MUNA - After Lyrics

It comes on slow but
It leaves much faster
We need something to hold us
During and after

Is it all alright?
Is it all alright?
Is it all alright now?
Is it all alright?

After the beauty
After the sunrise
After the come down
After the big fight
I am asking

Is it all alright? (Even if it is not)
Is it all alright? (Even if it is not)
Is it all alright now? (Even if it is not)
Is it all alright? (Even if it is not)

It feels like a dream, what happened last night
In the morning I am waiting in a long, long line
I felt so connected, I felt so high
I am going to be lonely for a long, long time

And it's all alright (Even if it is not)
And it's all alright (Even if it is not)
And it's all alright now (Even if it is not)
And it's all alright (Even if it is not)

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MUNA After Comments
  1. rora rayane


  2. sofi luna

    real art, real music not just noise and senseless beats
    thank you !

  3. Roche Donovan-Campbell

    *eagerly awaits a live version of this song* I can imagine the vocals and guitars will be soooooo luuuuush

  4. bananajanna

    This cuts me deep into my soul. Favorite off the record.

  5. oliviadaly

    fuckk im in love

  6. 7 Luna

    Im obsessed omg

  7. catalina navarro

    Me encantaaaan ❤

  8. jerseyever

    Thanks Starbucks I owe ya one


    jerseyever LOL I heard it there yesterday morning too

  9. flipchick88

    This band needs more publicity... people are missing out on great music.

  10. Elle Figueroa S.

    Amo tanto su música

  11. Dipmala Kenneth


  12. ChantalxLunera

    More and more! You girls will kill me😍😍😍😍🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥

  13. Cylthean


  14. Gemma Stokes

    Do all the videos connect bc this is beautiful but I don't get it :((

  15. Sam

    suomi finland perkele

  16. sarah956madge

    I don't know where you came from( +Allyhills ) but I can't stay away from you album, such great lyrics and instruments

  17. CharlieCab

    The bridge is so good idk what it is about it, but it's my favorite on the album.

  18. iininouii

    is MUNA real, like really is this real,,,,, like we're on 2017 "when only shit becomes Big hits" !! 💘💘💘💘💘 ahhh all their songs are perfect!

  19. 09cokeefe

    love you guys!!

  20. Laura Castro

    this videos always got me shook :')

  21. José Manuel

    wig off

  22. Immy B

    *screams* are you guys going on tour already? I love all your stuff!!

  23. Giovana Rezende



    yeah finally, one of my favorite songs ❤

  25. Lucas George Wendt

    I'm in love!

  26. marina

    omg yas yas yas!

  27. juliana lourenço

    This band is so amazing 💓

  28. Hamad El_neil

    literally, i can't get enough of MUNA music! :-)

  29. whenturtlesfly

    the girls are killing it with all the mv releases.

  30. X Cruz

    Me encanta su estilo musical 😏👌🍃🌃🌌

  31. Alison Liew

    muna ur music just made my day!!

  32. amira Mousli

    i love you muna😍😍😍😘😘😘💜💓💓 you are so pretty

  33. Carlo Luna

    Muna!! I love you! soy el primero YAAASSS

    amira Mousli

    Carlo Luna yes wow her songs are very good😍😍

  34. Markkkkkk