Murs - Fun-eral Lyrics

[Intro - Slug, Murs & Ces Cru:]
Do me a favor (what?)
Get your weight up
Felt's in your city, we don't need any help
Do me a favor, run that
CES, Murs, Strange, we wrote the book for you young macks
Pardon me barbie get your weight up
Ryhmesayers, Strange, ain't shit funny
Do me a favor, run that
Slug, Ces, Murs, we wrote the book for you young macks

[Verse 1 - Slug:]
Rhymesayers, minors to the majors
Stomp around a bird cage full of papers
Point lasers at the neighbors
Ever since the clock got punched on my first day of labor
Ain't no shame in my game's wagers
Spectator on the side catch a mouth full of flavor
Wasted, tryna walk a line like equator
Fuck the po-po, we blow dro with the mayor
Do me a favor, raise up away from my space
Out my face, occupy a different acre
Leak like a strainer, poisoned by the waiter
Drown in the dirt, eat a fuck for a chaser
Pardon me Barbie, this ain't a party for you Kramer
Marking me the maker if I spark up the anger
Minneapple-bang, Twin Cities rap sanger
And I'm down with the strange cause I ain't no stranger

[Hook 1:]
Do me a favor (what?)
Get your weight up
Felt's in your city, we don't need any help
Do me a favor, run that
CES, Murs, Strange, we wrote the book

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
We get the place jumping
They ask Ubi to say something
He spat and they got nothing but flames from him
Raised up in the ring, stuck in a state of perpetual busting 8s off of puffing that dank
A runaway train off of the track, rocket attack
Roadside bomb blast, y'all talking in back, what?
The blizzard black coffin is shut, human assassin
Sarcophagus and a tomb, due to get wrapped up
I'm doing the MAC strut, rose grew in the black mud
Rap guns, I hold two, move and I pap one
Flow's closed captioned, my text on the screen
Everything CES doing they affecting the scene
I'm repping with Dean, Killer City record machine
116 pounds anorexic to me, so get your weight up
I'm the ring with hands taped up
Shadowboxing until clear channel mandates us, what?

[Hook 2:]
Pardon me Barbie, get your weight up
Ryhmesayers, Strange, ain't shit funny
Do me a favor, run that
Slug, CES, MURS, we wrote the book for you young macks

[Verse 3 - Godemis:]
Fuck karma, I'm king, counter of chips, cash out
Here to stick, a couple of real chicks pass out
I ain't in it to win it, loser we don't need any help
Me and MURS, Ubiquitous finna slug em till it's felt
Pray they melt, in a fire of hell, they might as well
All these students Zach Morris, well they saved by the bell
Said I'm psycho, made me a cell outside of the jail
Yeah I might glow, all because of my ghost in it's shell
New millennium rap serpent, serving em with the venom
I'm the black mamba, you notice I'm murdering em
Then I'm up in them guts, pussy pardon me for the slaughter
Throw a hex on a bitch before I lead her to water
Oughta be, chained up in a cage, I'm in a rage
Eat a dick, bitch idiot, no this isn't a phase
Stay way away, postal I'll probably let it spray today
Racks to the third power, pussys have got to pay to play

[Hook 3:]
Do me a favor (what?)
Get your weight up
Felt's in your city, we don't need any help
Do me a favor, run that
Rhymesayers, Strange, got nothing but flames

[Verse 4 - MURS:]
Rottenest of rascals, storming through your castle
Dead beat douchebag, certified asshole
Hassle at the door, he wouldn't let me in
So I left and came back with a few more friends
Party crashing, straight through the window
Back in the days that bouncer stole my Nintendo
Insufficient funds when they printing out my balance
Never sold my soul but I rented out my talents
What about the girls? Save something for the girls
For a chance to push your lips, I would promise you the world
Midtown crook from the [?] brooks
Broke the little ladys' heart with just one look
Before we got took we wrote the book for you young macks
Felt's in your city, tell your boyfriend to run that
Ante up, ante up, ain't shit funny
Got a Rhymesayers check, and I'm spending Strange money

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Murs Fun-eral Comments
  1. Michael Archerd

    Still fire

  2. Leon Parkin

    We need the beat asap

  3. Kid Buddy Son

    This was a monumental moment for Music. I knew some day, FELT and CES would come together.

  4. Randy Logan

    Okay how the fuck did I just now find that slug is flowing with strange in pretty pissed.
    That being said shits fire!!!
    Let's get a brother Ali colab with Wreck!

  5. CONVERGENCE of 13

    fuckn hard song

  6. joe doe

    Shout out to Godi! Ces, Strange, Murs & Slug! Would be dope to see Hopsin(I already know), B.o.b, and Futuristic & Dyvonn. Good Roster for Strange but they could expand.

