Murphy, Peter - Should The World Fail To Fall Apart Lyrics

Should the world fail to fall apart
And lock off in a remote sky
Ideas can matter too much

Can't hear for lack of sleep
Breathing in the smoking ruins
The rockets in the shadows whispering
Singing in the underground
Love and the never men
Can't hear for lack of sleep

Looking for the past
Try to slip the script
Gun the lowest plane
Hidden all eyes know
Try to slip the script
Gun the lowest plane
Hidden all eyes know

There's some use in treating courage
As a remote friend
Learning what it is to lie
Stop crash fall
On a leper mass of swelling glass
Cleaning up the swamps
You are the heart of hearts
Wonder dig and try
Tear it up and learn to bless the readers eye

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Murphy, Peter Should The World Fail To Fall Apart Comments
  1. Goldfinch

    My absolute favourite guitarist of all time John McGeoch along with Peter Murphy formerly of Bauhaus, i walked with a friend almost twenty miles back from a Bauhaus gig way back when, it was a slog but worth it just to see Bauhaus, Daniel Ash was also an inspiration on me with his guitar work, i would have loved to see him and John McGeoch together.

  2. Paul Denman

    Personal experience of the man is/was he's an arse, but did some bloody brilliant music

  3. Scott Briggs

    The illusions in a Backward Mask.....

  4. Scott Briggs

    Was playing the deluxe reissue of this album yet again tonight, it reminded me to rip the title track to Cakewalk Studio and play what I always figured was the "backwards message" at the beginning of the song, and indeed, that's what it is, or sort of. If you play "Should The World Fail To Fall Apart" backwards, it's obvious there's a brief backwards sung bit after the brief opening synth tones or treated vocals, and the backwards stanza turns out to be merely Peter singing the lines from the song proper: "Gun the lowest plane/Hidden all eyes know." It's either an isolated vocal track or a segment edited from the backing vocals or multitracked vocals from the song itself, I'm assuming. Wild! If you rip the song to any good audio editor it should play the track backwards so you can hear it. I recommend Cakewalk, Magix Samplitude Studio, or Pro Tools etc. I always wondered
    what the backward-masking was (haha) in this song, and now, kiddies, we know!

  5. Melina karen

    I love this album and all its tracks, I grew up listening to the music of this Peter's album💝


    This is the version I prefer, the ultimate version :-)

  7. pkmb70

    Hey, Peter M... if you are reading this, I could have you re-make this and make the most butt-kicking video from it.

  8. Michelle Mayfield

    FINALLY someone uploaded this great song. Thank you!!