Murphy, Peter - Hit Song Lyrics

Walking in the street
Breath the only friend
Strangers pass me by
I'm moving, moving with the wind
Inside me now, the gold
The gold at rainbows end
Stranger to myself, a stranger
Stranger till the end
Behind the closed door
The one we painted green
To remind me of the perfect plan

Wash my face in fields of green
Take me to the stars for free
Point me to the high wire call
Wake me true and wake me all

Walk me in the streets
Take me, to a view on high
To an empire state
Tease, tease and bake me dry
Swerve and turn on me
Melt me, melt me to the wall
Like an unspeant fortune, I'm running
Running with the call
Behind the closed door
The one we painted green
To remind me of a perfect plan

Wash my face
In fields of green
Take me to the stars for free
point me to the high wire call
Wake me true and wake me all

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Murphy, Peter Hit Song Comments
  1. Autumn is

    This is probably my favorite Peter Murphy song. The vocals are outstanding, the lyrics so idealic and hopeful, and that backing violin so beautifully played. God, it almost melts me every time I hear it.

  2. Iris Rose

    He's like a top troubadour from ages ago; like a priceless fine wine.

  3. Alan Marshall

    Wow -- both the lead and the backing vocals on this are amazing -- as is the video.

  4. Susana Miranda

    Aqueles olhos...

  5. hairjoos lorjeffiny

    His eyes are like knives they go right through your core

  6. biggasbiggas

    Epic, thx Murphy

  7. Gerald Jaramillo

    This is an all-time favorite song of mine. Beautiful!

  8. claustrophobia begins

    I feel sorry for people that have no idea this exists!!!

    Dan of Xymox

    We all feel sorry for you.

  9. Altermus TV

    I like black and white video, that video is very interesting, is one of my favorite

  10. Rafael Ferreira

    kkkkkkkkkkkk zezocas

  11. Fernando Faria


  12. mc tc

    the champiñón ,yes you and a much kind of people ,gives our lives know and i love you ,yes my masters and no líes to teach never

  13. mc tc

    take me,that wants you want ,im here

  14. C-Wrong aka S8TANIC TATTOOIST

    Nobody can deny the David Bowie connection

    M K

    much better for my taste

  15. Dizziemiss Lizzie

    Peter Murphy....just takes me somewhere else, and I gladly go with him 😀


    He takes me to the stars for free.

    Dizziemiss Lizzie

    +Phillip Collins why do I need to calm down?

  16. Olga Carvao

    i really love this song

  17. Lizzie Modern

    Such a perfect song.

  18. Melina karen

    what abeautiful voice ,what abeautiful and sexy man... sigh

    n n

    Melina karen sigh indeed

    Emily M

    he’s literally so beautiful i can’t

  19. Antonio Joao

    Hit song mesmo.Great Peter

  20. portounido

    Used to know someone that spent sometimes 3 or 4 hours listening to this beautifully amazing song, to tell the true I think I still know the lyrics...

    Malu Shieldmaiden

    That's my case...I've been listening to this song for 2 hours *_*

    Jorge Santana

    @Malu Shieldmaiden it is One of those Special Songs, you don't get tired of 😊

  21. Vitor Pinto

     thank you Peter Murphy and band members for this master piece song! no words or adjectives

  22. Melodie Cook

    I saw him sing this in Vancouver around 1992. Made my hair stand on end.

  23. estramboticanaif

    I'm moving, moving with the wind... is PERRRRRFECT. =)

  24. rui vale de sousa


  25. Sergio Alvarado Solano

    The best ever voice!