  7. Fruit Bowl Half Full

    pardon me barbie....get ur weight up

  8. Jon Casto

    U both have great points I i was in that circle where ppl ask wat kinda music u listen to and I'd reply as well I listen to tech nine Krizz Kaliko Kutt Calhoun I just now started listening to murs n mayday but I'll be all strange music like I don't really listen in the mainstream of s*** because the underground or is that but there is more meaning to the word underground then just an independent industry and taking over like strange music has and there is more talent

  9. Eric

    did this not make the album?

  10. Michael Anderson

    and.... Living Legends need to do another album.

  11. Michael Anderson

    stupid Olly Murs getting in the way of my "Murs" search

  12. -TORRiD-

    First time i heard MURS i thought he was white until i listened to more of his songs and have had seen a picture of him.

  13. OhHeyItsKeir

    This song should have made it on the album.

  14. Jake L

    The inner hip hop fan boy in me is screaming like a little girl right now

  15. Luis Verdin

    Hey this song isn't on iTunes!

  16. Fred Legend

    Interesting relation between Rhymesayers and Strange

  17. dakota gripp

    Strange Music = Hip Hop

  18. KingEvoTheDon

    Is this a bonus track? Cause this ain't on the album.

  19. Francisco Salanga III

    IMO, Have A Nice Life is the best album Murs has put out thus far.

  20. James Solwick

    Let the haters hate but this real hip hop! Raw shit doesn't have to be understood! Are you guys critiques for The Source? Lol

  21. trevor smith

    Was Soooo Pissed when I bought the album and then found out this song and the strangest were not on there. That was a real disappointment and how short the album was they could of at least put this one on there!! >:(

  22. Jeff Hargrove

    Slug was flawless as always

  23. Luis Verdin

    So why isn't this song on the actual cd??!!

  24. Travis Bartholomew

    Why is this not on the new Murs album?!?!

  25. Conor van de Wetering

    'Felt' that shit!  if you don't know you better know ---

  26. Dennis chavez

    Murs the underground legend got with strange?!?!?! Yea!!!!!

  27. xstation720

    This song isn't on the album. :(

  28. Luis Verdin

    Why isn't this on murs' new album?! At least not on iTunes.

  29. Michael Strong Arm

    Ive been listening to this all day. This is naaaasty

  30. Michael Strong Arm

    This is fresh AF. Everyone killed this man. Slugs verse is mad funny

  31. SpiritualPunk

    is Felt 4 ever coming out?

  32. pensfan1484

    This needs way more views

  33. adam221la

    Slug em till they Felt. Am I the only one who got that 

  34. Juggernaut

    Why is this song not on the album?

  35. billy

    shout out to Christina Ricci!

  36. esperanza rojas

    Crying because Slug is on this track with Murs 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💘

  37. Matt and Leah's kitchen

    This beat is HEAVY!!

  38. Matthew Meyer

    This is like the 5th track that Godemis has referenced ghost in the shell. I love that he is into anime.

  39. Chase Carmel

    Huge Murs Fan, from Log Cabin,  3MG, Living Legends, FELT, and even solo shit. Still not liking the whole Strange Music move...not the LA style that MURS loves and reps to this day!

  40. Ian Rogers

    Hey @Strange Music Inc, how likely are we to get more crossovers between Strange and @Rhymesayers Entertainment? I've been thinking and talking about it a lot, and Tech N9ne ft. Aesop Rock, Grieves ft. Mayday!, and Brother Ali ft. Krizz Kaliko would all be phenomenal tracks. Also, you guys are amazing for how active you are and how much you reply to comments on here.

  41. DeadBeatVillain


    Kevin Warner

    @Rade Games strange has a bigger sucess right now....but he is signed if Felt ever continues

    Jeff Hargrove

    Kevin Warner i dont think so strange musics biggest draw is tech and ryhmesayers biggest is atmosphere we know about the rest but its not like they carry the lable like they do

    Kevin Warner

    at the time, Ces Cru was doing big things, and im pretty sure they had just signed rittz

    Jeff Hargrove

    Kevin Warner rittz will straight up say in his songs he does not make as much as people think he does

    Kevin Warner

    Dude... When i made this comment... Strange music was definatly more popular then rhyme sayers

  42. 月亮 Ex

    I love the flow in this.

  43. Dr. Feelgood

    Ces Cru is the shit. I'm still getting used to Murs but yeah this song is awesome.

