Mudvayne - Scarlet Letters Lyrics

My heart is beating but the soul has died
My body's breathing beneath catatonic eyes
The blood is flowing, set free for demise
I've lost my balance but god knows I tried
I don't want to be here anymore in scarlet letters
Carved into what once was me
Once was yours no more
An uphill battle I failed to climb
I left it all now and I don't mind
Betrayed and broken consumed by the lies
Farewell to you all, I'll be fine. Goodbye
I don't want to be here anymore the scarlet letter
Torn in two, a piece of me, the peace in you no more
Do you believe in loss
Do you believe in faith
Do you believe in death
Now that I'm gone
Forsaken me, ashes to dust just let me lie
Lay me to rest, I've done my best but lost my sight
Turning my back, leave me alone let spirit rise
Knives in my back, all hope is lost
Say goodbye
I don't want to be here anymore in Scarlet Letters
Got to go, what once was me, once was yours, no more
I don't want to be here anymore,
I don't want to be here anymore the scarlet letters
Carved into what once was me, once was yours no more

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Mudvayne Scarlet Letters Comments
  1. Andrew G

    2020, miss you

  2. A̸̽͘͠Ǹ̸͘T̴́̓̕IC̴̓H̸͊͌̕R̴̐̚I̴̽͠S̵̾͠T̵̓͑͠


  3. Ronin Wolf

    It hurts so good I love it. The motivation is the means to the end

  4. dJelita tSilalahi

    This song was always being my favourite music for thousand years, i feel it & keep it in my head! Thank u mudvayne.

    Steve Gargulak

    I don't wanna be here anymore in scarlet letters
    Got to do, what once was me, once was yours, no more
    I don't wanna be here anymore the scarlet letter
    Turn into, a piece of me, the piece in you, no more

  5. Jessie A

    Could someone please tell me what a Scarlet letter is?? 🙃🤔🙃


    perhaps a reference to a book where those guilty of infidelity had to wear a scarlet letter or something like that, just an educated guess tho

  6. Justin Selena

    I don't want to be here anymorr what a family

  7. Justin Selena

    Help im lost

  8. Archie Cap

    Thanks for this wonderful song.

  9. Bradley Serafin

    Sound quality sucks lol

  10. Nate Pollen

    all of the Mudvayne songs i can relate from LD50 to the self-named album!!!

  11. Forest Duffe

    Chad is a great singer. Rock n roll mudvayne fans🤘

  12. Mojster Majstr

    I've lost my balance, but God knows I tried..!!!......

    Chris Laney

    Libra reference Chad is one

  13. Jack Electric Blue

    Lay me to rest, I've done my best.... this is my favorite song from them. Nothing bleeds emotion like this song.

  14. Bradley Wilson

    You can tell you don't own it because the damn lyrics you fucking typed don't match the song. I clicked this hoping to learn the lyrics to this song and you helped to make it a complete shit show. Thank you fuck you bye

  15. Michelle Wingrove -Mccauley


  16. Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Ugh this still hurts in 2019, but that’s life. Mudvayne is truly one of the greatest metal bands of all time

  17. Tom

    I love Mudvayne

  18. rock Adamsky

    Love the lyrics to this song IT'S ME!!

  19. Mr.Wellington Von Duke III

    No more pain... plz god no more pain. :)

  20. Mr.Wellington Von Duke III

    I use to play this song before I entered ok foods chicken prossceing plant, hoping god would strike me down before I submitted myself to 12 hours of pain. I hada jeep Cherokee with double polk audio subs

  21. Richard Bermudez

    I probably be dead if it wasn't for music like this.. this keeps me going..


    Your still alive because there's a big part of you that knows hell is way worse then this.and u no hells real !!! NaeNae Gillespie


    The more you listen to depressive music it will make your situation worse, then again what do I know?🤘

    Psycho Bastard

    @A̸̽͘͠Ǹ̸͘T̴́̓̕IC̴̓H̸͊͌̕R̴̐̚I̴̽͠S̵̾͠T̵̓͑͠ mudvayne isnt depressive music lol

  22. farrah barnes

    Your lyrics are a little off but still a great song

  23. Bw Little

    music is life, so if i want to die it's fine, just letters to write.. dark inside .

