Municipal Waste - Open Your Mind Lyrics

Guess it's hard to comprehend thing with your tiny brain
I guess it will take longer for me to try to explain
I figured that my actions would probably explain myself
I should have spoken slower when I said rot in hell
So I'll explain the following as detailed as I can
My patience has been wearing thin so try to understand

I guess you thought I wanted peace
Well I didn't mean to mislead
My point just did not come across
Somehow the whole meaning was lost
What I meant to say just might hurt
But my intensions are far worse
The confusion of my strange advice
Can be solved in just one simple slice
Mistook me trying to enlighten
But now you're just trembling and frightened
I guess you just can't comprehend
So I'll just say it once again!

Open your mind
It's about time
Let's see your head split and throbbing with slime

Open your mind
Open your nose
Suck on a chainsaw till your head explodes

Open your mind
Bash through your crown
Never give up until blood's swirling around

Open your mind
Now is the time I told you I want you to open your mind!

Huge pipe of lead
Pushed right through your head
Use a knife or snowplow
Shove it in. Rip it out.
Feel it break through your scalp
Shove it in. Rip it out!

I guess you thought I wanted peace
Well I didn't mean to mislead
My point just did not come across
Somehow the whole meaning was lost
What I meant to say just might hurt
But my intensions are far worse
The confusion of my strange advice
Can be solved in just one simple slice
Mistook me trying to enlighten
But now you're just trembling and frightened
I guess I'll say it one more time
I told you I want you to open your mind

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Municipal Waste Open Your Mind Comments
  1. Kuba lysák

    That Riff, just WOW

  2. Strooper jak

    Do Municipal Waste have a crap song? NO!

  3. fr0zeN

    vitu hyvä

  4. Τσέην Το

    1:13 best thrash riff ever!

    junior yauricasa

    Τσέην Το el mejor sin duda alguna

  5. JerryKing213

    Dayum that's a lot of lyrics for a song that's less than 2 minutes long.

  6. Skullsplitter

    True but look at Tupac. Don't get me wrong I think he is a great rapper but he has songs like Only God Can Judge Me. I know that song is not religious but he was very religious. In one of his songs (I can't remember) he attacks atheism. But to be fair to rap, their is this one song by Crooklyn Dodgers where one of the lines is "but they ain't no god."

  7. Skullsplitter

    At least my name isn't the name of a overrated Metallica song. Don't get me wrong, I love that album, just that song is overrated. Its not that its bad, it just sucks.

  8. Skullsplitter

    Dude I can like whatever you wan't. Grow up.

  9. Jorge Andrade

    @rapandmetalpwnall metal or rap you decide but both ... killyourself

  10. Skullsplitter

    To me I like real rap lyrics but have some problems with it. For one, when it comes to politics, rappers mostly rap about how racial profiling is wrong. Don't get me wrong it is but that is all rap talks about were as in metal they talk about that, abortion, gun control, capitalism and how wrong it is etc. I also think that rappers are way to religious. Don't get me wrong I believe that people should have the right to believe in anything they wan't but have you seen a atheist rapper?

  11. Skullsplitter

    White Lies (grandmaster flash), keep your head up (2Pac), and every song with Lupe Fiasco (I have never listend to a song by him but I know from people who do that he is against capitalism).

  12. Jay Rosas

    You never listened to any Crossover Thrash then?

  13. Danilo Pazinato

    I just can't understand that vocal...
    Never seen that kind of vocal in metal songs before.

  14. Tony Thrash


  15. Skullsplitter

    I dedicate this song to you.

  16. KeybladeKorney

    I rather listen to German Rap, but okay

  17. Lkeyem ar

    You have more likes than the closed-minded ;) that´s good

  18. Harvester Of Eyes

    not exactly. you forgot deez. Dr. Dre The chronic, Eazy E - Eazy Duz it, Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill (has a Kerry King solo in it), Cypress Hill - Black Sunday, Brand Nubian - In God We Trust... I could go on and on but just wanna say that Old schools the best!!!

