MUNA - Honey Lyrics

And even if I am not alone
I know I'll hold heart close
I know I'll hold heart close

In the shade, in the shade
In the sun, in the sun, oh-ooh
It's the same, it's the same
Honey, sweet honey

I couldn't care for you I said and I turned away
"You love that honeydew, do you?"
"I do," I dare say
That even with all eyes on our hands
I know I'll gladly stand
I know I'll gladly stand

In the shade, in the shade
In the sun, in the sun, oh-ooh
It's the same, it's the same
Honey, sweet honey

In the shade in the shade, ooh-ooh
In the sun in the sun, ooh-whoa
I'm amazed, you're made of honey
Sweet honey

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MUNA Honey Comments
  1. Ponen Longchar


  2. Dariusz Kaczmarczyk

    Amazing girls, great music. Heart touching

  3. Dane Gonzales

    "Now I know I'm not so special cos I'm all dressed up, and you think that I'm beautiful, but it's not enough." This hits me so hard because I stupidly fell for someone and it's obvious that the person doesn't like me the way I like them. I hate myself for feeling this way.

  4. Christian Flores

    2019? Anyone?

  5. Jonathan Gough

    Who here because of peruseproject

  6. Samuel Lloyd Bello

    My partner and I loves every bit of Muna's music. It has soul, so deep. We can relate :)

  7. meggs00

    All. The. Feels.

  8. Sam Harper

    We get it. You say "surproised" with a stupid accent. You're different. Well done.

  9. Matias Ciccone

    Esta melodía, aunque no tenga el ingles dominado a la perfeccion, me llega de manera muy intensa. 💓

  10. seffi rotti

    Damn i missed this

  11. Mason Swine

    I want to be in the back of that truck. Seems so freeing!

  12. Bogicica az isten jobb keze

    this song deserves so much better. it’s just beautiful.

  13. Rigoberto Velazquez S.

    De verdad que Feliz de Encontrarles MUNA llenan de nuevo mi vida de música hermosa como las suyas!! Son una joya!! Fans desde hoy y hasta siempre!❤️

  14. Hydrangeas

    I'm still crying with this masterpiece. It gives me a lot of feelings and emotions that I can't control. And not only "So Special", I'm talking about the whole album.

  15. Alainy Tovar

    Found you guys on Spotify and around u was so good had to find you guys and now I’m in love with all your music love the gloomy 80’s stylish love love all of it keep up ladies 💕

  16. Aaren Bathory

    I can't describe what I feel by listening to this song for the first time. It's been quite a while since I feel something so beautiful, THANK YOU MUNA.

  17. LifeViewers

    The lyrics and mood remind me so much of the good old punk days but the melody is soften and offers a completely different experience.

  18. Riaan Steenkamp

    She reminds me of Brian Molko

  19. UnofficialMVs

    please don't ever stop making music

  20. Joseph

    Música incrível e viciante!

  21. Mahak Punjabi

    Swift brought me here

  22. 다윤

    I love you

  23. 하율


  24. Lei Ja


  25. HeartShapedBox

    This song is so special

  26. 7 Luna

    I love these lyrics damn.

  27. dobobobo

    I love Kitsune!

  28. MoonlightBaby

    my name is muna lmao

  29. Rashmeet

    Taylor Swift brought me here!!

  30. asad ali

    I'm here coz It's in playlist of taylor swift ... it is really nice song ..

  31. Don camillion Tunsi

    really nice voce

  32. Don camillion Tunsi

    i love u

  33. Meaning Min

    Remind me Sia

  34. Jasmine M

    the guitar part is always stuck in my head


    This whole album is always in my head

  35. Wempula / Emppu

    I saw them live last night and they was so fucking good 🆘❤️❤️❤️

  36. trb4321

    This sounds like old Katy Perry

  37. Gabriel Jiménez

    I'm surprised! The 80's & 90's are back! Thanks Muna

  38. Mano And Ari

    "I think about the time. And I went down on you in the gallery" HEY-O! ;)

  39. Mano And Ari

    This song evokes nostalgic feelings and memories. Love the 80s vibe with a contemporary twist. Beautiful lyrics and video! 💜

  40. Everardo Longoria


  41. Everardo Longoria

    I am so happy I discovered you ladies!! Have been listening everyday nonstop since I discovered y'all in my recommended

  42. Charles Roy

    You ladies are seriously unrated. Every song made is fantastic!

