Murray, Anne - What About Me Lyrics

Hey hey hey, what about me?
I've got some feelings on my mind, too
Hey hey hey, what about me?
I'd like to have a song to sing, too

Please let me in when you're singing your song
And I'll just sit quiet, I won't try to sing along
You've got the warmest place that I've ever found
Please let me in, and I won't make a sound


But, don't you ask me to give you a song
I won't know the words to use, I won't know where they belong
But if you give me one of yours, I will make it my own
And it would be the sweetest song that I have ever known


I'd like to have a song to sing, too.

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Murray, Anne What About Me Comments
  1. Richard Hancox

    Years ago in PEI, when this song first came out as a regional hit in the maritimes, I was the warm-up act for a concert Anne did in Charlottetown. She was very gracious and encouraging. Maybe she knew this would be my only claim to musical fame.

  2. rasec otanom

    it was released in 1968 and the year I was born too, Im still single
    until now . time flies so fast

  3. comeacross9

    Years ago I heard Ms Murray do a version of this at a somewhat slower tempo. It may have been a concert recording. In any event the sideway bass player backing her up did a great job.
    Thanks for posting.

  4. อนันต์ กะดังงา

    love so much.

  5. Lily Lane

    bootleg. not anne murray.


    this is definitely her

  6. Christopher Haas

    Another forgotten big hit of the seventies. Another forgotten ARTIST for that matter.

  7. Nick and Chris Dobos

    We used to dance to a version of this by a rock band. Great song!

  8. Elle Bee

    LOVE this song

  9. Joe Cline

    Written by Scott McKenzie (San Francisco [Flowers in Your Hair[); I first heard it from Ian & Sylvia, ca. 1967. Great song — I used to perform it, but haven't done it in years. I need to relearn it again.

    Sedona Legend

    Love love Scott, died too soon, brilliant artist!

  10. Balraj Grewal

    it makes me feel so good when people give it the thumbs up thank you Good people I sure as hell love you x

  11. Balwant Grewal

    I heard this song and it became my song that meant it reminded me of my son who I haven't seen for 33 years it's a true story

  12. strawberryseason

    She must have just graduated from UNB at this time. She got her degree in Phys Ed.

  13. todd canton

    Anne Murray 1968, the tip of the iceberg to a career that spanned forty years.

  14. v melo


  15. Steve Grewal

    i m proud to say that i was born in the 1900 s because so was Ann Murray Awsome

  16. Nunya Beeswax

    Og (Original gangster) Anne Murray

    v melo


  17. Chad Quick

    Wow! I've never heard this version which is obviously the original by her. I always liked the later version and have it on 45. A very underrated lady in my opinion.

    todd canton

    This is Anne's first recording of this song on Anne's first LP (1968) entitled What About Me on ARC records


    she sold 50 million records!

  18. พระรัชชพงษ์


  19. Jesse Hale

    Very nice cover of a young Anne!

  20. Colin Sanders

    entered Cashbox May 26, 1973

  21. Gary Simard

    Anyone remember the commercial that had this song? It was to let people in wheelchairs to have access to buildings.

    Balwant Grewal

    I ve got a question on adverts HP sauce brown on TV around 1969 to 1971 showing 2 girls with loads of freckles who were I m sure twins any one remember ?

    MJ DeCoteau

    I was searching for that PSA and it lead me to this post. I can't seem to find in anywhere but so many years later it pops into my head from time to time so I wanted to try and revisit it.

    Elle Bee

    yes it was on a handi capped commercial in the 70s

    sj t

    I remember

    Robyn Abbott

    Oh wow I thought I was the only one who remembered that commercial. It always made me cry.

  22. Claudem Richer

    One of her best songs ever.

  23. J. Lewis

    I noticed the difference in speeds and had thought I was imagining things.