Murphy, Peter - Emergency Unit Lyrics

Save me, save me, make me true
Turn, turn, let me through
Nothing's hard and nothing's to be gained
Without you

Leave us always looking in the now
Not loosing, looking for it
Not loosing, looking for You
Guide us always

(Are you alright?)

Save me, save me
Say, "you do"
Even as the bird flies
Out in the blue
Out of the blue
Nothing's hard and nothings gained
Without you

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Murphy, Peter Emergency Unit Comments
  1. Jean-Gabriel Baechelen

    Magnificent song

  2. Gabriela Córdoba

    Dios del Mágico Averno... ¡discazo!

  3. estramboticanaif

    With Gaslip... two masterpieces.

  4. Tatiana Tanja



    Good song, es mi preferida del disco Unshattered...◘☼☻