Murs - Melrose Lyrics

I'm at Lala's eatin' on a chicken salad
Looking all the pretty girls walk by
First I say then they say hi
Then I get their numbers cause I'm also fly
Do or die? Die or do
Wassup little mama, can I nickname you BuBu?
Let's post in the... sipping on some...
Banging that lu merse, put your friends in the back
And let's take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
Where the cars' go boom and the whose say hmmm
You're cool, you're cool, you're cool, you're cool, you're cool, you're cool, you're cool, you're cool
We're on Melrose, we're on Melrose,
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
We're on Melrose, we're on Melrose
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
We're on Melrose, I'm the Melrose man
I wanna give you my...
We're on Melrose

Yo Terrace, she only spoke a bit of English
She was Persian over... and I couldn't distinguish
Smoking on a cigarette new port between her lips
She had hips like a mannequin, I need to take a trip
Put the tip of my tongue to the center of your soul
Let your lip for my mouth and swallow it whole
I got a Melrose fetish, a slut I'm so pathetic
All this unprotected sex, I won't live to regret it
On Melrose, we're on Melrose
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
We're on Melrose, we're on Melrose
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard
Take a ride down Melrose Boulevard

You got your hair all done and your make up for match
You got them apple bottom jeans picking right from the back
I could see your panties girls, you got them from the gap
I wanna get you home so I could see all your tats
She's got roses and crosses, them tribal with meanie
Thank God for the artist I like what I'm seeing
Agreement, let's go now, your lipstick is so wow
Your shoes match with your thong it's Melrose, it's your song.

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Murs Melrose Comments
  1. Eric

    I'm a diehard Murs fan but I never heard this album. I think it was because he had a bunch of albums come out that year. _Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl_ , _Love and Rockets_ , _Varsity Blues 2_ , _Final Adventure_ , _This Generation_ and this album all came out in a very tight time span as I recall, so it must have been lost in the mix. I barely even remember it dropping actually. I'm not feeling this song tbh, should I even listen to the album?

  2. Man Dem

    I know Murs havin Fun and shit but this song is wack as Fk lol


    como se llama esta cancion?


    i wanna shoow u my pink hotdogg

  5. Eli Jackson

    whats with the rug on his head?

  6. fuckyou

    So... fun=degrading women. Ah.

  7. princeaizen

    Here for Murs and Havoc...but mostly Havoc

  8. Billy Zierman

    n tha ho'z say hmmm

  9. Anthony L. Magdalena


  10. SanDiegoZoooo

    Thumbs up if you here because of Murs....

  11. SweepxThexLeg

    Whose the girl in the yellow and black?! She got DONK. Lmaoooo

  12. DJ Ezasscul

    My boy need a hair cut.

  13. jjbttss

    ahhhaha Barney

  14. Jon Madison

    song is awful, melrose is dope tho

  15. Tom Pardo

    Whos that Armenian chick!

  16. Kiddevinink

    thumbs up if you looked at the girl in the middle

  17. Bill Bill

    murs hook a nigga up

  18. Travis Gray

    im here bc of the rangers thunbs up if you are

  19. adrian blake

    wtff is up wiff his hair.?

  20. moz

    Thumbs up if ur here because of the Ranger$

  21. Spencer Crabbe

    i saw mac miller

  22. Edgar Arciniega

    terrace martin is pathetic. murs needs to get away from this clown seriously. if murs performs any of this bullshit at rock the bells this month, damn idk i'd lose mad respect for him

  23. ok cool

    I get it's just clownin or whatever, but the production is flat and the lyrics and vocal mixing is flat and the mic presence is flat, it's just so bland. without a video, it'd be so corny.

  24. Eseret420

    murs murs murs this song sounds like any mainstream song..really lost touch...

  25. Fifth Column

    lol @ 2:10

  26. nate dogg

    shot out to fairfax high school on melrose

  27. TheLifeWeLead69

    dude where did murs last verse go!!!!! that was my favorits and its not on the version i got!!!

  28. Paul Davis

    what the fuck happened to murs.....

  29. Alexander Petrohv

    You guys are the s**t!!!!!!

    Melrose checkin in!

  30. elixir240z

    Dude Let Me Get That Chicks Number The One With The Yellow OR Tell Her I Said Wassup.... Hahaha

  31. Chris Castrillo

    Love how he's reppin the 97-98 Knicks shirt too.

    Road trip to Cali anyone?

  32. Tanner Montana

    what if I accidentally head explosion but apologise?

  33. Levphonic Music

    If you don't live in CALI you don't understand this project. Just good old West Coast Clownin'! Do ya Thing Murs cause We KNOW that you have skills on the mic.

  34. Christopher DuPuy

    "...Til' you're all by yourself. Ridin' around, and all of a sudden realize how stupid it sounds." -Murs

    I get that its cheezin'. Just don't feel it.

  35. Sh1zn1t

    Murs, can I be the first to say, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

    Back to that 18 with a bullet type shit mayne!

  36. Joel McDonald

    mid-city all day 4600 block vencie blvd! talk to me.