  44. Austin Faddegon

    tech n9ne knew what he was doing when he signed this guy

  45. Robert Allerton


  46. pap

    this is like a dream collab! i would love to see some wrek and slug or some brother ali with prozak. i know this is only the beginning of strange/rhymesayers projects and im very excited to see what the future has in store.

  47. Manny Medrano

    Fucking love slug. Atmosphere, God loves ugly, go get it.

  48. Taii Green

    so when will strange wake up and sign jeff turner? 

  49. Joey Adams

    The first time I saw Ubiquitous of Ces (Always music video off his first Strange solo record) something about him reminded me a lot of Slug. I never woulda in my wettest dreams thought this would be a thing though, and as a Felt song. This is GENIUS

  50. LeevMyNameOut

    not up on this CES dude, but he ripped

  51. Robbie Wright

    Ces Cru or Die!

  52. jonathon davey

    Ces cru and slug this just made me so happy to here

  53. OccamsRazorOfficial

    people are probably like who's slug haha!!

  54. EFerrorfile

    Good song, I like it.

  55. Let Me Embrace

    To anyone hating on Ces Cru, The Cru Is Ces, Ces is the Cru.

  56. ZetRoc

    " So Committed I Got STRANGE MUSIC Emblem Tatted On My Shoulder Stating I'm A Technician The Label Making A Killing Praying For One Day To Get My Initiation FUCK THE INDUSTRY Tech Making Them Feel The Intimidation, Desperation Y'all Heard Of One Shot? They Looking For A New Rap Sensation Like That's Saving Hip Hop Despite The Dedication, Of Are Label & The Anticipation Of Special Affects We Patiently Waiting STRANGE MUSIC Isn't hesitating NORTH EAST WEST SOUTH We In Every Direction Taking Over WORLDWIDE DOMINATION " -ZetRoc

  57. XGen Records

    ^S^ !Ces Cru! ^S^
    Godemis bars were just too much!

  58. Nick Ogden

    Damn, Godi just kills it like its his track.
    But everyone was dope either way.

  59. dakota smith

    slug fucking sucked.....

  60. djrec713

    Why does murs look Hispanic

  61. WILL KYL

    Lol been trying to like you murs but, tbh... your average. I really tried to like your shiz for the sake of Strange but... naa man

  62. Dizz

    great mix of artists.

  63. Mr Sir

    Sluggo! Rap God

  64. Yung Chief

    Slug impressed me because a simple ass rhyme sounded good coming from him.. And ofcourse Ubi and Godi killed it. It was good to hear em after there album dropped

    Yung Chief

    word word bro i agree with you slug impressed me too.

  65. big 131

    songs so dope shout out to slug yo, just in the atmosphere store #Twincities

  66. El Feicho

    fuck strange murs should be on rhymesayers

  67. emsgirl7296

    Can't wait for the album!!!

  68. lokdabest

    in germany we call this a "Kopfnicker"

  69. Alan Bourne

    ah remembers me Felt :') Nothing but love !

  70. Simba

    There is still something in the sounds of Murs ...

  71. Oden Eljefe

    who the fuck is slug? garbage

  72. Rizalin / Kamex

    This shit goes hard af!!!

  73. Nick Koivisto

    Best thing to happen to Strange Music since MURS

  74. Billy Dennis

    Fuck yes!!!!

  75. andrew torres

    I noticed that a lot of old tech fans only stayed in there own little bubble weather it was strictly strange music or more toward ICP and the other wicked stuff, and they labeled that as the underground hip hop they know when there is a whole other wide spread of underground artist that have a more boom bap sound like all of living legends which includes murs, dialated peoples , brotha Ali, atmosphere , swollen members, Zion I, the list goes on. Murs is a veteran in the game for all you that don't know that need to get out of the little music bubble you've been in and start realizing there's hundreds of artist that are strictly hip hop and I mean hip hop not just wicked shit. Murs created Paid Dues and UGHH festival!


    @andrew torres Rhymesayers homie

    Mitchel Ortuno

    chill out stop letting just your feeling about it go, so keep to your self

    Mitchel Ortuno

    enjoy the song and fuck off


    Just as many of us Tech fans know these artists. Strange Music has a huge fan base and while a lot of us tend to somewhat stray away from ICP and the whole juggalo scene, we definitely DO take notice of other independent rappers. How do you think we became technicians in the first place yo? Anyhow, keep it STRANGE my brotha!

