MUNA - In My Way Lyrics

Red, red rover, why don't you come on over?
Why the hell has it been so long, oh?
Wait, never mind that
I know that that's my bad
For a while, I thought I should leave you alone

Cause I didn't like the way that you make me cry
But the way you make me come makes it all alright

I'm not afraid to say-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I love you in my way-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I'm not afraid to say-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I love you in my way-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay

You call me a weirdo
You're happy to be here, though
I keep beating on your body, baby
When we get to it
Ooh the way we do it
Got me feeling like it's all gonna be okay

When it unfurls
It's a sick, sad world
But I'm your girl
Even when I'm not your girl

I'm not afraid to say-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I love you in my way-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I'm not afraid to say-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I love you in my way-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay

Even if, if it doesn't all go my way
Even if, if it doesn't all go my way
Even if, if it doesn't all go my way
Even if, if it doesn't all go my way

I'm not afraid to say-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I love you in my way-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I'm not afraid to say-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay
I love you in my way-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay

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MUNA In My Way Comments
  1. Laura Kelly

    I am so soft for these gays

  2. Reinhard Kadmaer


  3. Mason Swine


  4. jeudi

    This video is adorable!! This band is the future.

  5. Andrew Rothman

    Jo is the sexiest guitarist since Prince.

  6. Vanessa Sanchez

    Asco tu musica [email protected]

  7. dakota of earth

    the spice girls

  8. dustinseth1

    I don’t know why this video communicates so much pathos. I just keep watching it.

  9. Pickle Rick


  10. Xcaret Ward de Sevastyan

    Este tipo de canciones me prenden el alma.

  11. ARI ♡

    Why am only discovering this now....holy shit I missed out HARRRRDDDDD!!! OMG the air guitar is my everyday moood 😭😭😭🧡🧡💛💛

  12. adn oh


  13. ia b

    Great song a 1975 vibe about it ....can hear Matt Heally belting this out .... like it Muna :-)

  14. Tashii Vendetta

    I love your music so much xxx

  15. wow nice

    two words: terf bangs

  16. Antônio Lucas

    this video give me so much joy

  17. 7 Luna

    This is my first time listening to them but I love themmm

  18. Uber

    Love 'em. Thank you to my friend 😂

  19. silesh sowman

    Favorite band! Please make s new song!

  20. judimitri

    this is sooo retro. i love it.

  21. nicole chupp

    oh ok muna, just gonna rock my world like that...ok... i see how it be

    asia baker

    nicole chupp

  22. Joit

    the a e s t h e t i c of this video

  23. malena


  24. unpochoclodemas


  25. Blastoff2moon

    Listen to it every day a 1000X times
    Love from #mumbai

  26. connollyjenniferj

    this was an instant favorite when i heard it live on the last tour. love it!

  27. Haley Crowe

    LEGENDS 🥀🥀🥀

  28. Haley Crowe

    I love you guys sooo much 😢😢😍😍

  29. Valerie Widmaier

    I looooove this song <3

  30. GapYearGrrrrl

    love this queer girl joy so much!!!

  31. trapmarybeth

    The best video of all time

  32. Aulia Rahman

    Why quality 480p? Munavevo?

  33. Jean Chloe Yambao

    i want to live in this video

  34. Alex E

    This style of music video suits them so well

  35. KirstenGlae Parker

    I'm 41 and so in love with this music!!! I used to sing and write songs, then life and kids happened. I don't regret it, but I do regret not pursuing music as well. You guys are amazing, and have really helped me through some hard times with just your music....💋💃🏼💃🏻💃🏾💃🏿

  36. VIØŁΛ

    You guys NEED to come to New Zealand

  37. Everardo Longoria

    Just was youtube recommended to this and I'm SO happy I was! :) I liked and subbed can't wait to see you girls go far like I know you will !!! Xoxox ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Arielle

    I love this!

