Mudvayne - Happy? Lyrics

In this hole
That is me
The dead are rolling over
In this hole
Dirt shoveled over shoulders

I feel it in me
So overwhelmed
Oh, this pressured center rising
My life overturned
Unfair the despair
All these scars keep ripping open

Peel me from the skin
Tear me from the rind
Does it make you happy now?

Tear meat from the bone
Tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy now?

In this hole
That is me
A life that's growing feeble
In this hole
So limiting
The sun has set; all darkens

Buried underneath
Hands slip off the wheel
Internal path-way to contention

Peel me from the skin
Tear me from the rind
Does it make you happy now?

Tear meat from the bone
Tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy now?

Are you

Are you

Are you feeling happy?

In this hole
That is me
Left with a heart exhausted
What's my release??
What sets me free?
Do you pull me up just to push me down again?

Peel me from the skin
Tear me from the rind
Does it make you happy now?

Tear meat from the bone
Tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy?

Peel me from the skiiiiiiiiiin
Peel me from the skiiiiiiiiiin
Tear me from the rind
Does it make you happy now?

Tear me from the boooooooooone
Tear me from the boooooooooone
Tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy?

Does it make you happy?
Are you feeling happy?
Are you fucking happy?
Now that I'm lost left with nothing

Does it make you happy?
Are you feeling happy?
Are you fucking happy?
Now that I'm lost left with nothing

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Mudvayne Happy? Comments
  1. Jesse A

    who's listening with 2020 eyeballs?

  2. corrosivecopper

    Why is this bleeped out? Is this not art?

  3. Lincoln Moscow

    Are you feelling happy now...

  4. Cheryl Fitzjohn

    i remember on radio when i used to listen to radio

  5. Marcus Bryan

    What is that riff in the beggining from the electric guitar? 0:26

    There needs more of that in more metalcore songs.

  6. Wayne Saunders

    Haha just realised this is my first song of 2020 LOL 😆👍..... @01:13 in the morning all our love from northern England....... Fuck the south🤘🤘🤘🤘

  7. DMO

    It's a shame Chad is happy making buttrock with Hellyeah.

  8. Bruhmoment

    where were you when brr brr DENG die

    I was in home listening to dig when phone ring

    “brr brr DENG is kill”


  9. Derm Harse

    So when is mudvayne comming back and not this hellyeah procrastination

  10. Daniels Zandbergs

    I love his vocals

  11. Bud Hull

    Their music videos must be (relatively) “cheap”.

  12. anon ymous

    This wouldn't be midwest enough without a tornado.

  13. mike perry

    still listening in 2020 PLUS!!!!...happy?

  14. Mark Joseph Tuplano

    Its funny .. that they're look normal in this music video ...

  15. Petros Kostianis

    It is astonishing how different this sounds from IPF.

  16. Alexis Delgado

    “Are you fucking happy?!” Yeah, because I’m listening to Mudvayne. 🤘🏻❤️

  17. Jason Smith

    Mx vs. Atv anyone?

  18. David McClean

    As a 51 year old, who's not seen my daughter in 5 years because of the poison of my first wife......really accurately reflects what I feel....

    Dev Patel

    David McClean best wishes man

    abdul naveed

    What? Poison of my wife?

    David McClean

    @abdul naveed Emotional and psychological poison - a psyops of the worst kind that succeeded perfectly.

  19. Xaver Maese

    Intro sounds like The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle by A day to remember

  20. 0000 0000

    Unfortunately they came down with a terminal case of the nickelback.

  21. zack rudinski

    I'm glad Count Baelish found a healthy outlet for his anger

  22. Jin 'Reciclados'


  23. Katrina Segura

    Forget the righté name and use the number best and pulled played, limited edition, go play with someone else, I don't need you.... SKINS SKINS CONNECTICUT CINNCINATI EMAILS FOR FOOLS NO, OFFSPRING AND WALLFLOWERS, 1010101010101010101010101010101010101099/99/99/99/ WTF LOL LMFAO LMAO Trina's numbers are alwaysz righté no, itsz not it's just vitamins and minerals, cowabunga collide with one swear no I don't swear and lifing off flat false alarm and nevermind the tens over the Sin City ASSHOLES N ELBOWS DOR FRITZGERALD Y YOU BENT OUTTÁ SHAPE FOR OR CHANGE FOR THE GAME BUT DONT PLAY THE EVENING LOCKS TO TILT THE ELBOWS TO DECRRASE AND STAND TALL GOOD GOOD, BABY I LOVE THE AFTWR THE SMILE AND GO N RANGE FOR ADOLPH HITLER IOAU

  24. Joshua TV

    You guy's look strong and happy than the norm so I guess I am happy 😘✌ brA and that's in a good way.

