kinda looks like Dave Franco

  10. Wyoming Wyoming

    This is always going to be my favorite song.Well done guys!

  11. Kyle Hansen

    I have been a huge fan of this song since the EP came out. And ever since the first time I heard it, part of the chorus has always reminded me so much of a certain 90's R&B song, but I have never been able to put my finger on it! I even showed it to my brother in law, a regular Ol' 90's R&B connossiuer, and, while he completely agreed with me, he could not figure it out either!

    Have you guys ever been told part of this song sounds similar to an old R&B song? Everytime I hear it, I can't stop trying to figure it out! I even read all the comments on here hoping someone would have asked the same question, but no! Help if you can! It's driving me crazy! Haha

    Love your music, keep it up! 🤘

  12. Wyoming Wyoming

    Whoo I love this song!

  13. Wyoming Wyoming

    Whoo that was so good!

  14. Wyoming Wyoming

    Whoo. I can't live without this song!

  15. Wyoming Wyoming

    Good Morning

  16. Wyoming Wyoming

    Duke cannon supply co

  17. Wyoming Wyoming

    Someone from Sweetwater County who maybe terminally ill would like to know if the sheriff deputy David Henderson from the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office can provide a ride and be on the clock with the k-9 and work vehicle all the way to Colorado to the possibly terminally ill person who is over the age of 21and purchase THC products and then bring the person back home and let them be legally and lawfully Able to consume the thc that the deputy and possibly disabled terminally ill citizen decide is best to try.You know the right to try is legal in Wyoming? Well what does the entire law enforcement think about this request? Mr.Henderson what do you think about this ideA? 1:23 PM 1-7-20 What if the terminally ill person is almost close to passing away?What if there not close to passing away?What if there heart is broken?I can tell you my upper nape has been hurting and now i have a abscess on my upper tooth.Just gargled listerine and it works pretty good.I can tell you I was in the back of my vehicle and i bent over and the heavy back door started to close and hit me in the head really hard.I can tell you that i went to the r.s.p.d with an issue concerning a hard white taffy i found and they said there hands were tied.So then i went ti the sherriffs and they just took it.Well I wish people would be able to know the truth about illicit and prescribed drugs.I wish i was a scientist. I WISH i could be a legal professional Science Drug Manufacturer .only because the people who have the job wont do it transparently.

  18. Wyoming Wyoming

    Shout out to the Sweetwater County Sherriff's. WHOO! Have a great day your the best!

  19. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you that i wanna like colorado

    Wyoming Wyoming

    I hate a couple wyoming laws
    .Wyoming government are ruining my day everyday .I cant stand this.So lets just go crazy and keep on having people ask if help is needed.Fudge yeah help me change the the laws please.

  20. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tel l u that I think my phone is tapped hacked because it's showing that I can control other people sound and stuff from my phone and it's not even my number it says the number of somebody else and then it says sounds you know whatever but it's just weird turn it on or off well let me tell you guys something I already got a phone thats stolen right now or lost and misplaced and I don't care I'll buy a new one and I'm going to buy a new one pretty soon a landline phone

  21. Wyoming Wyoming

    I dont understand code tAlk

  22. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you if your a narco trafficante that you are not the boss of Wyoming Whatever you already do you can control it how your Law enforcement and organizations already do .But just remember if the laws dont change right now in Wyoming, Everyone is going to jail that includes official law enforcement in Wyoming and 1 unofficial law enforcement who works for free.1-6-20 1:56 pmI am not either of these two organizations i am just a concerned citizen of the U.S.A who doesnt know anything at all .I only know that I only care about myself and if everyone in the community is safe .I am not and have not been taken seriously by any of you two organizations .I do not care about what country you come from or what your name is.... You do not know that If i say go that means that you all have failed. But just because you failed doesn't mean that you guys are not all amazing at what you do it just means that you can't be here no more we need you somewhere else.

  23. Wyoming Wyoming

    I know you know that the Mexican mafia mara must go to california now to work or back to country where there family is that is not in the u.s.a.1-6-20 I am telling whoever the leader is now to inform your organization members and their family and friends associted with your organization.I can tell you STAYING IN WYOMING IS NOT A not a choice IF YOUR GANG RELATED C.I. or just a illicit dealer.The texas I dont have money organization is not the boss of Wyoming and the wyoming dea and law enforcement will do there jobs legally lawfully and correct with no distractions .11:28 am 1-6-20.

