MUNA - Around U Lyrics

I would swear I'd never plan again
But I can see the irony
I'm humbled by the passing of time
I am brought down onto my knees
An Arizona half and half
A half a pack of cigarettes
A vacant lot, my tangled thoughts
Suburbia give me my God again

All senses say, nothing has changed
The soft lines from the streetlights fall the same on my face

But something massive happened here
I can feel it in the atmosphere
Something false that once was true
I no longer revolve around you
I no longer revolve around you

And the house still stands where it was built
I know 'cause I drove by tonight
A candle in the bedroom
Where I once performed a holy rite
And I did stop to hang my head
Just for a moment at the light
'Cause now the altar is a bed
And now you're just a friend that once was mine

Oh civilian, idling along
How can you understand that there's a whole world gone wrong?

But something massive happened here
Can you feel it in the atmosphere?
Something false that once was true
I no longer revolve around you
I no longer revolve around you

How can I try to be civilized
When inside there is a shift in paradigm
And everything we built, we built on our love
Everything spinning on one assumption
How can I try to say sorry
When my words don't carry the same gravity
And everything I say, I say it knowing
Full well you still don't want to believe

Something massive happened here
But you can feel it in the atmosphere
Something false that once was true
I no longer revolve around you

Something massive happened here
But you can feel it in the atmosphere
Something false that once was true
I no longer revolve around you
I no longer revolve around you

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MUNA Around U Comments
  1. Asifkhan Niazi

    MUNA Bhai is a super hit cheracter in Indian Movie Muna Bhai M.B.B.S ( means Brother MUNA) performed by legendary actor Sanjay Dutt as a gangster who fall in love with an innocent girl .

  2. Asifkhan Niazi

    MUNA is a very common Nick name for boys in India and Pakistan .Muni is for girls

  3. Asifkhan Niazi

    I m predicting this MUNA will be the super shinning star on music sky ..let's see how they aproched the listeners now aged in 40-50 who love the music of 80's --90's along with new young generation .God /Allah/Adios/Bhagwan what ever we called Him bless this band with His best of the Best .Ameen

  4. Celina Lok

    the dictions damn!

  5. person123

    listening to this on repeat till new music <3 please come to northern california for a tour!

  6. Blue Rain

    this is so good. i really want to know what the story behind this video is and this song strikes a chord in my soul each time i listen to it and has made me cry before

  7. Austin Bradley

    this music video reminds me of broad city, if the broad city girls were in a relationship instead of being friends and had a falling out.

  8. Gaara of the FUNk!

    The feels when I first heard this song. And then every time thereafter.
    I miss our sacred rite. I miss the smiles, the tenderness. His presence next to me.
    To live without him, is one of life’s greatest trials, because regardless of anything, he’ll forever have a piece of me.

  9. Aha َ

    I’m starving for new music

  10. Karen Liberty

    This girl sings a little bit like selena gomez when she waa younger, I love it ❤️ beautiful music

  11. #VF

    today Feb 3rd, 2019 has made 2 years of debut studio album

  12. Psychic Aniketh

    lucky i found this amazing song

  13. Baeby Bear

    I wanna get "Something massive happened here" tattooed on me so badly

  14. martin

    This song and Crying On The Bathroom Floor are my favorites. So emotionally potent

  15. A. F.

    Superb song writing.

  16. Kaz Kaffenberger

    Around this time last year, I had my heart terribly broken by a girl and other events. It was around that time too that I discovered this band and particularly this song and through those lines I was comforted by the fact that my pain (that made me feel separate from the world) could actually be verbalized and expressed and in that very pain I found my power. When you repeatedly hear the lines "I no longer revolve around you" it really starts to crystallize into reality.

  17. iBizzBee

    I just broke up with my first boyfriend after 2 years, and this song speaks to me in so many ways it has to be destiny that I found it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting words to my emotions and giving me an outlet to explain them. I love you guys so much and hope one day I’ll get to see you live!

  18. Jesus Mendez

    This song make me cry, it's so beautiful

  19. ia b

    An absolute joy to my ears ...... :-)

  20. mrkenray

    someone PLEASE post the chords to this song, I so want to do it at open mic

  21. Syafiqa Norhaidi

    i love muna so much

  22. Susan Hurll-Bastian

    Woah! What's with the ending? Very cryptic but great piece...

  23. Dhodrek

    Aside from the silly message, this is my jam. Catchy as hell.

    Stranger Resuello


  24. Aldo Oliveira

    It's hard to explain how connected I feel to the lyrics, how deep and meaningful each word is. It echoes in my mind throghout the day and I just hope I can make half of them true.

  25. 7 Luna

    I think all of the videos are connected?

  26. Charlie Mayne

    Sounds like Christine and the Queens

  27. Keq Oll

    your's music have soul make me cry

  28. [MM] Celeza

    Thnx to @Spotify for introduce me this amazing band thru my Discover Weekly playlist.

  29. Lukas S

    Hm melting here. What a song. Beautiful.

  30. Sue Robb

    Could the words be any smaller?!

  31. Gabriel Jiménez

    Something massive happened here! You can feel it in the atmosphere! Something false that once was true! I'm not longer revolve around you! I can feel it in the atmosphere! #Lovewins #SoSpecial #Muna

  32. Anoud AlWabel

    I AM !!!!!

  33. Veronica Proctor

    this is quite gay and also quite adorable, it has to be said. i love these videos <3

  34. Marissa Price

    this song is too good & too relatable. it feels as though it was written about the last 6 months of my life

  35. catalina navarro

    Me encanta 💘

  36. Austin Bradley

    There's some real pain behind this song and video😔 it's beautiful though.

