Murphy, Peter - My Last Two Weeks Lyrics

When I returned
You buried my last two weeks
My last two weeks
Of my new times
So it didn't seem like
A wasted mouthful
A wasted mouthful
Because of a trip
That was trapped inside you

I was trapped inside you
And always imagined
That I could
I always imagined
Imagined I would
Conjure you up
Conjure you up
So it didn't seem like
It didn't seem like

I was conditioned
I was conditioned about that
So it didn't seem like
A wasted mouthful
Am I untruthful
Am I untruthful
As a result of being
Maybe it was too soon

The red rose
I liken it to the flicker of the pure
Fleeting moments
Precede our actions
Light that's not burning
Light that's not burning
No more lost sinking feeling
Tethered to your shoe
Tethered to you

We ask the controller
He sends us flames
Our lying bodies sleep
His whispered word says
Ah this is how
This is how it looks
From where we weep
Tethered to red rose
Tethered to your shoe
To the seven of cups
Tethered to you

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Murphy, Peter My Last Two Weeks Comments
  1. Stephen Velez

    this song fills me with such strong remembrances of everyone i've given my heart to, everyone who has given me there's, the people i've been hurt by, the people i've makes my heart hurt in such a good way. thank you, peter, for giving voice to these feelings.

  2. Stephen Velez

    this is my favorite peter murphy song, so beautiful.


    the whole album is tight...I remember people didn’t like it ‘cause they thought the production was kinda thin

    Stephen Velez

    @gretagrain it is absolutely lovely. so many good tunes, this one, time has got nothing to do with it, dragnets drag, on and on...


    what other shit are you in to?