Mulvey, Nick - House Of Saint Give Me Lyrics

The making of a meme
So goes my Brothers dream
Two sides to the fall and always four sides to a lean
But I won't leave
I won't leave him in between
Working alone unsure
Because the making of a meme is no easy dream
Keeps him from asking for more
That eyes in your mad a key
One day we will be in the cemetery green
That our father works to clean
He's seen, the house of saint give me is a holy place
For working alive and for sure
Is the house of saint give me
That's a lonely place
Keeps him from wanting for more

Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm
One more watcher made aware
Of the watching in his stare
Leads us to an original cause
So come on, come on

Whoa whoa, mama me oh
Tell me how long till I go
To the cemetery green that my Father keeps to clean
He's seen, the plot that he must tend
Is that which has no end
The more you know the less you can be sure
But the house of Saint give me
That's my trail and my trace
Keeps me from wanting for more

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm
Yes the watcher made aware
Of the watching in his stare
Leads us to an original cause
So come on
Come on

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Mulvey, Nick House Of Saint Give Me Comments
  1. Susan Faw

    i keep thnking i know this guy then i go i dont know a goddamned of music except i love evryfucking this guy has ever done ive known this guy i bet

  2. Susan Faw

    this guy is goddamned beautiful and brilliant

  3. Susan Faw

    nick mulvey keep playing knowing make us feel beautiful i feel

  4. Xavier Blanc


  5. Nooksva

    did he just say meme

  6. Daniel downing

    speed up to 1.25 guys

  7. Modsforfun

    absolutely brilliant song

  8. Laurent Le Goff

    very nice

  9. Nathanael

    Someone know which guitar's brand is ?


    +MrBadDeal I think he once said he used Camps or Alhambra which are Spanish brands and their guitars are really good ;)

  10. Ydriss Bouguerra

    Très joli

  11. Jock Morrison

    2:00 Very clever Nick. Looking Directly at the camera when singing that line. Just nice little touch

    Susan Faw

    and you're a dck

  12. Sarge

    For the love of pete, who has the tabs for this great song?

  13. Zayne.x

    Man, beautiful song, and I love Nick, but that white speck that appears on his upper lip around 2:46 is highly distracting after watching this a few times.


    wow, now I can't unsee it

  14. Joel John Canonizado


  15. Joel John Canonizado

    I can't explain my emotions with this music and him.

  16. Sarge

    Cannot get over this guy.   Looks so effortless.  Its as if the music is flowing thru him, rather than from him.

  17. JD4ME2

    Goddam this man can hum.

  18. Patrick Haith

    Anyone know what tuning the guitars in??

    Jock Morrison

    Probably standard. Only "The World to Me" has an alternate tuning. I might be wrong, but i'm pretty it's in standard

    Tayler Ralph

    Venus and and his cover of drakes song are alternate tuning as well the high E is tuned down to D

    Jock Morrison

    @Tayler Ralph
     There we go. Thanks mate :)

    Tayler Ralph

    No probs bro

  19. Carlos Eduardo Cardoso

    Does anyone got the lyrics?

  20. Matthew Mulvey

    He's got a dope last name.

  21. Palle cookie

    Wonderfully brilliant

  22. Phillip Pisarczyk

    perfect voice

  23. Haku


  24. SixpackSessions

    Another great performance, never heard of him before Mahogany. Awesome.

  25. Ellen Evans

    I was obsessed with listening to Fever To The Form (the last video you uploaded sung and played by Mulvey) and I have concluded, I think that I just fell in love allllllll over again.. So fucking beautiful

  26. Zsolt Homonnai

    nice job, gripping melody

  27. Minor

    Your website is down.

  28. Lewis Gilliland

    My faith in humanity has been restored. Out of all 257 people that viewed this, not one of them had the idiocy to dislike it. This video IS the definition of perfect.

  29. Paul Desca