Murphy, Peter - Your Face Lyrics

Water lily
Where does the
Spirit lay?
Lying in shadows
Of light and clay

I trace your feet
Like transparent thrones
I dream of your clinging
I am not alone
I glide with you
Draw you with kole
Your paint the river
I am not alone

That lover
In the crash
That scent
lingers now
Your face

Your face

I trace your feet
Like transparent thrones
I dream of your clinging
I am not alone
I glide with you
Draw you with kole
Your paint the river
I am not alone

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Murphy, Peter Your Face Comments
  1. L Y

    It’s perfect.

  2. Franky ramone

    Ojos color índigo, mirada penetrante! Expandiendo pensamientos

  3. Mick

    What a great chillout song! It has a similar sound as Bliss - "Wish You Were Here".

  4. gothicjokercro

    and the dick horse he jammed up his asss

  5. gothicjokercro

    fuck peter smurphy

  6. keki3173

    Deeply emotional piece of ART took me on a spiritual journey WOW

  7. Andievo4U2

    Dear Father, form a Circle of Protection, a sphere of perfect white light, around those you seek you, fail, seek again, and LOVE You. In the name of your Holy Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

  8. Richard Williams

    My God this version is exquisite! I remember him performing this on the Retrospective Tour. He closed the show with it and I was just in awe! BTW sending Peter good vibes as he is in the hospital in NYC! Love you Sir! Please get better!!

    S S


  9. Paul Rose

    This is Peter!!!!

  10. Sophie Monariver66

    Love & thancks Mr Peter Murphy ♥️☀️🎶♥️

  11. Orchid Lilly

    After watching this, I have to ask myself : where am I & Whom am I ? Crying tears of ???

  12. Orchid Lilly

    Wowsville!! Thank-you Peter , Bandmates, Filmster's & Chisholme Institute, I'm in Love* This piece is one with my heart*

  13. Viviane Guimarães

    Lindo vídeo.

  14. Sophie Monariver66

    Merci Mr. Peter Murphy 🎶🖤

  15. Pedro Miguel Azevedo

    Boa recordação de um músico que ficará na história da música. A outra faceta do "Peter" que adoro; a mística e transcendental...
    Obrigado pelo teu contributo...Peter Murphy and your Band

  16. Michael MacLeod

    Everything perishes but His Face.

  17. ImaMonaKnight

    not education..

  18. Anna Gray

    A journey that palpitates music to my soul

  19. Son Of Hibbs

    Pushing, trudging, manfully through to find meaning and value in something. Something of substance. Something reliable. Its got to be there. There is no other way and no other accepted avenue. The world would leave you, crush you, stifle you, but will you allow it? Its only in seeking that you find something. Why have you stopped looking?

  20. Scott Beckstead


  21. Miguel da Fonseca

    There's no such thing as "A place where we can meet". The song is called Subway.

  22. Must Love Dogs !!!


  23. Mariana Valle

    La mejor versión de ésta canción !!!

  24. Gabi Bustamante

    Beautiful song for meditation

  25. Michael Greenwalt

    No one knows. Sad for Peter.

    Michael Greenwalt

    Then again, not sad.

  26. mark kelly

    100% tip top....

  27. Stanza Vasquez

    Ansuz☆Sigel ☆Kenaz :P

  28. Michael Greenwalt

    Best version of Mr. Murphy's favourite

  29. kevti 1

    i belive this was recorded live at bashera schoole of essateric thought. near hawick in the scottish borders

    Michael Greenwalt


  30. kevti 1

    very moveing words and music

  31. Dizziemiss Lizzie

    I agree....his voice has changed but he still sounds good to me. Recently saw him on the Stripped tour and he was phenomenal. This track is just gorgeous

  32. Patti will Sun


  33. Melissa Blue

    This whirling dervish sequence is like the documentary Barak or baraka which means blessing and it's full of many rapid images and this just reminds me of that whole feeling and love the water sequences here too. Of course the music is good too.

  34. Tina Lant

    Great video!  To a song I can't even describe with words....

  35. Ziltoid The omniscient

    ENORME ce morceau

  36. Brandon Hestwood

    Unbelievably awesome Peter. Thank you for giving the masses something truly artistic once again.

  37. anita s

    He is a soul singer, open ,wide and deep!! Thanx for sharing,

  38. MisAnnThorpe

    1 of the most put on voices to becoming more or less a "soul" singer. This started to happen around the time of Blur's 13 album and anyone listening to his recent Dr Dee album can vouch for him having shed the layers of artifice to reveal a flawed, vulnerable and not especially strong singing voice. But it's a voice that is unmistakably true. I suspect that if Peter were to do the same, he could be devastating. Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever happen.

  39. MisAnnThorpe

    This is 1 of my favourite Murphy tracks. However, am I alone in being disappointed that rather than becoming confident with age, in his voice, his voice has become increasingly affected and show offish. It's as if the harder he tries to prove that he's a good singer the less it is so! A perfect example of this is the rerecorded version of My last 2 weeks on Dust. I find his vocals so irritating as to render the song almost unlistenable.Compare/contrast with Damon Albarn, who has gone from having

  40. KathyaBside

    Très belle video, tout s'aimante, les images, la voix, la musique. Bravo

  41. all4vedas

    Absolutely stunning video. Thank you.

  42. Leonardo Garcia

    Fantastico PETER Y Los Sagrados Musicos Ancestrales De Turkia, Recuerdo La Magia Del Album Y Gira DUST En El 2000...Con Esta Musica Religiosa Vi Por Primera Vez Al Gran Musico En Vivo

  43. pmar1999


  44. Peter Murphy fan

    i dedicate this song to my mother :)

  45. Peter Murphy fan

    thank you Peter for this beautiful piece of music /art work ,absolutely incredible, I love your voice so much, beautiful voice for such a beautiful man :)

  46. pandapandason

    Warmer and more textured than the studio version. Love it.

  47. zack spaulding

    You would have thought that this video would have been included on the recent Symposium dvd/cd release but it wasn't? not fair!

  48. TMSSMS

    Beautiful, Peter. Thank you.

  49. jinfie

    Gorgeous video. The contrast between the restless rootless endlessness of the road and the calm heart-centeredness of the dervishes' revolutions is particularly effective. Thank you!

  50. Cristina Lo Prete

    Incredibly beautiful...didn't want it to end! Thank you Peter.

  51. Ghoufran Warlow

    love the space in this and combination of ancient and modern...beautifully done. Definite sense of a path unfolding and facing the unknown. God Bless.