  19. dieciseis

    hey, and all the thrash metal too :P

  20. peppercakeman

    fuck rap! punk and hardcore only

  21. Ryan Drummerguy

    municipal waste is just about the best at thrash. if it was me judging. my big 4 would me anthrax, slayer, municipal waste and exodus. not necessarily in that order

  22. ¿Cuánto?

    I guess it's hard to comprehend

  23. Spencer Vik

    Again, there's a difference between "hearing" and listening intently. My point is I don't think you've actually LISTENED to hip-hop enough to have an opinion on it.

  24. TheAmrator

    Well if my bro listens to rap then I pretty much had to hear it.

  25. Spencer Vik

    Your brother listening to them and you listening to them are two very different things.
    And your #2 didn't really answer my question, but it was rhetorical anyway, so it's all good.

  26. TheAmrator

    1. I grew up with a brother who listens to all those rappers you listed including Immortal Technique.

    2. Because I'm tired of hearing about rap all the time. Every time I go to school, I always hear rap and dubstep.

  27. Spencer Vik

    A little, I suppose. But there's still a couple more things I'd like to point out/ask:

    1) How many hip-hop albums have you heard?
    2) Why did you initially post your comment in a tone that seemed to imply you were right and I was wrong, only to completely negate that sentiment a mere comment later?

  28. TheAmrator

    Alright then, rap sucks IN MY OPINION. Better?

  29. Spencer Vik

    Oh, it does? I was under the impression that it's a genre with a really cool and expressive aesthetic that happens to have both good and bad examples, just like every other genre, but I guess since you told me it sucks, it sucks. I was wrong. I'm sorry.

  30. TheAmrator

    Rap sucks bro. I'm sorry.

  31. Spencer Vik

    Lol, you're not listening deep enough, man. Sorry if I sound like a loopy, faded burnout or something, but it's true. There's things in those beats that take experience to hear, man. They tell just as many stories as the lyrics in front of them. Flylo beats may be entertaining as fuck, but they don't tell stories. (Not saying one is better than the other, just comparing.) And btw, "over exaggerating" is redundant.

  32. drumandfuckingbass

    @ANTIanitmetalclub haha you are so over exaggerating it. i know mulitple people that could imitate a beat like the ones in lllmatic in less then an hour. in fact ive seen beat makers like araabmuzik and flying lotus live who can generate a beat live similar to lllmatic. and those guys make it up on the spot creating the sound as they go... if you think those beats are full of life you need to listen to some other EDM because there is so much better out there!

  33. Spencer Vik

    I never said the beat was "complicated" because I enjoyed it. And I'm not arguing that hip-hop beats are always "complicated," I'm just saying that they have the capability to be just as alive and ever-changing as the emcee who's rapping on top of it. That is an indisputable fact, not an opinion.

    "nothing an average producer couldn't make"? Seriously? I'd REALLY like to see an "average producer" make a beat HALF as full of life as one off Illmatic.

  34. drumandfuckingbass

    @ANTIanitmetalclub god you make a ton of fucking assumptions... just because you enjoy the beat doesnt make it complicated... and yea their are subtle changes but nothing difficult to make, nothing complicated, nothing an average producer couldnt make. all im saying is in comparison to other music its not difficult at all.... you enjoy the sounds he makes, i say they are to simple, my personal opinion

  35. Spencer Vik

    And no, Illmatic isn't any more repetitive than any other album in popular music. There's simply a verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure, which...I guess could SEEM repetitive to someone who normally listens to more spastic music. But actually, in terms of variation, Illmatic is easily at the top of the list in hip-hop; there's subtle changes in beats/atmospheres/sounds all the time.

  36. Spencer Vik

    Of course it's about the message, but not ONLY the message. If hip-hop was ONLY about the lyrical message, why would the other parts even exist? Listen to the beats on GZA's "Liquid Swords," Blackalicious's "Blazing Arrow," or Madvillain's "Madvillainy" (to name a very few), and say that hip-hop's only about the lyrical message. Fuck, there's some hip-hop albums whose lyrics were written off the mood first given by the beat!

  37. drumandfuckingbass

    @ANTIanitmetalclub bro? haha so your saying rap/hip hop isnt about the message? funny how i make a good point and you cant refute any of it. you saying lllmatic isnt repetitive?

