Murphy, Peter - Gliding Like A Whale Lyrics

It only takes the time
Between here and there
For a landing in another place
Saw your shadow fleeting
In the corner of my eye
Your feet were skimming the sand
And then some began to fly
Lasted no time at all
No time at all

Gliding like a whale
In and out of hotels
Gliding like a whale
In and out of hotels

The flower seller told the tale
Saw you kiss the King one minute
Then the next set sail
Two places in one time
And that's not all
In one you're swimming to the limit
Then the next you're riding the whales
This clever never no man's land
Angels whisper that you're winning
Shooting starts that leave no trail
It took you no time to leave the land
When you kissed the King one minute
The next you're setting sail

Gliding like a whale
In and out of hotels

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Murphy, Peter Gliding Like A Whale Comments
  1. Luciano Figueiredo


  2. Melina karen

    lovee Cascade

  3. ivorytower99

    I saw this tour 2 nights in a row. On the first night (Boston), once Jewel walked out on stage, everyone was laughing, yelling "Have you even met this guy before?!" Front-and-center, I turned around and saw this sea of ghouls! lol.

  4. Dizziemiss Lizzie


  5. Monica Lowman

    I have never heard of this group until yesterday while watching Hemlock Grove. It's rare I find music that I like every single song by a group or artist. There are only 2 other groups other than this one that I love all their songs and that's The Offspring and 21 pilots.

    Melina karen

    it's not exactly a group it's Peter Murphy ex-Bauhaus vocals, Dalis CAR and the 100 MEN, this album called Cascade from 1995 contains wonderful songs apart from this one that you can enjoy and get to know a bit more the wonderful Peter Murphy's discography

    Francis Q Christopher

    Both of those bands are awful.