  24. Wyoming Wyoming

    I am in love with this song! 1-6-19 9:19 am Monday

    John Bailey

    Wyoming Wyoming Go Pokes!

    Wyoming Wyoming

    @John Bailey thats the University of Wyoming Football Team .Right..Whoo .Go Pokes!

    Wyoming Wyoming


  25. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you that this this government and community are useless to me.You cant even change the laws so that people can actually not be crazy.Thats stupid.The problem is there is no one really concerned about our communities mental health emergency I cant tell you no and neither can anyone else.Unless its alchol nicotine or fda approved or over the counter products that are useless to me.And if there useless to me that means there probably useless to every single person who tries them .that is if they are truely just not good products or good quality .

  26. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you to take your snow and get the fuck on the road .Ewww.Bye

  27. Wyoming Wyoming

    Yeah since we are all the same now we have to work together and stop this baloney.

  28. Wyoming Wyoming

    I am not scared .I do not know a thing but i do know that its not like obama said ....Every one is now = 100% its ok we will all survive if thats the plan

  29. Wyoming Wyoming

    OK SO EVERYONE KNOWS MY COMMENTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PEOPLE WHO SING OR PERFORM unless it says whoo or i love this song or something like that .I dont even know or participate in peoples code talk ,crap.I know these people are part of their industry and they do what they do.So i dont care if you all think that i am trying to ruin these peiples lifes because i am using you tube.No i dont know or have anything to do with anyone Except the people i grew up with who i still dont even know

  30. Wyoming Wyoming

    I m stupid

  31. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you that People are going to jail.Who wants to tell me about Snow?Well who wants to teach me about all Code names Should i ask google

  32. Wyoming Wyoming

    I dont want to

  33. Wyoming Wyoming

    Well guess what i still dont know anything

  34. Wyoming Wyoming

    Guess what You tube is you tube and im not the owner

  35. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you......

  36. Wyoming Wyoming

    I always sing i can tell you no. Which means im stupid if i still dont know.I am stupid.Because if i dont know then neither does any people in my community not even the dea or dci or any law enforcement or government. WHY DONT WE ALL KNOW?

  37. Wyoming Wyoming

    I think that you tube music videos should remain the same for public use but videos that are just inventions oe shows that could be mis interepted should be only available by purchasing you tube premium.The videos that are you tube movies that are official should also remain the same on you tube .Gamers videos should be part of you tube premium only .official company corperation videos reciews and consumer advise should be you tube premium only.All how to make videos must be official from the business or corporation manufactures only on you tube .Any other how diy videoes you tube premium only.You tube can have pop up commercials for advertisers.Challenge shows also need to be On you tube premium .youvtube premium needs to change themonthy price to 40.00$ a month.News media that is licenced is welcome to stay on you tube.

  38. Wyoming Wyoming

    I love this song!Muscadine bloodline .I can't tell you no.1-4-20 Saterday 8:57 am.Whoo.

  39. Wyoming Wyoming

    This is always my favorite song!

  40. Wyoming Wyoming

    Patent pending

  41. Wyoming Wyoming

    Will Smith-Here Come the Men in black .muscadine bloodline are like the men in black .Galaxy defenders.whoo

  42. Wyoming Wyoming

    Happy New Year

  43. Bamabelle73 Roll Tide

    New favorite jam
    Love and peace❤

  44. Wyoming Wyoming

    I love this song!

  45. Levi Grisham

    Anyone else notice the insane resemblance to Dave franco?????

  46. Wyoming Wyoming

    Sleeping beauty

  47. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you that somtimes people lie to me and i beleive them.Then later i find out the truth.And have to fix the lie publicly so everyone know that lie is a lie.

  48. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you each of you need to take your dog a bath and get its shots updated.i can tell you this place better look like its brand new.ASAP

  49. Wyoming Wyoming

    I can tell you i dont give a damn .I can tell you i dont have any brothers or uncles or grampas or nothingI can tell you i dont have a mom or a dad.I cantell you i have a sister .more than oneI can tell you that theres only 1 that is 100%

    Justin Radford

    Sob story, cry us a river

    Wyoming Wyoming

    @Justin Radford wah wah where the local law enforcement christmas party dinner celebration?Law enforcement uniformed and un uniformed are Pretty much the most important people in the world to me that i actually feel comfortable seeing in real life.Of course i cant live with out the music entertainers but to actually see them in real life is just weird.Unless they are in disguise. i meant blood brothers.