  38. Spencer Vik

    Just keep talking, bro. Seriously, it's funny. Lol, whenever I'm depressed, I'm just gonna ask you about your views on hip-hop music. That'll cheer me right up :)

  39. drumandfuckingbass

    @ANTIanitmetalclub lmao lllmatic's music isnt difficult to make, its incredibly simple and repetitive, because it has to be... you cant rap over something constantly changing and have it sound good, usually. a great piece of music doesnt repeat over and over again, it changes. the power of rap is not within its music but within its lyrics and its message

  40. Spencer Vik

    If you think that Illmatic isn't a piece of well-made music, you're either deaf or just not listening.

  41. drumandfuckingbass

    @ANTIanitmetalclub lol well you certainly know a lot about me dont you? i dont hate all rap. i like immortal technique, and nas but not because i consider it well made music but i love listening to the lyrics and the message. musically speaking their are so many other genres that take more musical talent to make... rap favors a different set a skills then other genres

  42. Spencer Vik

    Oh yeah, and you're wrong, too, btw.

  43. Spencer Vik

    You sound like the only hip-hop/rap you've ever heard is the shit they play on the radio these days. Which I'm willing to bet is true. And if it is true, you can't really make a comment on the genre, because you haven't heard enough of it/the best of it. Come on, man, don't be such a douche. You can't denounce an entire genre of music.

  44. drumandfuckingbass

    @ANTIanitmetalclub rap sucks.... i can barely consider it music. such little musical talent goes into making it.

  45. lovemetalhatejuggalo

    @ANTIanitmetalclub dont apologize, that was a really stupid comment from someone who is obviously a total moron

  46. Spencer Vik

    I'm sorry for being so brash earlier, but seriously, dude? "Silly"? Come the fuck on.

  47. Spencer Vik

    Translation: I'm retarded.

  48. Spencer Vik

    Yeah, and how much have you heard? That's what I thought. Go fuck yourself.

  49. Spencer Vik

    No, I prefer bad rap. Yup, that's me, bad rap all day mo'fucka. I also like bad metal, bad indie, and bad post-rock, too.

  50. Gay Cumfart

    @ANTIanitmetalclub Atleast listen to good rap.

  51. Gay Cumfart

    @ANTIanitmetalclub Alright i think you have prooved your point Fred Durst.

  52. Stephan nfsjytjy

    @ANTIanitmetalclub sir............i salute you


    tgood2nice maybe the equivalent

  54. Spencer Vik

    lmao, because metalheads have to be all about the brains and the blood and the guts! ... right?

  55. Spencer Vik

    Yes, that's what the lyrics actually mean by "Open Your Mind," but when you're ONLY looking at the title, and not the lyrics, you can interpret it any way that makes sense, regardless of the lyrics. Hence, "Open Your Mind" being ironic in this situation.
    Jesus Christ, people are so fucking literal.

  56. DuskHermit


    After reading the lyrics, I don't think "Open your mind" was meant as a metaphor.

  57. Obamas EBTcard

    sounds like shit

  58. Dylan Todd

    @ANTIanitmetalclub THANK YOU!

  59. Dustin Allen

    i see them as "thrash Punk metal" kinda like DRI but even heavier

    Kevin R

    Dustin Allen very similar to D.R.I. almost a straight up rip-off, but just enough innovation to keep it fresh.
    Good material regardless.

  60. Randy Bobandy

    I hate close-minded people. This band has great riffs.

  61. trogdortheenchidna

    these guys put no work into their logo lol but not that bad of a band. not my type of music but i still like it ^_^

  62. h1r43th4l1v3

    @ANTIanitmetalclub I like metal a lot , but speaking of a good rap album, you should try 'pre-fix for death' from necro..

  63. Spencer Vik

    It doesn't matter. This particular song is called "Open Your Mind," which is ironic in this situation, whether you like it or not lol

  64. Olgrubbybastard

    @ANTIanitmetalclub Because when I want to hear about tolerance, understanding, and keeping an open mind I listen to thrash metal.

  65. Dave Eon

    @metalhed1100 actually, it's Evile, Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb and Mutant!

