Mudvayne - Scream With Me Lyrics

Ever feel like dying,
Ever feel alone,
Ever feel like crying,
Lost child in a store,
Ever feel life pushing,
Shoving you away,
Ever feel like breaking down,
Funeral in the rain

Feel like slipping away,
Stand in the corner and scream with me,
A body full of empty,
A head thats full of rage,
Better believe it,
Stand in the closet and scream with me
A mind thats like a fire,
Drivin by the pain,
Better believe it

Ever feel like lying,
Down inside a grave,
Listen to the eulegy,
A buyer of the hate,
Ever dance beside the devil,
Taste the barrel of a guage,
Ever pull the trigger,
The light begins to fade,

Feel like slipping away
Stand in the corner and scream with me,
A body full of empty,
A head thats full of rage,
Better believe it,
Stand in the closet and scream with me
A mind thats like a fire,
Drivin by the pain,
Better believe it

I've asked you for forgiveness,
I've asked you for your grace,
I've asked you for your blessing,
I've asked that I be saved,

Stand in the corner and scream with me,
A body full of empty,
A head thats full of rage,
Better believe it,

Stand in the corner and scream with me,
A body full of empty,
A head thats full of rage,
Better believe it,
Stand in the closet and scream with me
A mind thats like a fire,
Drivin by the pain,
Better believe it

Stand in the corner and scream with me,
A body full of empty,
A head thats full of rage,
Better believe it
Drivin by the pain,
Better believe it

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Mudvayne Scream With Me Comments
  1. SCP 096

    Anthropamorphic fire fly

  2. bhad bih

    This song was recommended by my therapist /-

  3. generalPWNS

    this is a weird video

  4. GingersCan'tBePirates

    Always hated this song, idk why it showed up in my recommends....

  5. Manic Mofo

    Not a chance guy, Rock On !!

  6. Lyric Frye

    Mudvayne is coming back

  7. Simon-pierre Drolet


  8. Steve Gagel

    This was brother favorite song and now he's gone.

    Nicole Banks

    Steve Gagel sorry for your loss. Beautiful song he chose ♥️

    Steve Gagel

    @Nicole Banks thank you he may be gone but not forgotten.

  9. Jacob David Cunningham

    this song could have taken a different turn

    stand on my penis and shit on me

  10. Lewis Larson

    Love mudvayne... Screem with me!!!

  11. Emperor Palpatine

    That bass...


  12. Between Now And Forever Official

    Mudvayne is so sick. We just covered a song of theirs and some are not "Happy" about it. Lol.

  13. ken karwoski

    Mudvayne is VERY Underrated!

  14. Ago Contealia

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  15. Ago Contealia

    Genetic Transmitions/ Transmitions. Development. Proceedings.

  16. Ago Contealia

    Yeah It's not right. Death Panels. And selective breeding pens.

  17. dirtysmity


  18. Hunter Pannell

    Dammit I miss mudvayne

  19. David Simmons

    what does a rea 5612 do it kills aliens

  20. David Simmons

    the united states government will never ever be to help anyone aflictd from aliens,.

  21. Joshua Perseverance Privett

    Mood ASF !!! A lot lately

  22. Jo's Creative Art

    A memorable moment for me...when I met Chad Gray, I got him to scream with me!! <3 :D

  23. Thezuule

    Memento Mori

  24. Branden Drew

    I like the song but i don't know what to think of it

  25. Harvey Tinseltin

    Loved it when he was happy, Didn't really care for The sad, Felt Homacidal when it got to the mean.

  26. Harvey Tinseltin

    He Had Like Three faces when he drank, Happy, Sad, A Down Right Mean.

  27. Harvey Tinseltin

    I Took abuse When I was younger, I never saw him hit my mother, when I was older he looked like he was going to. That wasn't going to Happen, So yeah all four of us Had to kick his drunk ass before.

  28. Harvey Tinseltin

    That's Why He would hit her in the face.

    Harvey Tinseltin

    @Oh Mother the Cats Eye nebula.

  29. Harvey Tinseltin

    Stay in the Car and scream with him, Your Mom always give him a Ride, Daddy Didn't understand why.

  30. Harvey Tinseltin

    Yeah all Those Cattipiliars walking down the Highway with me.

  31. Mike Marotzke

    Go and listen to lil pump or whatever the hell you like

  32. Mike Marotzke

    Why do people dislike a song just curious if it's not your type of music then don't listen too it

  33. Q Tē

    what mind😏
    who needs a body🤔

  34. WarMachine 24

    2019 still listening to this strong.

    SHARK Santana


  35. tiš te far

    2 golde santa )))   Mudvayne Best  ((((

  36. Keith Watkins

    Every;single Day!

  37. IAmSpazzyG

    Who tf disliked this video

  38. Willy the Wonderbox

    Haha fairy boi

  39. Onur YILDIZ

    bass bass bass

  40. Andrew Harris

    Remember you die.