  37. miguical5

    @EazyE3010 Watermelon. It's a way that we Mexicans eat it. It's good

  38. miguical5

    @EazyE3010 it's Watermelon. It's a way that we Mexicans eat it. It's freakin bomb with hout sauce

  39. WashingtonBeUpInThis

    Kool Keith called,,,wants his schtick back.

    haha, no really this is pretty cool...the haters posting here must have never been to Melrose or probably don't get that he's pretty much making fun of it.

  40. 6point0

    her name is stephanie , i went to middle school with her shes also a gogo dancer in the hollywood area

  41. Ian Cochran

    Like no one has ever heard Murs rhyme about tits and ass before...OH WAIT. I'm not throwin it on my ipod or anything, but I am certainly not going to discredit him cause he made music he wanted to make. he's bein himself like always. besides his flows in this song are just as solid as ever, it's the other guy who's style I dont care for

  42. Bojan Jovanovic

    This is terrible.

  43. SakeofART

    These comments swear like MURS put his heart and Soul into a "humerous" youtube song. Obviously you dont know that He's a Living Legend which means he could do whatever the fuck he wants!


  44. remle savir

    These two punk bitches need to take a walk down Slauson.

  45. PocketsGotBigMoney

    1:53 Murs puts his face in the camera hahahaha he looks funny

  46. Joel McDonald


  47. robwestcoast1

    Can we get back to that old murs rules the world style? Comurshul? 3mgs? U know some good music

  48. jensen1901

    This song sucks. Straight up.

  49. Christopher

    both those broads that murs chops it up to, the persian one and the suicide girl....good god

  50. tim3yin

    if you dont like this tune, u are in the wrong place. I LOVE THIS TUNE!!!!! if you dont like it change the channel SUCKERS!!!!!!

  51. Preston berk

    murs is pretty much dope no matter what he raps on. . hardcore gangster shit or the conscious rapper shit. dont matter. its all one love.!

  52. MrCeloboy

    Stacy Havoc! DAm you Sexy Lady

  53. jnauerby

    I need to go to LA asap. Wow @ that girl.

  54. Ian Edgar

    I don't care what it stands for. It's boring.

  55. opo1293

    i actually like this song. it's different from all the songs we hear all the time. it had some pretty stupid lines but you could tell they were messing around and having fun.

  56. B1GC335

    big MURS,U could tell this is just a havin fun kinda track,and hell chea any1 ever drove down melrose on sunny day,when the girlies wearin next to nuthin?????yes sir

  57. Keenen

    the first emcee is wack, this shit might as well be on tyan secrest top 40 or wahtever, hip hop seems to have lost its soul..

  58. Blu beri

    your right everysong dnt have to be about drugs and bein on the block i like this song its fun :D

  59. Charn Jivaphaiboonskdi

    @mambaregime her name is stephanie arakel

  60. Timmy Two-Shoes

    Murs can afford to release a track like this.

  61. Art Waller

    i need the name of that newport smokin broad aye-sap!!

  62. LcS666sFv

    im gonna give this the benefit of the doubt. its just one track, lets see whats up with the rest of the album first. but i mean, he did say it was just supposed to be something fun and less serious than the last album so idk. fine ass bitches tho ill say that fo sho. nothin like Cali mmm mmmm. fine ass female in the yellow, tig ol bitties n a fat ass... deezam.

  63. SoCalDude805

    who's the white girl in the yellow?

  64. 1L4MK

    why is every song about chicks now a days?

  65. IJestI

    Not every track need to be conscious and meaningful. Learn to have a little fun sometimes.

  66. basick

    yall complain to much go read a book. MURS THE MAN

  67. misterthumbs misterthumbs

    this is crazy wack.

  68. hockeyftw11211

    Amazing,I love it Mr.President.

  69. daniel 93

    Why is everyone trippin over one song? It's one track there's still a whole album to listen to, when it drops than spit your constructive criticism.
    Stay Up

  70. Nick Russian

    damn, y'all need to chill. this aint supposed to be serious.

    nice to see shepard fairey gettin some love too

  71. Kay

    Murs and Terrace Martin could have made some soulful shit. But they made some bullshit.

  72. Louden Beats

    this is dope murs! lol @ those pants @ 0:37

  73. Frank Zamora

    what happened? ;(

  74. German Alcaraz

    i like murs personally but this shit is wack as hell


    how do you go from blessing 9th beats to this shit? are u serious?

  76. Anthony Smith

    Girl at 2:40's name or FTW!!!! Songs kinda weak..never understood the quote unquote "West Coast Style". Too much diversity in the west to think of just Parliament samples or Funky Worm. Shouts to King Tee, O'shea, Easy, The Liks, Fellowship, Hiero, Hobo's and Blu.

  77. CutCokeCrack

    worst track of 2011. im surprised cause murs usually comes with some fire, this shit was sub par keep it where it belongs below the radar

  78. clip calhoon comment


    Daamnn all those fine females !!!! WEST COAST

  80. namuh emos


  81. JoeKooL25

    the originators is my that rulerz shirt!!