Murphy, William - We Ain't In Church Lyrics

Now come on you cant stop when you hear music we ain't in church.

Did you hear what I said we ain't in church. Come on open your mouth.

(Hallelujah Hallelujah)

This ain't just about me its about you.
This ain't just about these singers its about the sound thats in your belly,
Open your mouth

(man speaking in tongues)

Oh I love Jesus, love you jesus, your the holy one
oh be glorified be magnified
oh my holy lord
I worship oh be glorified
(my soul delights in you lord) be magnified
your the joy of my heart
and I bring joy before your throne
I delight in you father; you made me glad
because you look upon me lord
and you see me as I really am
I rejoice in you lord
I rejoice in you lord
ah oh, I love you lord
(yes God come on)

Holy holy holy
holy holy holy
I cry holy is the lord
I join in with seraphims and I join in with the cherubims
and I cry, I cry holy (Hallelujah)

I join in with the cherubims and I join in with the seraphims and I cry Holy (I cry)
Holy is the lord (I cry)
Holy are you Lord

Now if we were in church
most people would just sit and just kind of be entertained,
just enjoy the wonderful singing tonight, but
because we're not in church,
and because you understand that tonight is just as much about you as is about me
I want you to lift up your voice right now and just begin to make melody to the lord

(holy is the lord)

This is a simple song, its a real simple song
it talks about how the angels cry out holy
it talks about how they just bow down before thrown
and there at a lost for words because God's so awesome and
they just

they cry out holy (holy0
holy (holy)
angels cry

just worship for a moment

you are holy lord you are
you are
I'll worship you (I will)
with all I have
You are holy
you are holy
You are soveriegn in all your ways
You hold up that word
You are the ancient of days
so I bow down and I honor you lord
recieve my worship

(anybody come with an offering for the lord tonight) come on somebody just present him with an offering tonight

oh lord
oh lord we cry out how
we cry out
oh we cry out

yeah yeah yeah yeah
oh how we worship you father

I want you to recieve the worship leader at the dream center natasha cobbs just worship him for a moment

we call you holy yes
we call you holy yeah
we call you holy yeah
we call you holy yeah
how wonderful you are God
yes awesome you are god
prince of peace you are god
you guard my life you are god

I call you holy holy yeah
I call you holy holy yeah
I join with the angels and I cry (Holy Holy Holy yeah)
I join with the angles and I cry (Holy Holy Holy yeah)
I join with the angels and I cry (Holy Holy Holy yeah)
oh yeah
Holy holy holy
holy holy holy
holy holy holy
Lord you are
We lift are hands and cry out (yeah)
lift our voice and cry
holy you are God
I bow before you
worship and adore you
I bow before yo lord
Worship and adore you

(listen listen)
if nicole bineon were she'd say something like this

There's nobody like you jesus

If nicole bineon she'd say something like that

Theres nobody like you jesus
there's nobody like you jesus
theres nocody like you jesus
you amaze me lord

there's no body like you jesus [4x]

you amaze me lord

theres nobody liek you jesus [4x]

you amaze me lord

there's nobody like you jesus [4x]

(no no)

aww you amaze me lord

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Murphy, William We Ain't In Church Comments
  1. Tamala Dunbar

    Simply Fantastic!!

  2. Truly Topaz

    This song has been in my spirit for 2 days.

  3. Bridgett T

    Intimacy time with God 🙌🏾 I cry Holy, Holy, Holy

  4. Wisdom

    God is so faithful! El Shaddai

  5. S Johnson

    I delight in you father
    My soul doth magnify the Lord
    Holy Holy Holy,
    Holy is your name

  6. Peace Bestill

    This song is so beautiful. Bishop Murphy is so gifted. Jesus please keep your hands on him, he is such a blessing to many

  7. Debbie Williams

    Awesome worship take me there to the throne of God

  8. frances williams

    I'm loving this new song, thanks be to GOD

  9. Adam Fling

    I miss this Tasha Cobbs.