  41. Mark Persson

    I miss mudvayne they need to get back together

  42. KROOZI

    Tool goes Nu Metal / Mudvayne

  43. Jazlena Valenzuela

    THIS IS SSOOOO evil he has wings as a MOTH that’s one of the most evilest things I think

  44. Eve ill Anderson

    boys having fun is women losing

  45. Eve ill Anderson

    no I'm on the other side of the black pill argument

    the fact that not only do women only want men for sex, but that they only want us for money, and chores, and basically anything but fun

  46. Annie Hooper

    Ludacris ??

  47. Alex Blodgett


  48. Bryan Garcia

    This is the song that got me into them. Id heard others but none got my attention like this one. Now i treasure every release they made and its unfortunate they broke up because i never got to see them live but their music is always going to be here for me. Thanks mudvayne for the music you did release and here to hoping one day you actually decide to reunite!

  49. Ralph Barker

    One of my all time favorite songs. SCREAM WITH ME!!

  50. Saltine American

    its tinkerbill

  51. schitzyou breed

    Imissthis band

  52. Scott Woodham

    Cool fucking song

  53. Aleister Satrjan

    Bass sounds kind of like bullets hitting metal targets. Like it.

  54. yzarCgnikcuFmi

    momento mori rip mac miller

  55. IBDJ

    *When Shaggy uses 100% of his power*

  56. Mark Persson

    I feel like crying I miss mudvayne I love hellyeah and miss vinnie rip but mudvayne was there own

  57. IBDJ

    I don’t always listen to Mudvayne, bu-

    Oh wait I do

  58. Mark Moreno

    Damn I'm such a huge fan of Hellyeah but I also wish Chad would make another album with MuDvayne 🤘🤘

  59. Snapfrost

    this song reminds me of Tool.
    Like, a lot


    The video def does the music eh not so much

    Rico Lundstrom

    Ur a fool to put tool Nd thes fools in the same category tool army baby boy

  60. WWE Clip


  61. AmAroK

    He man vs Skeletor…. I see it.

  62. Pc guy

    2k19 mfs no love ???

  63. Jeffrey Staring


  64. Robert Garrett

    Is it weird to think im less prone to diabetes as a smoker

  65. Robert Garrett

    Define profess

  66. Joseph Foster

    Get back up there and enjoy the video

  67. Loren Impastato

    One of the best jams of all time.

  68. I have no shame and must scream

    I'm actually hanging out in my closet right now, being tortured by my own mind. There was a small series of events that led up to me retreating to my little place of peace. Am I the only one who feels like this world, this society, just isn't for them? I feel like I don't belong here, like the powers that be screwed up and I was supposed to exist in a different time era, or something like that. Because I'm kinda anti-technology and anti-social media I'm treated like a social outcast. I feel it wouldn't take me much to just leave this material world behind and start a new life in the wilderness, living off the land. That is the life I yearn for.

  69. Pope Goodvibes

    Puck from berserk got big

  70. Perfect Stranger

    Thank You to the Soul for Screaming With Me, 🌟 Man👁️❣️👁️🤘👏

  71. Metal Chick

    🤘🏻❤️ Mudvayne 2019 Dig, Forget to remember ❤️🤘🏻

  72. Ana Carolina Serrao

    Mudvayne and HellYeah could coexist.

  73. Carlo Romagnolo

    Tool' Style. Cool...

  74. Perfect Stranger


  75. kiIl-chan

    some band aren't meant to make radio songs. mudwayne was one of those.

  76. Edmond Hieatt

    My secret in a song

  77. Sam Hain

    Heard it all before,timeless.

  78. Eve ill Anderson

    okay weirdly totally a gaymerang - like im totally gay just not how you mean it with the penises and stuff

  79. Eve ill Anderson

    sorry puddin

    not gay - just not into ewes

  80. Devil Shoez

    December 2018! We're still standing with each other. Still screaming with each other.

    And you better fuckin believe we will forever!

  81. Q Tē

    always alone 🤔

  82. Fraulein Ann R. Schweiss

    Doug Halverson!

  83. KattRz S

    I relate to this song so much. I want to push myself and work hard, but my body can't handle it. I get forced to go home all the time. My bodies just falling apart. 🤷

  84. Lord Wise

    Did they ever tour to support this album? I am looking at some comments and see that most are 2 years old or more, has time forgotten this awesome band? These guy were so ahead of their time....HellYeah was ok...but Mudvayne was out of this world!!!

  85. Gary Beck

    Everyday anymore"!"

  86. Wilson Tavera

    this video is just 1 of 3. look for the whole story

  87. Thunderforall *

    Happy birthday to of the best frontman/vocalists of the last 20 yrs.... intensity is a gift, not understood by all

  88. DL G

    2018 and still listening

  89. Андрей К

    💓💪👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏mudvayne... FOREVER best .

  90. Warren Krauss

    The original moth v lamp

  91. matthew negron

    Drudging through the mud, of last night's betrayal.

  92. Chandler S Bryant

    October 2018 Anyone?

  93. Dre Day

    Mudvayne is still and forever will be my all time favorite band!

  94. Gina Marie

    Better believe it!!

  95. Kyle Williams

    My funeral song sorted :D