Municipal Waste - Wolves Of Chernobyl Lyrics

Sometime not long ago on a day like this
Manmade energy caused the worst accident
People died fast and some passed through time
Radiation sickness wounds those who survive

Now mother nature attempts to rebuild
Fights to bring back all the things man has killed
Wildlife must feed while the ground grows with warmth
And DNA structured begin to reform

A force is growing hungry
In the black of night
A thirst driven by madness
Quenched by human life

Where will you run when the pack's after you?
Do you think you can hide until the howling is through?
Victims can't escape no matter how hard they flee
The beasts are running wild and all they want is to feed

Beware the pack is coming for you!

Snow stained red
Howls fill the air
Nothing's going to stop it
It's a massacre

Wolves of Chernobyl

Their numbers grow larger
A glow lights their eyes
Continues to hunt those alone in the night
Believe it's a legend
Consider it a myth
Consider it luck the fact you still exist

Was the mother nature's choice to rebuild
A way to pay us back for all we have killed
They'll soon grow in number each person they slay
And sooner or later we'll become their prey

Beware the pack is coming for you!

Snow stained red, howls fill the air
Wolves of Chernobyl
Nothing's going to stop it
It's a massacre
Wolves of Chernobyl
Driven by madness
You Can't survive
Wolves of Chernobyl!

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Municipal Waste Wolves Of Chernobyl Comments
  1. Aaron Kuruppassery

    Even the name "Chernobyl" sounds like a dangerous chemical. No wonder their nuclear plant exploded.

  2. Nemesis encounter

    Good good band the DRI influence is strong, love them

  3. boris rolleblon

    Bazinga Metal

  4. Chris Kiefer

    Remind me never to go to Virginia.

  5. Jared Grimm

    Lowkey the best part of the vid is the totally biffed board swap @ 2:15

  6. Suicidal Grape

    Love the fact that they filmed in Vinyl Conflict !!

  7. Saturday Morning


  8. Jereme Sager

    Well burn my britches , its old school thrash . I just finished having flashbacks to the mid and late 80s

  9. Riky Pratama

    stupidass metal..hahahahahahahaha

  10. 7 Angels 7 Plagues

    This band is so fucking annoying.

  11. Watersucks805

    Why is it wolves of Chernobyl on here but relentless threat on Spotify.

  12. semitar6

    I heard this and though I had passed out at a Anthrax 1989. #OldSchool

  13. D Archuleta

    some hardcore shit love it..

  14. Jensen Roark

    Proud to say I live in the same state🤘

    Faster Days

    I live in their same planet, check mate.

  15. Rad Reiley

    Why is this different then the spotify version

  16. SabotageGhost

    Spotify fucked up the album, Relentless Threat is Wolves of Chernobyl.

  17. Hens Hantam

    happy thrash

  18. Tyrone Cashmoney

    Talk about drummers in the wrong gig lol, this dude can't even PRETEND to be into it

  19. Martti Pattinen

    huh this is cooool band. Love this crossover!

  20. cKHAVIKk

    Dave Witte is a national fucking treasure!!

  21. KST

    municipal waste videos are always the best

  22. MEROX

    After the mini episode of HBO, listening to this,lol

  23. GonzoCRfan

    POULTRYGEIST poster in the background @ 1:18! MW and Troma is a match made in heaven!

  24. Ivan Ovchinnikov

    You didn't see graphite on the ground because it's not there!

  25. Russkie R00st3r

    0:44 got 'em

  26. Jean Franco

    Yeah! Thrash and having fun, this is all about.

  27. Nemesis encounter

    These guys reminds me of DRI for some reason

  28. Dieter Peter

    one of the best bands so far

  29. Sebastien Nault

    I wonder if they plan on coming back to montreal or quebec soon !?

  30. Metal of Lawson West

    on spotify repentles threat is wolves of Chernobyl please change them

  31. Joey Brown

    Is that record store Vinyl Conflict? In RVA.


    Yes. Fucking rad.

  32. Max T.

    A perfect mix of Exodus and Anthrax…. so funny !!! ^_^

  33. Sam pelletier

    0:43 badass riffs 🤘🎸

  34. Gabriel Villagómez

    Una hermosa cumbia para dedicar.

  35. Leem

    I want that huge banner

  36. Edward Hernandez

    Billy Milano has gotta be proud

  37. Edward Hernandez

    Librarian chick is hot

  38. AnarchyBurger

    man I wanna visit chernobyl some day, with a radiation suit and a map of course

  39. Gabriel Morais

    why this music isnt like this on spotify?


    It is my man

  40. Melvin the Mop Boy

    0:07 he looks like he has to pee...

    Melvin the Mop Boy

    Per pee dance my friend...

    Melvin the Mop Boy

    Did you just reply to yourself?