    Jonathan Potter

    let me explain im a juggalo as i am a fan of the music and think their belief system is nice but i have my own beliefs but that doesnt represent all the music I listen too I mean yeah I listen to icp twiztid and all that but im a fan of alot of music and enjoy alot of different artists people shouldnt look at juggalos as people who just like icp I mean there are alot of juggalos I met who listen to the same diversity of music that I do ill give you some for instants like watsjy wax atmosphere simple plan sum 41 hopsin wu tang clan brotha linch hung chris webby lil dicky who I just was introduced to and is doing really well and a lot more and to which ive enjoyed alot of my life and well continue to enjoy I dont like how people assume all juggalos are a certain type of people some are good and well fight for what they believe its the same for technicians and other fan bases id also like to say for those who say certain artists and musicians and other things if you cant take the time and patience to make ity dont judge it have your personal opinion but if you bash the fan base and the people who take the time to make it dont look it up and dont come on here to hate this is just stuff ive wanted to say and have said

  76. Ben James

    So dope, loving this new murs material!

  77. Alex Morris

    Loving the new Strange!!!!

    Murs, Slug, AND Ces Cru?!?!? Wow man what a fucking combo. Throw Tech, Wrek and Brotha Lynch on here and have a straight masterpiece...

  78. William Seal

    hell yea, been waiting for a collab like this!!!!!!! i think ces and slug fit perfectly together..felt, of course is already amazing

  79. DeviousDecibels

    Fucking Fire!!

  80. Ray Villebrun

    #feltcru #cescru #murs316 #atmosphere

  81. rugby798zl1

    Ces killed it as usual.....diggin the track. Should be a nice album

  82. Mr V

    Did I just press replay twice oh shit here is a third

  83. Mr V

    Can I get a dwamn. Amen to this son and damn was that slug on a srtrange music production. That's fucking right

  84. Steven Hart

    I hope 9th wonder produces a felt album one day, or even alchemist. Or both would be dope as fuck. It would be crazy to hear Slug kill a 9th track, or Murs to kill and ALC track. Walk like a modern man's hustle in Lake Minnetonka.

  85. KeLLeR970

    All I can say is that Ces can spit

  86. Masurao Katori Richardson

    This something to blast when you driving... sick ass beat, sick ass rhymes, sick ass song!

  87. M. Cole

    Damn all the hate on these comments. These four guys makes consistent bangers and this one is no exception.

  88. Young Based God

    Slug and Murs were my two favorite rappers from Rhymesayers and Ces Cru is my favorite from Strange Music. Shit's popping yo

  89. Shoeless

    I really "felt" this song.  Anyone get it? haha


    @Reese Cup Murs and Slug together are a hip hop group called Felt.


    Oh for real? lol it was a cheesy ass joke


    @Reese Cup Oh didn't notice that.

    Rocio Molina

    Yes 😸

    GG JR

    @The Booty Bandit I see you on so many rhymesayers videos

  90. TheSix94

    I cant put my finger on it, but lately murs and ces cru just dont seem to be putting out any songs that im really into. And its not because they lack talent I am well aware of how talented they all are. I just havent been pumped off any of the music. But that being said I did enjoy a few songs of mursday.


    "Strange creature" has ces & murs on it I really enjoy that song

  91. elGustoOne

    I don't know about Ces Cru but Murs and Slug killed it, deadliest duo in rap. It's also bad ass that Rhymesayers and Strange Music put this out, I get a sense that more collaborations are on the way.

  92. Andrew Martin

    My 2 favorite labels together on one track.. Mind blown

  93. gregory57481

    murs you truly are strange that was a weird beat....verry underground sounding. i like

  94. dodo4189

    ogm gief instrumental pls

  95. Doug Las

    May may be the best month for Strange yet! I'll be steady rotating the old stuff, recent, and the early song releases til then. It goes wayy up!

  96. Cody

    "finna slug em til it's felt." fuck yeah Godi.

  97. Ali Foreman

    Holy shit that's fire

  98. tyler staley

    To be honest with you I've never even heard of murs besides of him being on hard core bitches on TMTYL and do far I'm not feelin it....but I have been a die hard technician since before Strange was born and Tech has never disappointed (besides with ces cru) so I'm still gonna pre-order cause that's what I do and keep my mind open we'll see what happens


    I can't believe you think CES is a disappointment

    Trever D

    Murs older stuff is way better honestly, and I don't see how CES Cru is a disappointment, I think they're one of the best on Strange.

    Dominick Babington

    Fuck you CES IS AWESOME!!!!!

    Anna Aguirre

    Ces cru fucking rocks

    Jeff Cassell

    Murs owns all these cats now a days. Hes old school as fuck. One of the best underground mc's ever to touch a mic. His original crew 3MG's are legends in the underground, and his solo shit never disappointed me ever. Shit like Murs Rules the World, F'real and Good Music are some of the most legendary underground shit.