Mulvey, Nick - Punta Cometa (Dancing For The Answers Alt Version) Lyrics


Every day
The one that comes along just the same
And we remain
Alive to the shimmer of the living rain
We remain


Oh my goodness me I'm glad I came
To the grave, to the grave
To meet my ancestors and learn their ways


What makes you vulnerable
Do you know where you fall?
Where you fall


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Mulvey, Nick Punta Cometa (Dancing For The Answers Alt Version) Comments
  1. Grahame Green

    Absolutely hypnotic dreamscape lulls one into the zone... Whereupon 7.32 smudges the tempo of the spell... Wonderful, but maybe could have been longer.

  2. P Western

    Ah man tht beat at 7.31... Gimme s'more of that shit!

  3. Gavin Walsh

    well done son!

  4. Hoda Haddad

    Ive never heard any pleasing complete melody n song like this ... god thank you 🙏🏼

  5. Quintin Lancaster

    Don't try to reach for the stars when you can find them by listening into yourself. Thank you Nick for inspiring me

  6. mat the wander son

    THE most underrated music machine ever

  7. pat dyson

    Wow wat a journey

  8. hüseyin aksoy

    limitüstü güzellikte.

  9. Mr Happy

    I'll probably make some mistakes with the lyrics but meh, worth the try.

    Everyday, the ones that come along just to say
    And we remain, alive to shimmer of the living grey
    We remain
    We remain
    While my muse waits patient
    Dancing for the answers in the rain
    She says, you'll do all the things to which you came
    There is no such thing as time
    Nothing is lost
    And no one needs saving
    Oh my goodness me I'm glad I came
    To meet my ancestors and be on their way
    Turning of the glory, turning off the glory from the shame
    We Remain
    What makes you vulnerable?
    Do you know where your whole?
    And where you fall
    You can have it all
    When you find greatness in a piece you do not claim
    You will find it all
    When you find greatness in a piece you

  10. Rheece van der Linde

    Nick Mulvey YOU FUCKING GENIUS ☇☇☇

  11. unforseen laboratories

    I thought it would be hard to top cucurucu but Jesus this is touching.

  12. Brendan McDonnell

    One of the most extraordinary ( relatively new) artists around. Overwhelmed by recent Albert  Hall performance and booked to see Nick in Dublin in Sept just yesterday. Just. Can't. Wait.

  13. unforseen laboratories

    Great song Nick

  14. r manali

    💓on repeat,dancing in a state on trance

  15. Mehraj Ahmed

    inspires a dream like cool

  16. Sylvie Texier

    top music

  17. Desmond Hume

    Parçayı kendi kendime keşfettim. Kendimi tebrik ediyorum.

    hüseyin aksoy

    aşırı duygusal değil mi tonlar? öldürücü güzellikte.

  18. yajapower

    Awesome! One of my instant favs

  19. Oriol Gil

    Drifts my mind away - from not the best times -.

  20. Bog 'Fl

    Tab ? Dat song

  21. Fabian Whitaker

    I'm not the only one hearing this as the same melody as Transform your Game am I??


    me too!

  22. charlie hobson

    Awesome, love new direction :-)

  23. Jenna Longster

    emotional x

  24. Conrad Blight


  25. radan v

    but one remix away from a dancefloor chillout tune of 2018... or am I just a hopeless fan? ;-) C'mon, get the sampler out!


    I kept hoping that synth bass would coming in a bit harder at some point haha

  26. Eloha

    Stunned! Fabulous!

  27. l'éveil du coeur retour au Divin

    Super !

  28. bazza thomson

    About time!! 👍👍

  29. Philanthrop

    Eyes closed, mind off.

  30. Laura Victoria López

    Es hermoso, gracias por hacer ésta música. Saludos desde Colombia.

  31. Milton Giaretta

    Muito bom!!! Qualidade musical impressionante!!!

  32. Another Wanderer

    ohhhh Please come to Into the Great Wide Open this year!!! :D

  33. Peter Armster

    superb tune!

  34. Georgina Melia

    Only took 30 seconds and I already love it 👏

  35. d80

    Κομματάρα λέμε!
    Perfect song!

  36. Kieran Dacey

    Love it :)

  37. twocountries

    Cool. Refreshing.
    Like a chill drink on a sunny beach. Dancing in the shore.

  38. Paulo Prata

    is very cool nick! greetings from a brazilian fan

  39. Samuel Galaxy

    YES!!! NEW ALBUM 2018