    Melvin the Mop Boy


  41. Mynor Segura

    His eyes are perfect

  42. Fernando Leija H

    Nmms esta chida alv

  43. Greg Stoddart

    Best thrash band ever. I’m 48 and they brought me back to my early thrash days of cryptic slaughter, Razor and the unforgettable D.R.I.
    I never shut these guys off . Can’t wait for them to come to Canada.
    Thrash Hard

  44. L.M.P.V

    el sábado estuvieron con madre y desde la primera fila todo bien perron lml

  45. E J

    That's awesome to see a leftie guitarist

  46. jeremy andre ortega ampuero

    i love this band

  47. Aaron Bickford

    These guys are greAt...they remind me of DRI, and that guitar player definitely has an 80s-era Kerry King thing going on!

  48. I'm Weird

    They kinda remind me of the teenage mutant ninja turtles for some reason 😂

  49. Daryl Wagner

    Antifia ! phft !! garbage !

  50. Nate Hanscom

    There are so many circle jerks things in this vid

  51. Lexiconical

    He kinda looks like Iron Reagan's lead singer

    Chloe A

    Because he is. Tony Foresta is in both bands.

  52. Dean DuPont

    Meh. They want to be DRI when they grow up.

    A grumpy old punk rock crank.

  53. Valerie Pickett

    He gonna change his name legally to Stephane Dinifsky maybe beglal he hates his adopted last name ...

  54. Valerie Pickett

    Belev samayach adoni ba Allah !!

  55. Valerie Pickett

    I got Sonia and Avraham Dinifsky's great , great grand son and his ass is mine motherfuckers ...hava nagila bitches !!

  56. Valerie Pickett

    Yo hava nagila motherfuckers....

  57. Valerie Pickett

    Ayfoe Jesse Rothstein ?

  58. Antonio Sibilia


  59. Kion Graham

    Municipal Waste is definitely my most favourite band of all time! 2nd favourite is Cannibal Corpse. I thought this was an amazing song with an equally amazing and funny video XD!!

  60. Quentin Good

    Endorsed by US Government

  61. Ash Chaya

    So glad SOME PEOPLE are still around who know what a thrash riff is!

  62. fly free

  63. Olivia Highsmith

    I think I know the librarian

  64. Damien Campos

    The guitar is so sexy

  65. Denilson Leite


  66. Edinson Ayui Cobos

    Best solo ever been xD

  67. Dietersen Petersen

    pretty fuckin good man

  68. Marcellus Lab


  69. CaraMelJoon

    0:45 what the fuckk XDD

  70. Strewth88

    Iron reagan lead singer and this one look the damn same lol

    cole Marie

    Strewth88 they are the same... this is an older video though

  71. Niklas Rosencrantz


  72. Ed H

    car accident 1984.... saw the whole thing it was terrible Edward Eagle Haggerty Jr 625 Overlook street Culpeper Virginia bring dem on.

  73. Ed H

    I breed those dogs ill stab you in the back son

  74. Ed H

    im from Virginia those are keeshounds in chernobyyl im a serial killer from beaaleton Virginia that's my dog pure human strength a disater

  75. A.E. Mannfal

    1:00 laughed my ass off xD

  76. Shloggy

    The original metal in inappropriate places

  77. Immortal Natives

    That looks like the "yes, my mom is wearing a bra" chick

  78. SuperWeaves

    I fucking love Municipal Waste

  79. Nik-man

    nico villano y su desperdicio municipal. igual ta buena la banda

  80. Juan Pablo


  81. Emil Sinclair

    Mucho quilombooo!

  82. zogien31

    So this is why my steak tasted metal this morning huh

  83. Xavier Ham

    What guitar is that,
    And where can I buy one

  84. Mic Sustianevo

    Some of best tounge n cheeck vid's. GREAT!!!!!

  85. Atle kross Iversen


  86. TegusTitan

    Why is the wolves of Chernobyl on Spotify not this version???

    White privileged male

    TegusTitan ya ikr wondering the same thing

    andres iturbide

    Yes, un spotify it is named relentless threat


    andres iturbide thank you— I was trying to look for the song and couldn’t figure out why it kept playing the wrong one

  87. Eolium Project

    They did metal in inappropiate places before Rob.

    Gestapo Pussyranch



    eat your heart out rob scallon

    Satan LordOfTheUnderWorld

    my thoughts exactly


    minuto 1:02 bananero eres tu :v

  89. Danny 8RG

    los manes mas frikis que he visto

  90. Ethan Windham

    I need that guitar

  91. Jeffrey Johnson

    These guys kick mother fucking ass!

  92. Murky 12

    0:46 Típico, vas al supermercado y ves que Municipal Waste esta comprando leche.

  93. Fernando Gonzalez

    isnt the singer the same dude from iron reagen


    Fernando Gonzalez yah

  94. necroraiders spectrum

    Muchooo quilombo

  95. Roman Hunt

    putting the fun back in music

  96. Benny Annihilation

    Not wolves from the album

  97. Jesse Rothbeind

    Hilarious!! I fkn dig these guys!!

  98. This space for rent

    Friend: Is this Punk or Thrash Metal?
    Me: Yes.
    Friend: Well, which is it?
    Me: Do you like the sound?
    Friend: Yes.
    Me: Then who the fuck cares, stop talking and turn it the hell up.