  24. Thor Odinsson

    I used to listen to this song all the time in highschool. Here i am for nostalgia

  25. Lauren Michelle

    This song brings back a flood of deeply buried bitter sweet painful once an a life time unforgettable memories. Damn I still can relive it with you

  26. BillyGoatGamez


  27. koonta kinte

    lov e knives in d a ba ck

  28. Trevor David's

    love this song

  29. Deverie Cram

    I so love you HAROLD this song remind me of his hate towards me

  30. Deverie Cram

    HAROLD ROWING I aint going to be here no more you was waa my life

  31. altarwork

    Never heard a more honest singer in all my days. Swear the guy reminds me more than anything that I'm not alone in the world. Props to you Chad for the fight you fight everyday to keep breathing here with us.

    Chris Laney

    Libras feel it all

  32. Karen H

    I love this. God, Chad has an amazing voice. I’d love an all acoustic album, or even just an ep. Who’s with me?

    Josh burris

    Karen H I’d love anything by mudvayne at this point

  33. lifes good

    i wonder how many people killed themselves due to this song

    black bird

    PLANET BOOM probably less than it has saved, hearing songs that you can relate to statistically reduces the chances of someone killing themselves

    Randy Lorimor

    black bird i agree. Listening to songs that are so extreme and full of hurt kind of relieve you of it when you listen to someone that relates and Chad grey and the boys have kept me from doing stupid shit plenty of times

  34. Tristan Daniel

    I don't wanna pee here anymore

  35. Breaking The Chamber

    2:36 "nuts in my back"

    The Shobalt

    Breaking The Chamber knives lol

  36. Nakamura Sawa

    do you belive in loss
    do you belive in faith
    do you belive in death
    now that i'm gone...

  37. Douglas P. Creamer

    I think this really hits me hard... much respect

  38. Danton Steele

    young jon kitna

  39. Danton Steele

    got collaterall for elder assisted living

  40. Lunosa Music&Art

    Se parece mucho a Never Enough.

  41. Keifer Sinclair

    such a meaningful song...thank you mudvayne!

  42. John Berg

    thank you mudvayne.... someone understands...

    M L

    a lovely song..!

  43. stephen rodriguez

    si sabes?

  44. cyansaint

    This is by far the best song that ever made. So much meaning in this song. Very easy to relate to

  45. Nobody Perfect

    Betrayed and broken. Consumed by the lies, farewell to you all... I'll be fine, Goodbye.

    Arnett Thayer

    how are things now? better I hope

  46. Dravard

    This, and Happy? are my two favourite songs by mudvayne


    +DisturbedTalents dude, me too

    Léon Degrelle

    +DisturbedTalents maybe because they are similar and we unfortunately understand what he is singing about :')

    Somewhat Nerdy

    +DisturbedTalents Scream With Me, Happy?, Scarlet Letters and Never Enough are my top favorite songs by Mudvayne ... fucking love the band

  47. Taylor Thompson

    This is genuinely a masterpiece. I love the beginning and ending especially, that guitar just adds a certain tone to the song that makes it so much more awesome.

  48. Soothing90

    nothing less than a masterpiece.. for real.

  49. EvE AbYss

    godddd there could not be a more perfect song for how i'm feeling lately... mudvayne and music in general has kept me going all my life....nothing has changed .... thank you....

    zach nai

    C C I'll keep my head up as long as someone slits my throat

    Dozy Medoza

    Me too...

    Jesse W

    your thinking about yourself that's it

    Justin Bell

    Suicide is always an option

  50. cindercoley

    Beautiful song!

  51. Joe Ledger

    "God knows I tried. I don't want to be here any more in scarlet letters."

  52. Experi-mental


  53. Dewayne Hamilton

    Such a great song I really think its one of Mudvaynes best in my opinion...

  54. NeutronFlux

    Love it.

  55. Azuluna357

    this is my song,hell yeah

  56. Matt Kinsey

    Then you shouldn't have posted a video if you won't make sure the lyrics are correct.