  39. yerin's high jump

    who's here before 2K? c:

  40. Glowing Dimensions

    LOVE this!! :D

  41. Harriet Arach

    it's been more than a week and this song is still stuck in my head! ⛅️🐝🌻⭐️

  42. Jayden Williamson

    love you muna, been a loyal fan from your first album

  43. Ronja Kiviluoma

    Did you know that Muna means dick in finnish?

  44. Nix-on-the-run

    can't remember how many times I rewinded before I listened another song.#MUNA

  45. cherry coke


  46. Supee Peeraprasompong

    I fall in love with this song already ❤️❤️

  47. macey

    Hell yeahhhhh

  48. Jennifer Pineda

    This song sounds very 80s and i really love that and the camera recording is very vintage lol i love this video

  49. Flor Velazquez

    i looooove it ❤️🌷

  50. S. Jay

    They KILLED the HS concert last night 💗 so proud of them

  51. Edward Cotty

    I don't always watch music videos... but when I do, this one makes me smile :D

  52. catalina navarro

    Las amo ❤

  53. Nancy W

    I really love the video ☺️

  54. Veronica Castello-Vooght

    This is MUNA! Fun video, amazing lyrics, great song. I love you, girls <3

  55. Christian

    This makes me wish i had friends like this.

    I love Muna's music so much, but i also love how much they seem to love one another. It's so cute.

  56. Okeisha Brown

    Josette is so beautiful and I'm so gay

  57. Claire Affleck

    LOVE ly

  58. Alexi Barber

    In love ❤️🌻

  59. Hamad El_neil

    When i was on my way to bed then found out muna's nuts video. They got me happy and hype! :-)

  60. sam ter welle

    LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Hope they do a headline show soon in Amsterdam

  61. Gustavo Carvalho

    OMG, music perfect. I love it

  62. davienotimportant

    This song made me so happy i cried 💓🇵🇭

  63. Catherine Haslam


  64. stevenidol xx

    God i love this.

  65. CharlieCab

    Katie in that blonde wig! Britney Jean who?

  66. jeniffer navarro

    Can't wait to see my babes in 4 days perform at the Harry styles concert 💞

  67. Reagan Anna


  68. Adriana Wash


  69. rccherryexplosion27

    is this just a random single drop or is this already the start of the 2nd album???? bcos ummmm im still listening to the debut every day and not a single bit over that yet?!!! <3333

    Jonathan Cardwell

    Waiting on response from knowledgeable person x. One year on........


    I'm a fan from the start and I swear I always will be! that's the vibe I need in my life and soul! thanks you for everything so far MUNA. ❤

  71. Letha Ann

    I don't know how to properly express how much I love you. How much your music means to me but I hope you understand how important and how loved you are by your fans. Thank you, with my whole heart, for being yourselves an in turn being truly inspiring <3

  72. Abc Def


  73. Blueiivvy _

    Yes queens

  74. silesh sowman

    I love Muna! ❤️

  75. Rachel Woolmer

    Thankyou for your wonderful music <3 <3

  76. Jeff Wulf

    New CD?

  77. Anoud AlWabel

    I LOVE YOU,,,,,, awesome video and song

  78. lexia

    this was so cute!! can't wait to see you guys live with Harry, I'm so glad you guys are opening for him!

  79. imjojowheezy

    Why did jojo sound exactly like a mom lecturing u at the end

  80. Adriana Avila

    I absolutely love them! Hahaha! They're just so cool. Blonde long haired Katie looked amazing! Both of them freaking smashed their own air guitar solos. Amazing!!! Love you guys.

  81. Jacob Young

    I love you guys!!!

  82. JoulsDel

    Breakfust club ✌🏻✌🏻

  83. JoulsDel


  84. sara Rc

    this made my whole week and month too

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    ay yay yayay another frickin jam, I adore everything you do, weirdos

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    This made me laugh out loud😂

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    In love with every single song!

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    I'm ur girl

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    They're amazing I love them 💛 Can't wait for more new music! I'm already addicted to this new song (: