Murs, Olly - This One's For The Girls Lyrics

This one's for the girl that I see at the coffee shop
Who knows my name and looks so hot
I always get an extra shot and smile for free

And this is for the girl, so sugar sweet
At the bus stop waiting for the 23
She's so shy, I wish she'd notice me

This one's for the girls [x2]

This one's for the girl in the pub sitting next to me
She spends too much on the fruit machine
She drinks me under the table every time

And what about the one from around the way?
She's not all that, but that's okay
She talks to tree's but still, she blows my mind

Woah woah woah ohh
There's nothing better
Woah woah woah ohh

This one's for the girls
I can't stop thinking about you
This one's for the girls
Life would really suck without you

This one's for the girls, girls, girls
All around the world
I love to love to love, love to love those girls

And this one's for the girl at the club in the trilby hat
Standing up on the bar shaking this and that
Even though she's got that big exam at 8

And here's to all those office girls
From the secretaries to the CEO
Baby when you coming home?
Coz I can't wait

Woah woah woah ohh
There's nothing better
Woah woah woah ohh

This one's for the girls
I can't stop thinking about you
This one's for the girls
Life would really suck without you

This one's for the girls, girls, girls
All around the world
I love to love to love, love to love those girls

I love to love those girls

Huh, listen
I love those Scottish girls
I can't resist the Irish girls, and
The Welsh and English girls
Haha, and don't forget the Essex girls

No matter where I go
No matter what I do
The only thing I know
It's all about the girls

This one's for the girls
I can't stop thinking about you
This one's for the girls
Life would really suck without you

This one's for the girls, girls, girls
All around the world
I love to love to love, love to love those girls

(This one's for the girls)
I can't stop thinking about you
(This one's for the girls)
Life would suck without you
(This one's for the girls)

I love to love to love, love to love those girls

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Murs, Olly This One's For The Girls Comments
  1. FnafAnimeChild

    Irish Girls! M-Me?!

  2. Sarah Louise Campbell

    I got a great ideas 💡 because this girl this is me and I’m flirting with Olly Murs was in my coffee shop looks so hot or like if he ride his car and pick up at Milton Keynes he drove to Essex.

  3. Marcelo

    Mmmm... this song sounds too much like Lazy Song.

  4. KillingYourSanity Xx

    2 years later and I still know all the lyrics! XD love this song!!

  5. Hollie Evans

    yasss essex girlss 💟

  6. Daisy Richards

    Don't forget that some people aren't as fortunate as you and CAN'T go and see an Olly Murs concert.

  7. Lucie Bossert

    and the German girls like me

  8. molly whitehead

    No I am the no.1 olly murs I've been to a concert got his signature got a hat top and t shirt of him and my whole class at school know me that I adore him plus I know every single word to every single song of his so BURN!!!! Lol

  9. Shane Smith

    Sounds like Olly's crawling here, how sincere is this song, do you think? The girls he loves the MOST though will be the ones who buy this shit

    Its Yasmine

    OLLY is the best

  10. Sarah Hall

    U guys are saying Olly murs is ur vav but he is mine my room is full of him I have an album signed by him he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said I was buuatifull I'm his number I fan💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 u Olly 😍💏💚💘💕💖💗💋💄👙🎸🎤

    Sarah Hall

    I am his number 1 fan

  11. Danny Brown

    I haven't heard this one.

  12. Calista-hime

    Nice song even though Olly sounds a bit like a womanizer xD.

  13. Michael McLaren


  14. HeyIt'sTay

    Songs old,but still good

  15. Liz

    don't forget the Dutch girls ;)

    Rosa van der Heijden






  16. Emma Inglis

    Olly loves the girls and the girls love him so much more me and him will always be an army of two I love him so much I love every single song he has written and sing along to them every day so that proves that I am ollys no.1 fan

  17. Rachel Webb

    Im italian american

  18. Cecilia Alexander

    He said girls all around the world, don't worry, he loves you too :D

  19. Teleri

    im glad he mentiond welsh girls

  20. Amelia Good

    Those girls love you olly! I love you <3

  21. Amelia Good

    Im half essex and half english! Love our Essex Witham boy!! <333

  22. Emma Inglis

    Love this song its in my heart

  23. caryn osborne

    lucky girls:)

  24. Maja Jensen

    Someone's trying to prove he's not gay:j

  25. rachael darcy

    English girl wooh

  26. Cristina Alguacil

    Lucky* girl hahaha

  27. Anonymous Cat

    and don't forget Romanian Girls..if you didn't come here yeet!