  57. sporto32

    he left out, LOCKED OUT

  58. 86joeshmo

    I didnt even see that i was to busy listening and jamming to mudvayne

  59. pretty pistol

    an uphill battle that I failed to climb

  60. Daniel Schmidt

    Some of your lyrics in this video are horribly need to check your shit before ya post it :)

  61. Christin Petty

    love the song but bad upload..its all scratchy :(

  62. Hiz Oku

    so how goes the book?

  63. Rocky Meserve

    Fuck Jesus.

  64. YoUcAnTcAtChThIs

    R.I.P. mom

  65. barry halls

    Soooooo....... Has it been published yet?

  66. Ralph Trashani

    fuking awasome!

  67. Shane Rose

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents... Thanks for the upload. Mudvayne keeps me sane. Great band. So lucky to have people like Mudvayne put words to all my overwhelming emotions. I know I cant even understand half of my own! Mudvayne, We Love You :)

  68. eu dis er

    fucking advertising. It lies when it says you can skip in 5 seconds. If you press when it gets to 0, it does FUCK ALL. it takes another second till the click actually skips the ad. Fucking money.

  69. TheUnholySacrament

    The Summer Of 2010 I think, Banana 101.5 Over Played This Song

  70. Joey Vue

    ive found you at last scarlet get into my favorite videos

  71. Mobetta


  72. Mobetta

    Now just why in the fuck would you go and say something like that. I don't see shit about Juggalos on here...Fuck just like my fam up there why waste my fucking time go on keep hatin...only holding yourself back.

  73. Krakozz

    Seriously, this is one of the best song i've heard in a long, long time! Fucking love it! And i can't stop pressing the restart buttom!

    /Peace KrakozZ

  74. MrCordezzz

    thanks uploader love for mudvayne!!

  75. ivanguliashki

    C'mon go easy on the fella, it wasn't so hard to read...

  76. Deslie

    Pretty sure they aren't the lyrics, but good song though

  77. jrgull13

    has nothing to do with his ability to read. I had to read it 4x to finally understand what he said.

  78. dj chalker

    fuggaho not juggalo lol

  79. KnKDarkLotus

    lol im a juggalo im to lazy to read what they had said before hand but hey buddy FUCK OFF!! i listen to everything from Pantera the greatest band ever to Twiztid Boondox not so much icp anymore Tech N9ne White Zombie Mudvyane Pink Flyod. and saying we are stupid cuz of how people type over the internet just show how much you try to put on a show to look smart over the internet. such words as fuckin and gotta shows your grammer its the internet people dont gotta type shit right MMFCL

  80. chup210


  81. Luigi Thebaud

    humm , whats a juggalo?? im sorry english is not my first language.

  82. AscendFromBelow

    Everyone shut the fuck up about him being a juggalo a deal with it, listen to the music and quit judging other people for the groups they associate themselves with.

  83. TwiStedTentom

    God damn Juggalos are so fuckin illiterate and stupid. It actually upsets me to know that another human being can be so stupid... I'm gonna gain a peace of mind by just assuming he's mentally challenged...Gotta love Mudvayne though :D

  84. Xannarial

    gotta love how intense this song makes you feel.

  85. Adam Kramer

    I understood juggalo quite fine. It just requires a little more effort to read it. It's also clear that he's not native English, so quit giving him a hard time.

  86. omgwtf696969

    @Chargeglass thats cuz you cant read wickid lol @WickedCrimsonJuggalo fuk ya homie couldn't have said it better myself. MMFWCL

  87. Hitler

    @WickedCrimsonJuggalo so what do you think about eminem? LOL :)

  88. jffry890

    @TheDoomsday1983 meh...

  89. bayi159357

    @WickedCrimsonJuggalo ... Can you not speak english or something?

  90. Chargeglass

    @WickedCrimsonJuggalo Your name has Juggalo in it, move along... Haha srsly though, can't understand a fuckin' word you said.

  91. david reid

    who could dislike this song wtf

  92. David Hiserman

    Here Here

  93. Sebastian Krappedal

    which tuning is this in?

  94. stephen brooks

    @drizzydre313 I'm a grown man (32) and I do too. So don't feel bad.