Mudvayne - Pulling The String Lyrics

Running I'm always running from myself
No one to help me
No one knows
Not that anyone who knew would care

Hanging from your tree
Am I an ornament of longing
A seed trapped inside the shell that is me
Nobody can save me
From this
From myself

Hurricane of head space
Spinning circle
Stacking up the walls that hide you from yourself
Crumbling pieces of me
An offering to you
Falling gifts from me to you
Left nothing for myself
You had my cake and ate it too
And left nothing for me

For breaking
These eyes
For seeing
Right through
For you to trample
Confidence lost
Nothing to lose
Nothing to gain
From this loss
This right of passage denied
Holding the headstone
Tied to no one
Loosen the knot
Pulling the string

Feels like I'm losing all my worth
No one to notice
No one would care
If they took the time to stop and stare

Nobody has the time for me
For myself
Blistering pieces of me
I'm giving them to you
These sweet whispers are from me to you
Want nothing for myself

You hold my world inside your hands
And leave nothing for me

For breaking
These eyes
For seeing
Right through
For you to trample
Confidence lost
Nothing to lose
Nothing to gain
From this loss
This right of passage denied
Holding the headstone
Tied to no one
Loosen the knot
Pulling the string

So sorry
For whatever it was I've done
So I'm deserting

Got to just be
You've got to just know
I've got to leave
It's time for me to go

So here's the note
I've left the key
I hope that when you find this
I've left you with a happy ending...


For breaking
These eyes
For seeing
Right through
For you to trample
Confidence lost
Nothing to lose
Nothing to gain

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Mudvayne Pulling The String Comments
  1. Ezekiel 1832

    They always seemed to kill it in their earlier albums with the last song (l.d.50, the end of all things to come); this one is no exception. It's all killer, no filler!!! Bang your heads

  2. Nemecade

    this is just a perfect song. flawless.

  3. Dime bag Dilley

    So here is the note, I've left the key. I hope that when you find this. ... I have left you with a happy ending. GOODBYE

  4. KiddNemes1s

    One of the most underrated metal songs in the history of music.

  5. Dino Morell

    4:16-5:03 best part!

  6. Telo Rompí

    That bass lines are fucking awesome. God damn it what the pleasure to listen it.

  7. Reprehensible Meshuggah

    That bridge though. Quintessential melodic, hypnotic Mudvayne. Respect

    Bank rotz

    Meshuggapeth seriously, though. It's reminiscent of, "Coal."

  8. CrazyLegs

    This album is like mudvayne before ld50

  9. Doruk Uysal

    3:33 - 3:50 me when I hit my toe on table leg

    Solaire The SunBro

    Doruk Uysal I laughed

    Diego Barajas

    hahahahahahaha I know that feeling

    Sixie James

    this comment is on every metal video with a scream in it

  10. Rodger Rabbit

    Some of the best bass lines from this album.

    Telo Rompí

    Rodger Rabbit

    Jeremy Piquette

    Rodger Rabbit fuk yes man!!! Im sayin tho!!! The ghost notes in here are sik also. How bout that bass sound in imn!! Just sik!!!

    John Connor

    Jeremy Piquette certainly... this band got some?... core in its music that really delivers a mod... for me it's just the perfect soundtrack for an anti-hero proper from a bizarre world he fights... something from deadpool or spawn comics. I dont know... maybe I got an issue with it. But I relate it so.

  11. Dino Morell

    4:16-end best part.

  12. Autochthonous Being

    He'll Yeah! Mudvayne is beast put some respeck on it.

  13. Ghetto Gothics

    i like this album

  14. Kathie Haggerty

    I met Chad grey In the street at 3 @am


    Kathie Haggerty did u secks


    0192837465934 yes they secksed


    Bubbles Nice

  15. Kathie Haggerty



    Kathie Haggerty wat

  16. Kathie Haggerty

    Bella bella

  17. Cemal Karova

    The bass though!

    Jeremy Piquette

    Cemal Karova fuk man!!! Good ears homie!!!!

  18. Brad Burke

    was in a similar headspace as this was written in a ways back...hearing that emotion put into song this expressively coupled with the fact that he carried through to record more later was quite the inspiration to me to push through

  19. Max sortino

    a band that sounds as good live as they do on the radio

  20. Sequoia Ferguson

    This song is really wierd

    blank phage

    Sequoia Ferguson no it's not weird at all


    Sequoia Ferguson you shouldn't be here

  21. M Hale Gaming

    Such a badass cover for the album.

  22. bret holland

    Mudvayne is one of the only nu-metal bands that is as good as people say they are.

    Ghetto Gothics

    Nothingface and hellyeah


    Maybe it's just all the nostalgia I get from this album and some of there other stuff, but I agree with you.

    Psycho Bastard

    SOAD is good too


    Psycho Bastard They're not really Nu-Metal. Toxicity is more of a Thrash Album.

    Psycho Bastard

    they are nu-metal at least their first 2 albums

  23. Chris Young

    Hurricane of Head Space Spinning Circling Stacking up the Walls that Hide you From Yourself, Crumbling Pieces of me An offering to you, falling gifts from me to you, left nothing for myself, you had my cake and ate it too and left nothing for me..

  24. tehjamez

    and at the very end, you can hear what? a laugh! because in the end, you cant take life too seriously

  25. yPPaPkcamS

    It is a note. And they make it BRUTAL and DEEP without whining.

  26. Blackstar722R

    Dat fucking crazy bass!!

  27. RealNiceGuy52

    You should. This album is amazing, but L.D. 50 is one of the most progressive and best metal albums of all time. Far before it's time.

  28. RealNiceGuy52

    Perfect example of how unique and complex Mudvayne's sound is. Love this song.


    maybe, i'll go and take a look to the album

  30. Ian Hurley

    fuck no! amazing album yes, but L.D 50 is by far their best album man, even if you prefer this one L.D 50 is still a much better album and has a much better composition of songs ;D


    best mudvayne album ever

  32. stewart mcleod


  33. stewart mcleod

    the point in the song about 3:00 in sounds like a suicide note. i have always loved this album.

  34. gregory jordan

    @krazyzark i know what ur sayn but his voice overpowers anything. fukn love em. respect ur comment bro had to throw my two cents in lol

  35. Kurtis Postma

    This band kicks ass! I just discovered my next adventure.

  36. Pedrenso


  37. Sandy .Claws

    this was by far their best album

  38. Mrdeandean100

    @bfmvfan117 its a double bass song?

  39. the-archers-bows-have-broken

    this is a great end to an album

  40. Dustin Nelson

    @d3athhascome death blooms was actually written while his grandmother was sick, not after she died. But ya his life growing up was pretty unfortunate

  41. ahasverus84

    Mto foda.

  42. Evan Marshall

    i luv the double bass it sounds like machine guns =D mudvayne is the best!!!!

  43. Mrsomeone100001

    @Kikinutkiksass interesting!?! its fucking god like!

  44. thereaper2108

    personally i vote this to be the best album of mudvayne
    but there another fact that all their album are great
    more to come i hope

  45. Miguel Angelo Solano Ruano

    This album is totally awesome



  47. Umn911



    Umn911 8 yrs ago


    Bubbles 1 week ago

  48. Devin Clark

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