Mudvayne - Small Silhouette Lyrics

Can't seem to get away
No one knows
No one except for me
I can't stop looking over my shoulder
Stalking me, chasing me
Am I lost inside a dream

Life consumed with fear
Small silhouettes approaching
Chasing through this mystery

The deafening noise of silence
No ones there
Always just the two of me
I can't stand with my back towards the door
Halting me, following
Lost in my own memory

Life consumed with fear
Small silhouettes approaching
Chasing through this mystery
Shadow is drawing near
Am I being taught a lesson?
By my own lifes history

Feel us watching
Voices are speaking to me
Pictures following
And they sit there pointing

I can't see, I can't fight, I can't leave, it wont die
Its become part of me

I can't run, I can't hide, I can't run, it wont die
Its always been a part of my life

Guilt is digging deeper
Guilt is stretching deeper inside
Guilt is stabbing downward
Guilt inside is killing me

Life consumed with fear
Small silhouettes approaching
Chasing through this mystery
Shadow is drawing near
Am I being taught a lesson...

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Mudvayne Small Silhouette Comments
  1. Rick Kelly

    Why is this album next to impossible to find anymore.

  2. rebeldann !

    This is what five days up on meth is like

  3. Kalvin Calvert

    This song is a jam jem. Haven't heard in time
    . Good stop start rithymn and singing

  4. CarlitosWay277

    One of Mudvayne greatest tracks! Rare, from Masters of Horror

    Ashleigh Armstrong

    Chocolate brought me here too

  5. Drury York

    Goddamn motherfucking wished I could of saw them live. Fucking rage!!!!

  6. Tyler Adams

    Another Mudvayne song that 94.3 KILO never plays, I have not heard this one before, neither.

  7. Turd Nugget

    This song was on The End Of All Things To Come. The special edition.

  8. Half Past Seven

    Great song!

  9. Mason Yuzwa

    Laughoutloud62, thx for postin this badass song!

  10. James Kopetchny

    look up audiotopsy

  11. Tyler Chaffee

    One morning I woke up for school and found 2 tickets plus a meet and great for a Mudvayne concert. Best day of my life. Chad and Ryan were really happy to meet everyone and were super cool. Matt hid inside of a hoodie and Greg looked content and nothing more. haha The point of this story is that i received this album prior to meeting them and had it signed by all of the members. Mudvayne are legendary, and I think Matt is one of the best metal drummers of all time, hands down.! Still my favorite band to this day!

    Keaton Taylor

    Tyler Chaffee agreed

    Metal Chick

    Tyler Chaffee: WoW your very lucky! I just wish they would reunite 2019🇺🇸 I ❤️Mudayne🤘🏻 Chad has such an awesome voice. ❤️ his screams😎😀

  12. AZdrummer89

    I thought this should of played during the credits of the Conjuring. Love this Song!

  13. Dameon Cantrell

    Love it

  14. daniel fuller

    For some reason youtube is the only place I can find this song

  15. Zuber Zuber

    GAngs of vasepur full movie chahiye

  16. Uncle Fester

    They're only on Hiatus They will be back in about a year

    blank phage

    Uncle Fester *4 years later* maybe next year.

    Keaton Taylor

    Uncle Fester let's hope

    Michael Brooks

    We don't know when but they will be back, all 4 members talk and there is no beef at all no matter what Chad keeps implying. Contract with Hellyeah and timing us rally the only issues.

    Turd Nugget

    Mike Brooks You guys don’t know anything lol

    MrEyeM Loathsome

    @Turd Nugget ahahhaha almost

  17. BigLowSapp

    except the song thankyou, i kno,... im dumb

  18. BigLowSapp

    they should have made an entire album like this song... fukin badass need to get back together, fuk the hellyeah, mudvayne rules!

  19. Charles Lanford

    [MuDvAyNe]=best band in the world

  20. Jim White

    this song is really fn sweet. i first heard it on pandora. The damn thing is nearly impossible to download. I just bought the cd off ebay for 4.30, shipping included. a small price to pay for such an outstanding song

  21. DriverEarlz32

    @ExtraDimensional the self titled album was second best next to L.D. 50, third, end of all things to come. chad is getting older so the vocals werent the same but still amazing.

  22. Chris Obrien

    @speraza53 It belongs to the Masters of Horror sound track.

  23. TheBigdev23

    is this song on a album where is this song from

  24. speraza

    this song belongs to any album? or something.... please... recopilations? soundtracks?

  25. maryann marin

    i remeber dis songg

  26. facemuscles9

    Just like Dave Matthews, I believe Mudvayne is growing as a band. Yes, I am a huge fan of the raw growling and slapping power of Greg on his guitar, but that gets old after awhile. I enjoy listening to the new with the old. Most DMB fans stopped listening to his music when he picked up an electric guitar. As a fan, you have to appreciate the growth that your fav band has. They are becoming even better musicians then they were at first. They still incorporate the same themes the had in L.D. 50.

    ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    u really talking about DMB and Mudvayne in the same sentence. lmao!

  27. Lee Moose

    i have all the mudvayne albums and i love the band even though their new style is a bit shitty....but tehy still rock and this songs killer...

  28. Paliv

    Dude I've never heard this Mudvayne song before... WOW, it's fuckin awesome! Why couldn't they have kept this kind of sound? I agree with the poster saying this is better then the entire new album. GREAT SONG! MORE LIKE THIS MUDVAYNE :)

    I miss the exploring sounds of Mudvayne, the new album is just way too mainstream. I honestly think Never Enough is the best song on that album.

  29. B L

    No, its not well known enough. But it should have been on the new album

  30. Tashikoma666

    hi ! can you send me this song ??please

  31. Steven Ramirez

    This Song is so AWESOME Should have been on By The People For The People!

  32. Wayne Tonelli

    i love this song so damm much. im sure to get the album as soon as it is released. just wish i can see this song's drum cover...