  10. Angela Cunningham

    Holy Holy Jesus Thank you

  11. Lisa King

    Love this song.
    It help me push through on many occasions.

  12. Kim Joyner

    If you are a worshipper. This song ushers you right into worship unto the Lord. Crying (literally) Holy, Holy, Holy!👐

  13. Dewayne Morton

    Straight worshipping

  14. Kingdom Commentary:

    Nobody like you Jesus Christ 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Phyllis Jones

    Crying happy tears!!! Waiting for the day I will be with the Lord Jesus Christ Hallelujah hallelujah""!!

  16. Ashley Knox

    Awesome Amazing love this

  17. Raymond Brinson

    This song brings to mind everything to mind that I couldn't do but Jesus could and did. I lost everything to cocaine. My job of bringing home $1500 a week, my home and my family. But God delivered me and gave me my family back, a making more than what I was making then ( 7 ) years ago and we're in the process of buying a new home. The song says there's nobody like Jesus and all I can do is allow tears of joy to flow from my eye's because Jesus is so amazing.

    Jeanette Montes


    Sherry Renee

    What a blessing!!

  18. Shena Crawford

    I love this song...perfect for worship..Nobody like u Jesus...

  19. Christine Soto

    JESUS CHRIST I can just imagine how it would be when I come before my Heavenly Father n worship HIM in spirit n in truth .
    I love you JESUS 💜

  20. Kris Miller

    You are holy lord you are👏🙌 I worship you with all I have 😄 father god you are the ancient of days👏🙌🙌 #soibowdown

  21. canadianhaitian

    No words for this wonderful beautiful HOLY Holy HOLy beautiful god give talents!!! Give praise to touch us all🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘🙏🏾🙏🏾

  22. 0Nicole Chinn

    Love it. Pastor william

  23. PrincessBrit QueenBrat

    One of My Favorite Songs😍😍 !! I love It 💙 , I want to Worship iN Public as iType

  24. TheDZS25

    What a perfect worship combination!! I Love those three magnifying God in such a mighty way!!

  25. Tommy M

    I heard this and had to play it again

  26. Kenisha Horton

    I'm sooooo loving this song!!!!

  27. Melissa Nichole

    this song always takes me behind the veil

  28. Jarvis Hawkins


  29. Debbie Warino

    We call you HOLY yeah!

  30. Tonyetta Jackson


  31. Tonyetta Jackson


  32. Corius Hollis

    Holy you are!

  33. Brittney Lampley

    HOLY ' HOLY ' HOLY !

  34. Angela Tandy

    I absolutely love this song!!! No one like Him.. Holy Holy Holy.


    I love this song Holy Holy Holy singing with the angels

  36. Carrie Hubbard

    AlmightyGOD! This Song Straight Outta Heaven! Chills, Thrills n Tears

    Raymond Brinson

    Carrie you are so right

    Belinda Washington

    Nicely said. I can feel the rejoicing I'm about to shout 💕

  37. Katrina Williams

    This song takes me EVERY TIME!

  38. Jenee' Miller

    I love this song, God is so worthy and awesome!

  39. Gorgeous Dias

    love it 💋

    Anita Carter

    Gorgeous Dias Anita

  40. Jennifer Haddocks

    I sing with the Angels tonight!!

  41. Marie Charles

    so beautiful

  42. Angela Brown

    Holy Holy Holy I call You Holy I bow before You worship and adore You there's nobody like You Jesus

  43. Portia Johnson

    Sweet Jesus

  44. Jessica Fletcher

    played this song all day yesterday

  45. Portia Johnson

    I just can't stop playing this my my on my way to work at work, at home ,in the car

    Servants Heart

    Portia Johnson of


    Same here!! Played it to and from work!!

  46. Cantrell Walker


  47. Maryluz Rivera

    Ughhhh, absolutely love this song such a beautiful worship song.

  48. Glenda ORea

    So beautiful!