Mulvey, Nick - Fever To The Form Lyrics

So whether music or madness
We live by one of the two
By one of the two
So go on, fill your heart up with gladness
Not a moment too soon
Not a moment too soon

Should we ration the reasons
Choose a child to ignore
Of this I've never been sure
So I will follow the feeling
And sing fever to the form
All of my fever to the form

Cause the very thing you're afraid, afraid of
It keeps you clean but unclear
Clean but unclear
Is the dirt that you're made, you're made of
And that's nothing to fear
No, it's nothing, my dear

But how do I know what you're thinking
Maybe I thought it before
Maybe that's why I'm at your window
Heal me at your door
Singing give me some more

Oh fever to the form
Won't you hear me at your door
Singing give me some more
Cause you were never empty
And we've been here before
Yes, we've been here before
And that was always plenty
Yet still we ask for more
Singing fever to the form

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Mulvey, Nick Fever To The Form Comments
  1. ChillAFGaming

    Year after year, I come back to this haunting composition. Thank you Nick. This song is beautiful.

  2. Jenny Babe

    💙cause you were never empty

  3. Pepper Hume

    This is the current fav of great Scottish actor Robert Carlyle!


    I can't say that's not why i found this beautiful song :)

  4. Carlos Calvo

    Someway this reminds me of One Republic at its beginning. I do believe that this video, with some more production and some more complexity to what the author is trying to portray, could become so much popular and touch some many more people's hearts. It's a really great song with an accurate accompaniment. We should give it some much more promotion.

  5. jill A.

    I have been touched by the soul of Nick Mulvey.❤️

  6. Sprawka ART

    What a perfection of a song, touches the soul so deeply, so poetic!
    What do you guys think about the meaning of it?
    For me it's about creativity, inspiration, being lost and then found, about falling in love with the process and trusting your intuition, about letting go. It could also be about love for someone, but I think I prefer if it's more than just that.

  7. Manuel Eduardo Gonzalez

    This song is amazing. It gives me back memories , it takes me to places I no longer visit, It makes me meet people I dont hang out with any longer.

  8. Marcus Musique

    Been listening to Nick for 3 years and counting. Always a blessing for the soul. He has awakened !!

  9. Lsd Lsd

    This makes me sad

  10. Rebel Corleone

    This will always be your best.

  11. Swen DoHa

    Thank you 917xfm Hamburg for this song.

  12. Elliot Bell

    Does anybody else here, hear the record slip? Please don't take it out Nick!!!!!

  13. Janet Millington

    Me n Helen thank you dearly Nick..bless your deep regards from North Wales

  14. Muranium

    this song is soo addictive

  15. Dean Todd


  16. aanna

    What does fever to the form mean?🤔

  17. Crystalline Kristine

    This is beautiful

  18. Mr Bit Music

    This track is just amazing - had it on repeat in my car for about an hour when I did a spotify random radio station

  19. teedruide

    this Music is a Dream. thanks for it.

  20. Maricela Castillo

    Beautiful song

  21. Bayu Damon

    Being charlie

  22. Fabrício Jeff

    Recomendo muito bom

  23. Fabrício Jeff

    Música do filme vida dupla

  24. imalive

    sounds similar to "time flies" by Porcupine Tree

  25. bridgemanism

    if you like easy music like this, check mine out: @t


  26. Jordan Barnes


  27. Raniel Ramos

    I fucking love this song , i meet in Glue soundtrak 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  28. Manuel Eduardo Gonzalez

    What a great song. Gave me some good vibes

  29. Furkan Akan

    İ dont understand what he said but i like this song ☺

  30. cameron emery


  31. Mark Mathews Music

    One of my all time favourite songs and artists. I never ever tire of this or Nick. ♥️👌✌️

  32. Deborah do Crim

    My oldest son introduced me to Nick and I just love him💕

  33. Eveline Tomaz

    One of my fav song of all times💜

  34. Marco Balestro

    il volo del mattino

  35. kerity campos

    Essa música me conforta de um jeito inexplicável!


    Should have more views in my humble opinion.

  37. Rebel Corleone

    I will never not love this song.

  38. Zachary Pugh

    Forza horizon 2 brought me to nitrous which brought me to Nick Mulvey s top tracks and he is now one of my favorite artists.

  39. Tim Brooks

    First heard Nick at boardmasters as a side act, in my opinion this man should’ve been the main bloody act he was fantastic!

  40. Alexander Brown

    Just saw him live tonight in Oxford. Magical

  41. Alexa Schuck

    what does fever to the form mean?

  42. Alex Cook

    Only discovered this song by chance, after picking up a copyright claim for it being played in the background of this video.

    Great song Nick ;-)

  43. Simon Edgbaston

    Good on the records, but sadly distorted at the Moseley folk festival 😃

  44. Prisca Hermene

    Ahhhhhh i love this song!

  45. Trini Fernandez

    So many feelings at the same time, amazing

  46. john thomson

    fever to the form , jc

  47. tabris95

    "I can wait..."

  48. Dmitriy Sukhaninskiy

    2018 ! A great song !!!

  49. jennifer ashley

    I need this live right now☺

  50. Switch Dolphin

    Talent.going to see him in cork in September

  51. Crippleback

    This songs makes me just... happy.