    Wyoming Wyoming

    There my kids and all grown up

    Wyoming Wyoming

    @Justin Radford Im not. Crying

    Wyoming Wyoming

    I ALWAYS CRY BUT I will always be okay .I always forgive but I do not forget.i do not hold grudges.I believe in Everything.I Love myself which means I love Everyone.I know everything will be okay no mattter whAt.I have been baptized and i have been saved.I am believe in God and pray when i think negative that it will be reversed the moment I have the thought. I BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.12-26-19

  50. Joe Snyder

    Great Song!

  51. Aveni Leung Wai

    This here a goodn! ✊🏽

  52. Wyoming Wyoming


  53. Wyoming Wyoming


  54. Wyoming Wyoming


  55. Tia Angel


  56. ParentProductions

    Just started listening to these guys lately.  You know,  there pretty Fn good! :)  Great harmonizing! All there songs are good.

  57. Ollie Renee'

    Look out Nashville! Best talent I've seen in awhile!

  58. Justin W

    Would love to see you in KC.

  59. Katelyn Morrison

    Love them 🥰

  60. brock_YT

    I know all y'all songs y'all r great keep up the good work.also your new song mind of of its own is 🔥🔥

  61. James Lopez

    Just seen you guys in Flint Michigan at the machine shop. Great band!

  62. Tre Bridges

    I’ve done security two years in a row at JBGB and I’d rather listen to y’all in person . Straight acoustic for y’all is way better . Y’all got so much talent . Natural voice is spectacular.

    Jamie Fallin

    I'm sure you mean acoustic ..Not autistic.

    Tre Bridges

    Yes. Sorry about that got it fixed

  63. daniel rossetti

    Love your songs !!!!!

  64. T. Coleman

    I just discovered these guys TONITE and I'm already in love! ❤ I don't know why I haven't heard them before but I'm making up for lost time! 😆

  65. kirsten rissling

    I just absolutely love you guys! I found you through Jon Langston, and man, am I glad!

  66. Antonio Washington

    I really, really enjoying meeting these guys when they performed on "Fall For Rockford." Very big future ahead of these fellas and I hope their music careers keep soaring. I hope you come back to Rockford and perform soon.

  67. John Evers

    This is trash

  68. Logan Mendez

    Dave Franco looking ass!!

  69. RHEC IGY6

    Why is this not on the radio?

  70. McKenzie Bradley

    Omg this song is literally like the best song I have ever head in my entire life

  71. Katherine Vick Greensage

    Very talented love just found y’all today

  72. christopher hovell

    See you guys at the warf!!!!!!!! Can’t wait

  73. Dave Michael

    What's a private prom performance from MB run these days? Might need to set this up!

  74. Kelsay Kroll

    i love this

  75. Katelyn Jackson

    Idk if there isn’t a truck ride me and my sister don’t listen to this song love it!!!!!!

  76. J Barksdale

    These fellas are talented. Real sound. Songwriters.

    Muscadine Bloodline

    Thanks for the support. Couldn’t do it without y’all!

  77. Austin Boyd

    Love this song

  78. frt33twn

    Straight to the dance floor 🤵🏻💃🏻

  79. Brandon Perretta

    Saw these guys in concert in Burlington VT on may 4th. These guys are down to earth and really good.

  80. Tx4ev89

    Story of my life lol

  81. Adam Castillo

    Damnit. From Texas and stuck with my Texas country cause today's country ain't the same. But these guys. There is hope

  82. Travis Kahtava

    My gf and I saw them open up for Kip Moore acoustic concert and they did a awesome job.

  83. Carolinablue Bear

    Love this!!! As awesome 👏 As Porch Swing Angel 👼🏼❤️ You guys are going places!!!

  84. Stephanie Parker

    Just WOW..... 😏 I am slightly obsessed with these dudes & this song & all of them really .... 😃

    Aidan Filback

    I went to kip moores first concert in ky.omg so awesome

  85. Karyn Williams

    My new favorite song!!!!! I have been getting so bored of all the same music but this is just great stuff!!! I am trying not to listen to it too much though because I don't want to play it out... (Disclaimer, I have replayed it like 100 times each day)😉 I wish y'all could just follow me around and sing all the time. I litterally ran out of data from listening to y'all's music 😂

  86. Benigno Hiracheta

    This one is for the books

  87. Tim Marker

    I wish they could play at me wedding this year in October but you can only just wish