Murphy, Peter - Crystal Wrists Lyrics

I can't see the light
I'm thrown in disgust
They speak of feats
The housed forever
A howling wind
Changed my course
It blew me out
Of bounds so sore
All the walls
All the walls that bound me
Descending bleak and put upon

I chew my cheeks
To wake up from
The vase grows bigger
To my eyes
These eyes that snigger
And despise
The wall grows taller up to doom

Shoes in my room
Thrown in disgust
At how I fall
To my worst
Of course you say
You don't understand
Your words your fiction
Your crooked hands

But clearly now
I tell you man
That all I say
Is all I can
For I am nothing
But my sin
Until I learn
To caste them in

While young girls fangs
And crystal wrists
Wait patiently
For me to twist
I look away
To distant rains
To water falls
And honey days
And boys in black
And blue rinse eyes
Gaze whistly at my slender thighs

I twist a shade to my right
And spit at beelzebub on sight
And go on loving all I see
For here I live on patiently
Clearly now I tell you man
That all I say is all I can
For I am nothing but my sin
Until I learn to caste them in

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Murphy, Peter Crystal Wrists Comments
  1. Grizzly Bare

    Love this song. Makes me chew my cheeks.....

  2. TheButterflyparadox

    I remember the first time I loaded the cassette tape into my Walkman and hit play! I was teleported into a wonderful reverie listening and reading along to the lyrics. In my opinion, one of the best albums ever!

  3. Jude22

    One of my favorite songs.

  4. Wayne Schneider

    Saw Peter Murphy in Orlando touring for this album many years ago. His performance was beyond theatrical and emotional. One of the best shows I have ever seen.

    Scott Briggs

    did he do Kick in the Eye as an encore? I saw him do that encore at the NYC Ritz show that year.

  5. Davis J

    Chilllls in the summer

  6. Stephen Velez

    i absolutely adore this song...

  7. Matt Lohrke

    Cuts You Up usually gets the most attention. I'll take Crystal Wrists 8 days out of 7.

  8. Uberphawx

    I wept to this song...

    Mark Wiest

    There are a couple songs that have had that affect on me. "Cuts you up, "Have a little faith in me," by John Hiatt, & "Medjugorie," by the Innocence mission. Be careful how close you let a song into your mind & heart. A dr. Told me it is a person's information, processing. Depression can also have an affect. Please be careful !

  9. poodlesusan

    I can swim a mile or run 5 with this song on replay

  10. Holder

    Beelzebub, another name for the Devil.

  11. Holder

    I had "Cuts You Up" on my voice mail.  Timed perfect to end with "Move the heart, Switch the Pace, Look for what seems out of place.


    Holder that’s so cool!

  12. Wasp 209

    Eddie Bravo

  13. Angharad

    Whips and Chains...Fangs and Veins

  14. Eric Davis

    Thanks Bruce aka president of the J.B. fan club. Now I like this song even more!!

  15. Bruce Forrest

    Very fascinating how such an ugly, crack-loving nobody truly believes he has a single drop of talent. Worse, is how stupid music fans are for digging on this shit. You are all no different than Justin Bieber fans.

    Alex David

    Well then congratulations my fine friend. You have now, in splendid fashion, revealed to all what a shallow, screaming GEEK, utterly devoid of any measurable intellectual depth, you really are. Bravo sir, bravo.

  16. Mel Kersey

    One of my favorite albums of all time. Massive song.

  17. Dizziemiss Lizzie

    aaaahhhhh......Peter 💜

  18. Rodrigo Palma

    terrific song and such a great album, still im playing after all those years

    Matthewandannmarie Bellamy

    +Rodrigo Palma In all courteousness, us, too, so here we are at this nice video for this nicely wonderful song right now. :) Thx! :D - The Bellamys

    Jeff Warner

    And know every note and word to!

  19. Whypster 906

    To all Peter fans, you're cool people. I would like to meet you. Anyone in the slidell Louisiana area?

  20. Whypster 906

    Love the bud let me hear Peter, awesome! I let him listen to Christian Death. We love it!

  21. Steven Dunn

    This entire album is a Masterpiece.

  22. marc kennard

    love it

  23. Premium ACE

    Great song !!!

  24. James Denner

    Cascade is better but i would choose this and Once in a Lifetime as my faves dance floor wise

  25. AJAXKID123

    "Scarlet Thing in You" is good and his more upbeat stuff is a nice change from all the gloominess. The man is quality. Period.

  26. AJAXKID123


  27. AJAXKID123

    Oh, of course I don't notice this has already been answered... oh... about a year ago.
    Yay, me.

  28. AJAXKID123

    The devil.

  29. James Denner

    swell said

  30. James Denner

    Along with Cascade, it's splitting hairs. It took me a while to realize how good this song is. Just like 'Scarlet thing in you
    ' on Cascade

  31. AJAXKID123

    This is not only my favorite Peter Murphy song, I would have to say it is my all-time favorite song ever.
    He was just amazing.
    "Deep" was superior from beginning to end.

    James Bronner

    Also my favorite Peter Murphy jam, top ten album for me but I am giving a slight edge to NIN, with teeth is an incredible album.

  32. Hillary Frasier Hays

    "Oh my God, Peter simply never ceases to enthrall and mesmerize and plunge full through, to crow and howl each piercing, palpitant, grinding truth from depths obscene, see, we cringe and fall and flail between each, these, our tremulous, uneasy breaths, thrust forth as if to shock apart, divide, to rend and skew the..."

  33. Hillary Frasier Hays

    "...lines where many dare not tread to read, we'll scrape and peel away each wince from every thinning, withered fence which could no longer keep us safe, oh God, we had no right to excavate, for relics such as these are the sort that drive men mad, like whispers burrowing in heat beyond our shadowed sight to pray we pass in silence...♥" ~ me, for Peter ♥



  35. sharona4608

    this is totally AWESOME!!!!

  36. James Denner

    My top 5 Peter Murphy songs: Crystal Wrists, Canvas Beauty, Cuts u up, Scarlet Thing in You, Never Man....

  37. taylorhippie

    @mayas58dodge heh... wikipedia... c'mon. I find it funny, sorry. Honestly put a smile my face. Thanks fer giving the proper answer, I almost woulda had to messed with that... am i evil

  38. I.C. Cole

    @joelubbock the Devil

  39. Joe Roman

    BTW what the heck is beelzebub?

    Scott Briggs

    oh, that's our current US president.

  40. Joe Roman


  41. ATXviIIIe

    I had a Peter Murhpy stage........I was probably less boring then

    Scott Briggs

    now you're in your Slim Whitman stage.