Murphy, Peter - Disappearing Lyrics

You came, I saw, I held your hand outa-sight
Cause your cause is just a cause
Cause I came here to be with you
I'm like you I'll get inside you
Just like you
Came to be me
I'll do the mirror walk
Disappearing in her hand

He says to her "Your eyes are sick"
He says that mine are fine
She says "That's not what the doctor says"
He takes her word for it this time
If that's me/you - you/me thing
The who's who of the lovers club
You can't get a grip on nothing now can you?
There's no love where there is no love

How did I get so lucky
Walking in these shoes?
As a kid I yearned for this
Disappearing in her hand
I'm like you, I'll look out from you
Just like you, say the word of full return
Come and go, stay the same
Disappearing in her hand

Just like fishes swimming
They heard some vibe about the water
Swimming in the ocean
Looking for the ocean
Looking for the ocean wide
Ocean swimming, like the fishes swimming
In the ocean
They heard that God was the water
But they were swimming in it all the time

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Murphy, Peter Disappearing Comments
  1. Boba Squid

    I literally could not be friends with anyone who would thumb down this song.

  2. Nina Morton

    Absolutely lovely

  3. Michael Greenwalt

    The most underrated bad ass rock star poet magical vocalist of all motherfucking time.

    Boba Squid

    I'm glad somebody recognizes that. It's tragic how most people (the general population) don't even know who he (Peter Murphy) is. Many, many more should or need to know about his extremely rare and special musical talent. There are many fans out there that adore him and that makes me feel good for Peter.

  4. Matt Norris

    By far my favorite of Peter Murphy