  25. Manny

    Anyone else feeling Happy???

  26. Patricia Santoyo


  27. Irun ThaGod

    Almost a decade later and this song STILL goes hard

  28. Alex Molina

    Damn takes me back..

  29. Dawn Marshall

    From n old rocker:this rocks!

  30. Jason Reville

    I think I just lost 1/2 of my hearing, I turned that up way too loud. Danget.

  31. Jason Reville

    Bad ass rock! Does it...make you happy, now?! Raaaaaaaa!

  32. Christine Vanderheiden

    I miss Chad's head shake he always did with mudvayne. I miss mudvayne. Ryan martinie is my fucking hero. I bought a 5 string because of him and drove my poor stepdad insane for 2 days straight learning dig. He said that song gave him PTSD lol. But he never told me to be quiet until he went to bed. He was and still is so supportive even though he said my music is a bunch of super angry and sad guys that came together to make sad and angry music. I was like .....what's your point? He just rolled his eyes. I fucking love that guy. And I love mudvayne and hellyeah. And chad looks like the sexiest hitman on earth in this video. Good god 🥰

  33. kollo duke


  34. whosyabobby

    Those are some tough guys.

  35. Precious Metal Head

    Still digging this in 2020!🤘🏻♠️🤘🏻

  36. Precious Metal Head

    This is a great song and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  37. Damian Funes

    Sacala del ángulo pharrel! La verdadera Happy!! 👏👏

  38. casualbread

    in dig the guitarist looked like a ladybug and in this video he looks like jesus

  39. Jeffrey Mesenzeff

    Any man who has an ex wife from her bullshit gets this song.

  40. KateLynn Bush

    *me sitting here, still waiting for a new record*

  41. Darin Warren

    We can use this to download mp3'2. But is there a way do download a whole playlist of mp3's?

  42. Paul Shoebridge

    r u not there

  43. holdmybeard

    Teenage edgelord lyrics. Goatee. Black dye. Nail polish. Guyliner. This was my 2000s.

  44. FIREStarter

    Buring me

  45. Clinton Taylor

    This song is from wwe vengeance 2005

  46. silver lion

    Peel the banana's skin
    Tear my best pork rinds
    Does it make you hungry now?
    Tear meat from the bone
    I prepared it myself
    Are you feeling hungry now.

  47. AF Skulll

    I prefer this instead of all the hell yeah stuff


    Digs better.

  49. ChainsawRomeo

    I remember when this video only had about 1k likes.

  50. Dat_ Ford_Guy

    What genre is this song?

    Marty Schriver

    The genre of awesome


    @Marty Schriver ikr 🤣

  51. Mariano Abundiz

    Is this bassist the same one from 1:01 on the "Dig" video?

  52. samantha

    i remember when i would listen to this song and get mad at my ex boyfriend, lmao

    No One

    I was just angry at the whole world

  53. Strife387

    Really reminds me of BrrBrr DENG for some peculiar reason.

  54. No One

    Now that I'm lost left with nothing!!!!!

  55. No One

    Tear me from myself
    Are you feeling happy now????

  56. No One

    So overwhelmed

  57. David Peters

    I’d take this than Pharrell Williams Happy

  58. coffeeman10101

    It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. A very small change in initial conditions can create a significantly different outcome.
    ~Chaos Theory/Butterfly Effect~
    so are you feeling Happy? now that I'm lost left with nothing!!

  59. Mr. Mopar

    Just listen to that bass..this man is an incredible player

  60. Ian Shreve

    2019-2020 keep it going

  61. Cody Hewitt

    This no brbr deng

  62. Andri gaSH!nx

    No make up again ??. Like a marylin manson

  63. Drowning Fish

    The unpopular KoRn

  64. Indiiigod666

    Being a kid from the early 2000's seeing this vid on MTV 1. Man those were some days

  65. David


  66. Edgar Carranza

    Mudvayne, we miss you

    Gene Whetstone

    Yes, yes we do

  67. Avtrxz

    i always thought this was their most viewed shit on yt but nahhhhhh its dig lmao

    brbr *DENG*

  68. Joel Olvera

    My Happy song

  69. rAiDeR2TKC

    This was a song for me, when I was like 9, and it still kicks was for me, just like their many others

  70. DrxpDead

    I love how the band is unharmed after the tornado strikes right on them. Speaks volumes 2 me.