  28. Cristina Alguacil

    born in the right planet <3

  29. Diana A

    thank you Olly ^_^

  30. Paige Jackson

    I listen to this song literally everyday I LOVE it soooooooooooo much xxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Mary-Jo Avina

    My Favortie Song C: I Love To Love Those Girls <3 C: Favorite Line Lmao

  32. Stacey Moore

    I love this song so much but I think dance with me tonight is my favorite

  33. Karissa Irwin

    my bus is 22.. Damn :(

  34. Kayla Zaldivar

    OLLY!!! <3

  35. cornfieldcryptid

    If it's all about the girls, then why are WE the ones making the sandwiches?

  36. AD Putra

    still watching in 2013 <3

  37. Sophie Grant

    I love all of olly's songs.. but this is definitely one of my favorites :)

  38. Nic Nac

    And he wrote this song in 2009, think it was his B side for "Please Don't Let Me Go", so that's why it doesn't list every single country (we'd be here for ages if it did!) and his music hadn't gone global either. It also mentions "All Around The World" so if you're not included in that, well...

  39. Nic Nac

    Still my favourite Olly Murs song. Think that's because it's not that well known.

  40. Violet

    I'm the one that talks to trees! :)

  41. pbandjgurl

    I may be American but, I speak English! Close enough!

  42. JazzHands101

    I feel left out 'cause I'm American :(

  43. Leslie Gutierrez

    I'm one of those irish girls :)

  44. Tegan Keeley

    The greatest heart blah blah he didn't forget polish girls coz he said girls all around the world...

  45. The Greatest Heart From Mart

    Hey! You forgot Polish girls! :D We are the most beautiful on the planet ! :D We don't forget you ;) :*

  46. Cagla Morgan

    I love Olly Murs but near the end I couldn't help thinking that he wrote this song to make sure no one thought he was gay :)

  47. Cagla Morgan

    Awww he loves me :D

  48. Megan Heenan

    Love this song x

  49. Phoebe Lazier

    luv this song

  50. kylie benner

    obsessed with this song

  51. Meera J


  52. thecupcakegirl13

    god dammit i just love olly murs...always knows how tyo put me in a good mood ;D

  53. Cute Kittens

    i love u olly....'this one's for olly!'

  54. kaylee odwyer

    aww u mean mwahh
    lol love yahh olly come to NEW ZEALAND

  55. MSxTARAxFABx

    AW Olly's life would suck without me :')

  56. CourtneyNoelle

    our accents are lame too...:( *sob*

  57. MikeysFitness

    Dude's British as you can get, you think he cares about American girls? lol

  58. msunknown

    Awwww I loooove Olly!!! Can't believe I never heard this one by him

  59. Bea J

    1:20 abc 123 abc baby you and me ohhhhhh lol mj

  60. Madison Scarcella

    seeing him in a week... cant wait!

  61. o k

    I'm English..... And I'm a girl.....OMG

  62. Alysa Feliciano

    What about the american girlss :((

  63. Jacky Downing

    offices girls olly murs so awesomes!

  64. SarahAnn

    haha thats what i was thinkng!

  65. midnightbreezes

    and don't forget the American girls...awe man. born in the wrong country. ◘_◘

  66. Beth Jarratt

    I love Olly Murs, I recently did a cover of his song "This Song Is About You". I love all his music!

  67. xMusiicloverr

    This one's for Olly Murs because he's amazing ♥

  68. jxss_hxrwood xx

    Whoever does not love olly I will be very very angry!! So watch out!!!!

  69. jxss_hxrwood xx

    I love olly murs so does my teacher. We have him on the radio mostly every art lesson on Friday. And also I'm a English girl!! Rock on olly!!!!!!!

  70. Natalie O'Brien

    love this song its great :D

  71. rachael darcy

    i am a english girl

  72. Riss


  73. salli elkjær

    Han er så god ....

  74. Idaemiliehh

    Wow... best scoring song to date.

  75. Hollie

    olly <3

  76. Jacky Downing

    oh so love olly!!!!!

  77. Leah

    I'm an essex girl :P

  78. Shaunna Ward


  79. DaniDaSpazz

    I REALLY hope he doesn't mean Essex MD lol

  80. luke pritchard

    I love u

  81. caitlin priestley

    aahh loving olly murs ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

  82. caitlin priestley

    makes me feel loved

  83. robyn kerwick

    luv u olly + u songs xx

  84. robyn kerwick

    oyeh baby x

  85. Kounelaki Bieb

    she drinks me under the table every time? really?

  86. jessica -mai

    omg love this song :) :) xx

  87. dailydoseofsof


  88. dennis ngaga


  89. dennis ngaga

    lov him

  90. Isabelle Stuard

    love this song!<3 Like if you agree! Ps I'm Irish!!!

  91. anna m

    @danabraberX He says girls all around the world... r u freaking kidding me? -_-

  92. dailydoseofsof

    "She drinks me under the table all the time"

  93. KitKat

    Love Olly Murs So Much, Vote This Up If You Do Too xx

  94. danabraberX

    how about the dutch girls.....

  95. caitlinwadexo