  43. salp d

    oh wow the lyrics stab you

  44. That Singer Elias

    am i the only one that ships all the girls in a poly relationship? yeah? ok cool

  45. Voihoi17

    Iso muna

  46. M R

    I wanna buy a ticket to your tour! 😘

  47. Beela Shabeela

    Harry Styles brings me here. I love this song omg

  48. All the Love

    I am here bc of Harry Styles and...WOW THIS SONG IS SO FUCK*NG AMAZING

  49. Payton B

    I fucking love this song

  50. Jennifer C

    I Didn't know who they were til recently , it's cool they're around my age and such great music.

  51. Victor Fernandez

    hay que saber escucharla y apreciarla, es una hermosa obra de arte, preciosa cancion, hermosa letra, te hace volar

  52. Victor Fernandez

    beautuful for ever ever and ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Marchitan Eduard

    Fantastic band! Unique development for me!

  54. allthebright places

    when I listen to this I think of “13 reasons why“


    It's funny because my real name is Muna

  56. Caio Pardini

    You girls are amazing, what an amazing song

  57. DARIØ

    This is a girl group I never thought I need <3

  58. Alen N.

    Please come to Frankfurt, Germany!

  59. dansdraw

    Sounds like the perfect mix between Christine and the Queens + HAIM.


    Imagining a tour with Christine and the Queens and Muna and it's one of the most beautiful things i've ever imagined. Throw in Perfume Genius since he's friends with Héloïse and you have the Queer tour of my dreams.

  60. Roysterini

    As a 47 year old British bloke, I'm probably not the intended audience, but I really love this song. Along with I Know A Place.
    A breath of fresh air.


    dont let anyone ever tell you an upcoming artist isn't for you just because you're not the intended audience.

    I'm a gay 18 year old who likes to keep up with queer musicians and I was introduced to Muna by my 43 year old straight dad. So I really wouldn't stress about it.

    Sasha Woltjen

    Unrelated but your profile picture is scaring the shit out of me.


    ohhh god, this is F good!!!!!!!!!

  62. p. s.


  63. Dam- Dafa

    Amazing song,i just love 😘

  64. Gemma Stokes

    For anyone that didn't know- MUNA write and produce all their own music, in case you needed another reason to love them

  65. Stefarooh

    Please do a music or lyric video for Everything which for me is the best song on an excellent album

  66. ChantalxLunera

    Replay, replay😍💜🌙🎶

  67. ChantalxLunera

    Omggg! I love this song so much and winterbreak😍😍😍, I can't wait for them to raise but they are so beautiful that I don't want people to discover their beauty 😍🖤💜. Loved the video😍

  68. Kertzi

    this is the kind of music ive been waiting for!!!

  69. Fabio Costa

    OMG. This is so beautiful. Love from Brazil

  70. Alex Mercer

    Baecame my favourite Band just now

  71. Aadam Abdool

    I'm feeling some Shakira and some Sia .... but it's muna, and she's badass

    Dillon Cardiel

    its a band

  72. Anna Theodora

    this song pretty much sums up my whole life.💔 thank you MUNA

  73. ChrisVigilante

    Wonderful artist. I love all these songs.

  74. serg

    im obsessed

  75. Yang Sophie

    Sympa le son ♡

  76. M Guarnieri

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  77. Whinz

    so special

  78. Alexander Matthews

    This is good.........:)

  79. Jaffl3

    This is my favourite song on the album.. at the moment anyway.

  80. Marco Valenzuela

    Omg This is great!

  81. Jesús Martín

    The best album of the year so far. You girls are incredible talented. Your music is so emotional.

  82. URBANO Bar & Music Lounge

    this is really beautiful!!!

  83. going-no-where1432

    MUNA IS LIFE!!! they're the best!!

  84. Alain Bruno

    16 don't recognize good music!!

    chris friemiento

    I agree!


    it's a good song

  85. A Bhasker

    DAYUUM I am so obsessed with this band! Sending Love and good vibes from India 💓

  86. Makana Kahele


  87. issues

    this is why i love underrated singers..

    youmusthavebeen sober

    issues They're on Vevo. Hardly underrated.


    considering their artistic view point, their amazing image and beautiful music has only landed them with at most half a million views. I would say yes, they're painfully underrated. A vevo doesn't mean anything.

  88. Suraj Arvind

    2:58 gets me the most

  89. Aker T

    This is incredible, my favourite band, hands down.

  90. Fran Onwusah


  91. Nurul Azimah

    what would i ever do without muna honestly

    Muna Dira

    Thank you even tho I don't know u.

  92. putri putri


  93. James Hamilton

    The production on this album is really 80s.

  94. panic! at the twenty one cry babies

    love muna! im so happy i found muna!


    space stars.

  95. Shyanne


  96. Speedy Quick


    This is a great track