  71. The Cookie Monster

    *brbr deng*

  72. Ravi Emmanuel Kullu

    Let 2020 be the year for Mudvayne to Reunite

  73. Arthur Raffield

    Doctor: You have two minutes to live.

    Me: play happy by mudvayne for me please.

    Doctor: That’s songs 3:40

    God: I’ll allow it.

  74. Tony Stokes

    This song koo. But they song "dig" is dope af. Just downloaded it.

  75. Blair Cook

    Saw them on my bday in 09 an amazing live band

  76. Chunky Tech doctor

    There best song hands down ! Seen them live when they looked like clowns

  77. toby awaw

    they sounded like emo here, old tubes are better,

  78. Broken Angel

    Nothing says hard core 3:39 at the end 🤘🏾

  79. Siegfred Avila


  80. darrellw dobson


  81. darrellw dobson


  82. Ted Speaks

    Vengeance 2005

  83. allana -.-

    I miss u, Mudvayne.... ):

  84. Katrina Segura

    Pretty sure nobody will know I can't wait to see you guys to'o go home ever going to use your service and they said it was hard veryé single mom and dad were holding it up to the TV with you guys soon again and have a great weekend as well fuk you got some sleep and you know it was hard to find someone to take care of my resume for your kind perusal please let me know what time do you have to work today tomorrow or Thursday evening at home late last night but didn't get to'o close enough for the both of the Moon and back to'o go back outté sorry for your help in this weekend if you want me to sign up for sale in the mail to you too baby so do I need to get me a price for you to come see me ayyyyeée on my calendar for me to get the picture I sent you is the best thing I can think of is this is Trina my new address Account number is not reachable by phone number changed to a whole bunch of stuff and anyone else who is this I don't think we can go to the store to pick up my son from school today tomorrow Wednesday 54 Mondays from now I am going to use your services are there any more information please feel free to contact me if you have questions please call from the other day I was N a meeting tonight and then take a shower then head to the airport to pick up a check for a few minutes before I get back home to see you and fuk off just in case you need it by side of town you are not allowed to see you in the morning and get thisz back ooze visit Wilshire Blvd apt to get a few minutes ago and it will take the ten dollars for you guys to come see me ayyyyeée

  85. Devian Tart

    When you're so sad and intense that you summon tornadoes from the core of your soul

    Steele Rod

    This music video makes it go 1,000 times harder 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  86. Peace666

    Dig was iconic and uniquely Mudvayne. This is an attempt at being 3 Doors Down


    Except this is nu metal.

  87. Сергей Корюшонков


  88. Сергей Корюшонков

    нУ ТАКОЕ

  89. Paul Brown

    They REALLY need to get back together, such an amazing band.

    Jonahtan Cleber

    Now it's HELLYEAH.

    Gene Whetstone

    I was just going to post Man I miss Mudvayne

  90. Valery Cadáver

    Esta canción es una joya. 🖤✨ *Mudvayne es genial.*

  91. Bender Baker

    This field of flowers, a hole of despair and tornados that dont sweep me off my feet. Woah

  92. makayla argent

    2019 anyone

  93. Anthony Dunn

    Who wants to stand in the corner and scream with me? It will make you happy

  94. RütH MéNdEz

    😎 🆒 👌👍🖤😎

  95. colinkrulz

    My first time watching this, and I get an ad about Ultra Soft. Is this what I'm suppose to expect from the song? Lol xD

  96. Okami

    I remember this song from vengeance wwe 2005,2006?

  97. Gary's Garage

    somewhere on the other side of this field, soundgarden is still playing "black hole sun"

    Numb Nuts

    @Blunt Bandit 509 Well shit thats just changed the mood....

    Kyle Leon

    Great comment and observation! Love it!

    Gokart Mozart

    that would explain the tornado

  98. Brian

    This is the real version of happy in my life. Exact depiction. I hate my life.