Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast Lyrics

Years away from what was home
We've been traveling all alone
A space voyage to explore the unseen
We haven't found a single goddamn thing

Decades passing, rations low
The crew's tensions are about to blow
Let's take our leader and turn him into meat
And introduce him to our fatal feast

Our fatal feast

Our minds escaped all rationality
And all it wants to do is just feed
It's not murder if we all played a part
He had it coming from the very start

Let's kill the captain and stuff our face
He led us all to starve here. Fatal feast

This mission now has failed
No hope left
You're going to be our meal
One last breath
The skin begins to peel
Meet your death
A nightmare becoming real

Advanced knowledge, a primitive end
Cannibalistic results here in
Our space program never would have thought
That something this disgusting has gone on

This mission now has failed
No hope left
You're going to be our meal
One last breath
The skin begins to peel
Meet your death
A nightmare becoming real

Years away from what was home
We've been traveling all alone
A space voyage to explore the unseen
We haven't found a single goddamn thing

Decades passing, rations low
The crew's tensions are about to blow
Let's take our leader and turn him into meat
And introduce him to our fatal feast

Introduce him to our fatal feast

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Municipal Waste The Fatal Feast Comments
  1. Jack the Riffer

    this is a Waste of time...

  2. Pavel Doychinov


  3. PsiClone 414

    Bobcat Goldthwait finally joining the Thrash Metal crowd.  ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME

  4. Maria Isabel Hammer

    Hp municipal wasteeeeeee me encantaaaaa

  5. Carlos Guzmán

    OMG, they have energy!!!!
    Great, I liked!!!!

  6. libbs schmidt

    Great video!

  7. Lionel Roesler

    That's the video found on the Event Horizon (?)

  8. Topic Infinite

    Lol. Idk what I just watched but yes.

  9. Vlad Vampirelord

    Kind of like ALIEN with beer...

  10. Edward Hernandez

    Question; do MW tickets come with a free trash bag body suit? You know I prefer being disposed of in a proper manner and oh yeah he's dead Jim

  11. Jose Bonilla

    Thy feast of fatality

  12. Otubrokse 96

    Que chimba de vídeo, Severo tema 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  13. Marco Vidal

    Que hace el bananero tocando trash

  14. Blake L

    2:29 that riff omg that RIFF!!!

  15. Purple Henley

    this video is soooooooooooooooooo good...i love this band .

  16. Carlos Burgos

    suck my boner as we listen to this song, chicks.

  17. Maarú Frëak

    aguante municipal vieja

  18. Sin Vikernes

    2017 and still rules

  19. Alvir Latt

    Sounds a lot like anthrax not gonna lie

  20. Jose Juan Rivera Reyes

    That bass tone is venomous here.

  21. Anthony Valerio the crazy Latin American


  22. Jose Juan Rivera Reyes

    1:01 Ese bajo me hace venirme xD

  23. DandereGod

    I just now noticed the space station is made out of beer.

  24. Marek Saltberg


  25. Mike Lariviere

    I wanted to like them, but I can't get into it. I hate being so picky with music..

  26. Samuele Venezia

    headbannnnnnnnnng \m/

  27. mundo da geise Rocha

    Dunkel!municipal waste.seher gut!!!

  28. TheSavageRebellion1996

    Now is this not thrash metal, or what? :D \m/

    Gino Caro

    is crossover


    Crossover \m/

    Marek Saltberg

    comedy crossover :D

  29. davadead

    fucking great M.W. \m/


    Haha sick video yo!!!! MW!!!

  31. Jeff S.

    I'll be 40 in August. Grew up on D.R.I. I love these guys!!

  32. Gabriel Pena

    great band, haven't had a chance to see them live.


    Make sure to take the opportunity when you can. They kicked ass.

  33. daniel rodriguez

    this thrashipsters sucks


    Your grasp on English sucks more.

  34. HornY WartHogS

    ahaha fucking awesome. never seen such gorish-deviated-metal-shit. good work mw

    Kurt in Chains

    Watch some brutal slamming death metal videos

  35. Omar Sanchez

    The spaceship is made of beer.!!!