  66. Tuck Your T-shirt In

    Of course I do

  67. Spencer Vik

    Do you listen to anything besides Municipal Waste? lol

  68. Tuck Your T-shirt In

    Seriously?! Get fucked!!!
    I came here to listen to Municipal Waste! Not to get a list of some "amazing" rap albums!
    Sorry that I dont like to listen to fucking rap!!!

  69. Spencer Vik

    That's kind of ironic. An extremely closed-minded comment on a song called "Open Your Mind."

    Also, here's some amazing rap albums:
    Nas - Illmatic
    GZA - Liquid Swords
    Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
    Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
    Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
    Madvillain - Madvillainy

    Kevin R

    Spencer Vik and ONYX (every album) ... G.O.A.T.

  70. Tuck Your T-shirt In

    How the hell can anyone even listen to Rap?!?!

  71. markbray69

    SLAYER!!!!!! oh wait it's not :S

  72. Spencer Vik

    If you mean "whole" song, this is the whole song. lol
    Hardcore/crossover songs are typically pretty short. Especially the Waste's.

  73. Ray Brouwer

    Just found this band today... love em, they remind me of old anthrax, to me it sounds just like them.

  74. Mariano davare

    @DEFINEMETAL no son del mismo genero aweonao, es como comparar a maiden con violator, tonto ql!!!!!

  75. Ephrem Bowick

    Thrash gets really repetitive for me unless it's Municipal Waste.

  76. lisa greene

    Love how it sounds like 80s thrash!! <3 the 80s thrash style!! \m/ o.O \m/ Thrash 'till death!!!

  77. jesusvalles54

    @dreadss64 i only heard probably two of their songs, their pretty good from what ive heard, its just that municipal waste cant compare, theyre not even the same genre

  78. jesusvalles54

    @timothy316666 its the luck of the irish, thats why you prefer them lol

  79. Austin Costlow

    @DEFINEMETAL No man-_- just no...Municipal Waste is badass but really Children Of Bodom just is better,thats what i think. You prob herd there gay new shit and never gave there old stuff a chance.

  80. Georgio448

    @Irishkid1324 U got tht rite.

  81. Jesse Quirk

    Thrash will never die

  82. Sarah McGuire

    I like this band. A lot of you people need to learn how to spell.

  83. Joe Parkinn


  84. xDrummerJx

    Why the fuck is everyone arguing about CoB vs Municipal Waste? They're both my favourite metal bands! Ya, CoB is Melodic Death Metal, and Municipal Waste is Thrash Metal, but they're both still metal, underground, etc, and they're both the best bands of their separate genres!

  85. Justin Larrivée

    @DEFINEMETAL CoB destroy MW easily dudeeee just chek the number of fans for CoB ... personnally i prefer CoB because they are able to do more than just 2 minutes per song and Alexi Laiho do solos and the guitarist of MW dont

  86. Justin Larrivée

    @DEFINEMETAL CoB destroy MW easily dudeeee just chek the number of fans for CoB ... personnally i prefer CoB because they are able to do more than just 2 minutes per song

  87. Mikey Bustamante

    vocals sound really punkish

  88. aaronwanker1

    god damnn i want to get up and charge in circles, but im in the library and it wouldn't go well

  89. Nicolaj Jørgensen

    @DEFINEMETAL uhm.. COB = melo death. MW = Thrash.. dont think u can say they suck compared to MW..

  90. XDjDarKX

    this band is crazy as hell.. i like it

  91. Lucas Ulloa

    OMG this song is fuking awesome, with Sadistic Magician the best of this album :P

  92. ccmetalhead

    Fucking awesome lyrics.

  93. Smc316


  94. ded- x

    why the fucks everyone talking about make up, gays, and shitty bands, lets stay on topic here:
    MUNICIPAL WASTE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. TheEddyMetal

    Lol. Deicide kicks ass, Arch Enemy is okay.

  96. TheEddyMetal

    Oh really? I've never seen that happen.

    Lol. Yeah makeup/nail polish is mega-gay, but has no affect on the music.

  97. TheEddyMetal

    Are you kidding me? Children of Bodom is one of the best live bands out there.

  98. TheEddyMetal

    Subjective obviously.

  99. FivosRazor1

    go play guitar hero