  37. lily m

    I love this album so much. Thank you for sharing your art, this is a masterpiece x

  38. Richy S

    incredible! - so underated though

  39. Alden Bee

    Love ❤️ MUNA!!

  40. Chloe Brownlie

    Love this

  41. Wanderlust

    This is my favorite song of the album <3

  42. Veronica Castello-Vooght

    Damn it!!! I am so addicted to all of your songs, girls! I can`t stop listening to all of them. You are honestly AMAZING! Thanks for existing <3

  43. Corey Luce

    11,000 sub! yay

  44. Abdul-Azeez Abu

    I always get captivated listening to their music. So so pure and sincere

  45. Genevieve Michelle

    The bright side of the dark side,
    I love this!!

  46. Cookie Con

    This one gets me really emotional 😭 Just everything like the lyrics and the music that sounds so magical. I could hear the emotion in the guitar sort of like if it's telling a story. Oh & those are killer back up vocals 🙌👏

  47. Max Vasquez

    oh civilian, idling along... how can you understand that is a whole world gone wrong...


    Maximiliano vásquez muñoz 🙌🏾🙌🏾👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾👌🏾 this is one of my favorite part of this song

  48. p. s.

    this album is an absolute masterpiece

  49. adamdecoder1

    I love how the beginning just sounds like an unintelligible processed loop, but then at the end it makes sense and the song revolves back on itself :)

  50. montclips

    just found out about this band there really good they remind me a little bit like the 1975 vibe there songs :and i love them

  51. Dux

    This is a rare band: every single one of their songs screams of unwavering quality. Amazing.

  52. diamounosguardo

    music with sounds that strike me; including the voice, good and good sony

  53. rajesh joshi

    ur songs are good

  54. Nik250

    man I'm scared of you guys getting big but also so excited at the same time haha

  55. Andy. Andy

    She's got a great sound and whoever is writing the lyrics is genius. The anamorphic look on the music video is a touch of retro!

  56. Bob Kh

    one of the best songs ive heard in a while. hugely underrated though.

  57. ChantalxLunera

    Another masterpiece! I'm so addicted to this band.. I will always support you, just like when you started😍💖🔥!!!

    Ps: This video is amazing like all of them! Keep it up😍💖🖤💃🏻🙈😸✨🎉

  58. Muna Essa

    my name is muna ☺💕💕💕😂❤ its an Arabic name means the wish

    Mc Cars

    Muna Essa fox

    amir a

    That's why i thought they an arab band at first 😅

    lenia markou

    and in Greek means ''vagina''...

    Asifkhan Niazi

    MUNA Bhai is a super hit cheracter in Indian Movie Muna Bhai M.B.B.S ( means Brother MUNA) performed by legendary actor Sanjay Dutt as a gangster who fall in love with an innocent girl .

  59. wondurlast

    This is more than amazing , keep going guys

  60. Wahab Monster

    you girls are the best i love you

  61. Hamad El_neil

    Their music combined with their individual story telling (lyric video) will take you to another experiences; driving your imagination and fantasy so wild about how their next music would sound like infused with what their video would be like too, and most importantly considering what would happen with each individual and what each individual story would be like! Enjoy all of MUNA! :-)

  62. irisfromthestars

    Best Lyric Video Ever!!! Lyrics Barely Visible!!😂😂

  63. JadesOfficial .

    These lyrics!! 💕

  64. JadesOfficial .

    I don't know how I found this but I'm so happy I did. 💜

  65. Daria

    Why does she have so little subscribers, it's ridiculous

  66. Jayden Williamson

    I love you muma, you never fail me

  67. Daniel Murphy

    Absolutely adore this album.

  68. Kate Allinson

    Anything else think Katie sings in quite a strong English accent?

    Suraj Arvind

    She sings in the Irish accent actually. Cheers

  69. sarah956madge

    the whole album is awesome! these videos are such a great compliment to the music and lyrics

  70. Erick Herrera

    Go to my channel and see my music ♥

  71. Rentless Rentless

    OMG maybe my favorite so far

  72. Stefarooh

    Best album of 2017 so far

  73. Chris Bishop

    Like being wrapped in a cozy duvet of feels...

  74. Emmanuel Campero

    Such a nice song. I love this along with I know a place and Everything.

  75. Sims4TV

    Damn they just crankin it out

  76. Shawn Hayes

    Wow this song is awesome!!!


    I really love MUNA

  78. Daniel T

    This shouts next single.

  79. Vikki G

    That falsetto harmony is so, so beautiful.

  80. Laura Castro

    cant wait for the next one :,) they're all so beautiful

  81. Laura Kelly

    Masterpiece after masterpiece..

  82. Madison Bowles

    so good!!!! this when really got me feeling, remembering old days, people I used to know and stuff

  83. Carol Lupus

    Your music makes my heart ache and whole body move. I absolutely love those vids, fav band atm

  84. Sarah Crummy

    February brought the kind of songs that really wrap Around U <3

  85. Avid Panda

    This is so chill. what the f*ck. i love it

  86. four out of five strings human being

    You guys are so good arggh!!! keep it up guyss

  87. Ashley

    I'm in love with all of these videos, you guys are fucking amazing!!!

  88. David Gutiérrez


  89. issues


  90. Dirk van Baren


  91. Manon Cocagne

    Just a word : amazing
    I love that band so much.

  92. smileforhiba

    omg keep the music coming♡♡♡♡ so obsessed

  93. Carlo Luna

    YAAAASSS 💙💙💙