  36. McClintock

    kinda reminds me of Nuclear Assault

    The Crapehanger

    That's because it''s John Connelly

  37. syntaku sama

    Lol it's fat Spoony

  38. MoveitorLoseit2

    Reminds me of old D.R.I

    Brian Siefke

    +MoveitorLoseit2 I thought the EXACT same thing 2 seconds before seeing your comment.
    Definitely DRI influence going on here. Good.

  39. Domenick Stewart

    I can just imagine that at the moment the guy who finds the skeleton you'd hear "and it was at this moment, he realized, he fucked up." XP

  40. Sophia Taylor


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  41. GodlySkunk

    Saw a punk show at a bar last night, it was cool and I was jammin... But now hearing these guys.. Fuuuck this is my kinda shit! If it's gonna be punk, might as well be some heavy fuckin thrash!!!! YESSS

  42. Uncool Charles

    this video could have been awesome.. if only they hired a good director

  43. Patrick Bateman

    How can you not love this?

  44. Juan Vega

    This is a full shit!

  45. rocko ruiz

    Se paredes mucho al juego doom la puerta al infierno jajaja yea lml.

  46. DOOMED !

    MW always have the best videos. Dig that Crossover.

  47. Christian Kvam

    this could be a b-movie horror film with a metal soundtrack....

    Rigor Mortis666

    That would be awesome lol


    Isn’t it a parody of event horizon?

  48. Alan R

    My friend Pat loved this band.Best time I seen em was in n.y at a warehouse that I think college students were in peace Pat Hilbert one of my best friends.

  49. Grey Area

    Dead space but with a Waste twist!

  50. Tony n.n

    I use to not like this but it's grown on now it fucking kicks ass :D 


    Kick ass!!!

  52. Diego Palominos

    The part where they eat that guy's guts is awesome

  53. T Garcia

    Why do people keep comparing this to "deathcore" lmao

  54. Just Warren

    Love this song

  55. Louis Eitel

    Now I'm hungry. :(
    Amazing song! \m/

  56. DarkDeception

    ive seen the set in the background in a porno, just sayin.

  57. Gerardo Robles Rosado

    they sound like a Vio-lence, but this one is crap

    Gerardo Robles Rosado

    Now if u have an opinion of crap like this u r a hater hhhahahhahha loosers

    David Johnston

    it's negative on a page full of positive things to say about the music. Sadly you are the loser here.

    Gerardo Robles Rosado

    Because i don't like something? hah!!! another fan looser :p 

    Juan Correa

    +Jerry Robles that's why your comment has no likes

    Gerardo Robles Rosado

    @Juan Correa and? lol so i have to live my life for likes? ahahahahahaahha Big Lwho cares about likes hahahahaha

  58. GDM _

    They sound a lot like DRI but they need a fuller guitar sound. It just sounds kinda weak.

  59. Levente Deli

    still better love story then Twilight  xd

  60. Jozef

    freaking awesome

  61. Jozef

    this is sick! TRAAASJ

  62. sasquatch inator

    how does no one notice that the spaceship is made out of beer cans? 


    One of the worst bands I´ve ever listened

    Aldo Balderas

    One of the worst comentaries i ve ever seen


    You must accept the truth, they had a show in Mexico and they had to cancel because the entrance poor sales

    Dr. Jones

    Who cares about Mexico ?

  64. Spilliam Wooner

    riff at 2:30 kind of sounds like Ride the Lightning.  I like :)

  65. Eric West

    sorry but the singer does not need to be eating anymore. lol

    Macaroni and Guts


    carlitos higueras

    no hace falta ser físico culturista para cantar Thrash metal!


    @carlitos higueras jajaja tu sabes

    Just Warren

    I agree

    Duke Nukem

    Its not fat.. it's Thrash

  66. xXTheLastFa11enAnge1

    Thrash metal, gore, space station and beer... What else do you need?

    Hoi Ioh

    @xXTheLastFa11enAnge1 porn!


    just a good nights rest before.