  52. Alisson Santiago

    Aqui tem BR?

  53. Sheila Donovan

    The music sounds like the ocean....

  54. Louise Griffiths

    If you like this .. I recommend you go listen to Ben Howard too!

  55. john thomson

    it's all their , jc

  56. Clive Williams

    Trump racism intolerance hatred😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢then there is this song xxxxxxxx!

  57. Sheila Donovan

    This song sounds like the ocean.

  58. Varun Singh

    Being Charlie was such an amazing movie. Definitely underrated.
    Nick Robinson did a excellent job with his role.
    Quite an emotional ride of a struggling teenager.
    And this song basically summed up all the emotions at the end of the movie.

  59. dancelover xxx

    awesome, I enjoy it every day, made and still makes my days, thank you, Nick

  60. Marcus Graam

    I am looking to find the type of guitar Nick uses, someone knows ?? Thanks !!

  61. L Tshuma

    Is this song speaks to my soul.

  62. Tom Banks

    Being Charlie brought me here

  63. Jake Fearon

    At the park with my friends my friends my friends my friend, we love this song a lot

  64. Betty Thomas

    This is so underrated😍

  65. diego bass

    Thank you Spotify ..... Indie folk playlist suggested..

  66. Fan Games

    I love your songs also this one and cucucru

  67. GODEX

    Eu amo Indie <3

  68. Brunkvic

    This song is a masterpiece, simple yet of the highest quality, like a fine steak or an old car

  69. Tomasz Trzcina


  70. Kingy Kingkongdon

    Real music this man is talented to say the least you get singers like minaj Beyoncé who make it big time and they cannot sing for shit then you get nick pure in what he does and ain’t well known I suppose not being in mainstream is a good thing everyone stay safe keep listening to good music like this big love from England

  71. Camila aguilar dias de medeiros

    For me, between music and madness, the author chooses the music, the art, the form. And to achiev the art in its full potency, it is necessary to burn in fever and sweat a lot.
    The art talks to him: “give me some more”, “you were never empty”!
    And he keeps creating and burning in fever till he reaches the perfect and clear form.
    And he got it! :)
    The song is perfect!!

  72. Camila aguilar dias de medeiros

    Eu entendo que entre a música e a loucura, o autor escolhe a música, a arte, a forma. E para alcançar a sua arte em toda a sua potência, é preciso arder em febre e derramar muito suor. A arte conversa com ele: “me dê mais”, “você nunca esteve vazio”! E ele segue criando, ardendo em febre até atingir a forma clara e perfeita!
    E ele conseguiu!! :)
    A música é perfeita!!!

  73. Sanad Twigiri

    We love you NICK!!!!!

  74. 90shackerlesbian

    im ready for next year and nicks music will always be fab

  75. Bornonthecusp

    I heard this on Lovesick, brilliant show with brilliant music.

  76. Martin Pražák

    Our wedding song, thanks, Nick :-)

  77. Alexander Cao

    Nick, you're a poet

  78. Mulv

    lmao we have the same surname

  79. A.J .L

    <3 I love this song so much means so much to me thankyou for exspressing music In a way that I can’t

  80. canihazburgers

    Another exceptional British singer songwriter. Pure talent.

  81. Jezer1990

    I watched him up close a few weeks ago at Intothewild festival, pretty amazing! he'll be there again at the samhaiin festival in October..

  82. a n e


  83. Manuela Piastra

    Listening to this song while outside it's raining. I call it quite happy sadness

  84. Samuel Teixeira

    Nice song

  85. Intact Music

    This song needs to be about 1473639039474 minutes longer so I don't have to keep hitting replay!

  86. Al German

    Who could not love this?
    His voice is velvet
    Love it

  87. Gabriela Santana

    Cause you were never empty

  88. habila Yusuf

    heard this song from the movie Being Charlie

  89. Steezy Fishing

    This song is perfection incarnate

  90. Marcos Maia

    Alguém sabe do que se trata a música?
    Musica maravilhosa. há tempos eu curto. Mas até agora não tenho certeza se minha interpretação é correta. Se alguém soube me explicar, adoraria ver se bate com o que eu penso.

    Camila aguilar dias de medeiros

    Marcos Maia, eu entendo que entre a música e a loucura, o autor escolhe a música, a arte, a forma. E para alcançar a sua arte em toda a sua potência, é preciso arder em febre e derramar muito suor. A arte conversa com ele: “me dê mais”, “você nunca esteve vazio”! E ele segue criando, ardendo em febre até atingir a forma clara e perfeita!

    Camila aguilar dias de medeiros

    E ele conseguiu!! :)
    A música é perfeita!!

  91. Navil Martinez

    Keeps you clean but unclear

  92. Damien Rowatt

    another beautiful song

  93. Allen V

    ...there's something in BOTH my eyes.. *Grabs tissue* *SNIFFS*

  94. Christophe Joubert

    This is a greet song!!!!

  95. e c

    I'm here because of the Royals

  96. lola

    just saw Being Charlie and i fell in love with this song

  97. Hemi *

    Nice. Thanks to Seedarwood Ltd.

  98. Patrick Yeh

    Thank you Nick Mulvey, this was the song my first love and I listened on our first date night.