Municipal Waste - Relentless Threat Lyrics

Things may look good for now
And you feel that things have tuned around
Did you think about the things they said?
Will you follow them until you're dead?

We may have called off our attack for now
But not foolish enough to let our guard down
Some things we never will forget
And that's why we'll always be a threat

We'll strike, we'll slay
Push them to the flames
This threat is not going away

Armageddon's calling because you sold your soul
And we'll be waiting patiently to take back what you stole
With preparations we watch each step
Retaliation! We'll never quit
Through persistence we'll resist
Until they're all marked off from the list

You fear it's presence
It never rests
Nothing can stop
The relentless threat

And we're prepared to get killed
Smash apart the thing you built
Bring them down with force
We're the soldiers in this war

Defend? You can try the best you can
But this threat is too far out of hand

We'll strike, we'll slay
Push them to the flames
Things may look better now
But this threat is not going away

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Municipal Waste Relentless Threat Comments
  1. Jimmy Gray


  2. m0x hxc

    1:25- 2:34 is so fucking amazing

  3. JerryKing213

    Sounds like Megadeth at 1:25 \m/

    Jimmy Kerast

    weird idea.
    Even better at normal speed.

  4. OscarWithC

    its Pure Thrash but still with a twist in it, love it!!! \\m//