    Dark Souls Fanatic

    A crazy bassist :D

  67. Gage Killion

    I always see the drummer from thy art is murder wearing MW shirts so I was expecting blast beats and guttural vocals, you know deathcore... Nope. Lol


    @Victor Chavarria Deathcore isn't technical at all??????

    Sorry but All Shall Perish, Rings of Saturn, After the Burial, Veil of Maya, and Born of Osiris want a word with you.

    Vicyanide Chavarría

    Hear beyond creation, obscura and many more, you'll see, either way as I said, everyone has their opinion man.

    Bodvar V Covers

    @Victor Chavarria WTF man, grindcore + death metal = deathcore... LOLOLOL... Metalcore + death metal = deathcore, try to mix gutalax and entombed to see if it becomes deathcore kkkkkk Deathgrind is bands like Cattle Decapitation (awesome band in my opinion), Putrefy, Dawn of Demise, Aborted, Mumakil... 

    Gojira Salad

    deathcore is more technical than most metal genres nowadays.Burning the masses,beneath the massacre,hiroshima will burn,HCTK,the list does on.

    Bryan Go


  68. Brady Engelhorn

    What the fuck was that



  69. Vivian James

    John Connelly!

  70. Adrian Garcia

    Haha eat me in the beginning xD

  71. Fred N.

    Is there a subliminal message in this video? I watched the 3 first seconds, then ran grab a beer in the fridge, sat back and watched. Nothing wrong about that?

  72. Ilario Bello

    singer reminds me of the metal version of Sam Kinison.  

  73. Demetrio Perez

    son unos animales y puercos esta banda 

    Po Tato

    y eso seria porque motivo?

  74. Demetrio Perez

    Es una porquería de banda

    Aldo Balderas

    Poser ignorante

  75. ré dirrote

    eu quero é saber quem é br nessa porra.....!!

  76. luks hermetica

    municipal waste en mayo Argentina va a tener aguante!!

  77. Cesar Bedoya

    Excelente Banda!!!!!!!

  78. magodelaoscuridad

    outstanding video editing!

  79. GOSSELIN Gilles

    Fucking greatttt!

  80. Wrathofkala

    DRI meets Nuclear Assualt??? 

  81. Pick Axe Preacher

    Video was tits! \m/

  82. vladock garcia

    This shit fucking sucks!

    Aldo Balderas

    You sucks dude

  83. Steven Michael Sykes

    Holy shitnipples Sam Kennison lives!

  84. StarFux, formally known as Lime Ball

    At some parts in this song they are obviously paying homage to Nuclear Assault.

  85. Simon Wanger

    fuckin awesome!

  86. TWagz97

    yes because you can hot wire a space station XD

  87. Music lover

    Fantastic album for me. Add 2 my favs thanx.

  88. Ben

    I'm sorry, but this video sucks. I was sort of intrigued at first, but I'm not following the concept. I don't think there is one. To me, this sounds like a metal version of Turbonegro, and I can't seem to enjoy it one bit after having seen the video. Just a bunch of silliness really.

  89. Melissa Rodríguez

    Love it

  90. m169marroquin

    One of the only legitimate Thrash bands of this time.


    Eruption(slo) and Panikk are awesome too

    Marek Saltberg

    Artillery still recording good shit

    Duke Nukem

    There's tones of them... your not looking hard enough

    Mehmet Emre

    RIP man

    Jose Bonilla

    What? Wtf you saying estupeed?

  91. Jack Lee

    Love this band... even better that nuclear assaults singer is on this! \m/

  92. Leandro Bortolassi

    saying "Trash" you look stupid.(THRASH)

  93. Thrashmetalkicksass

    Why did you guys get Nuclear blast? It doesn't fit with your spirit, It is a mainstream label. They turn bands into cash-machines. Please, do never change your style!!!

  94. WyattHutton

    since when was it about fucking skating... It should be about the music.

  95. Mauro Herr

    me gusta la bola

  96. thatkidcori

    Oh, forgot you can't like skating, drinking, and still have a grasp on the grammar of the English language. Typos and errors are fine, but when you write like a first grader, no one is going to take you seriously.