Mudvayne - Forget To Remember Lyrics

What have I done?
Where have I come from?
When I burnt the backs with the sun through a glass did I seal the loss that's become me?

Feeling undone
What have I become?
When I turned my back on you I turned my back on myself and became this machine


I feel it on the inside
Twisting and contorting
Memory has shaped me once again

Still feel you on the inside
Biting through and stinging
Will I ever forget to remember?

Shadows in the sun
Filter through us
Still wrestle the demons that arrested me as a child
Confession rejected
We grow up
To give up
People step on the cracks for wounds owed paid back
Through the words of surrender


I feel it on the inside
Twisting and contorting
Memory has shaped me once again
Still feel you on the inside
Biting through and stinging
Will I ever forget to remember?

Can you save me?
From myself
From these memories
Can you save me?
From myself
From these memories

To the shadows
Haunting inside
Bleed through you
Surrender to the secrets...inside
Lies within you

I feel it on the inside
Twisting and contorting
Memory has shaped me once again
Still feel you on the inside
Biting through and stinging
Will I ever forget to remember?

Can't feel you on the inside
Set down the bag and left it
Lost memory has left me
One again
Open up the inside
Admission for the cleansing
Now that I've forgotten to remember

To the shadows
Haunting inside
Bleed through you

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Mudvayne Forget To Remember Comments
  1. Khalil Ducksworth


  2. Aaron Clements

    Otewille the dashikiness

  3. Prodigy

    Left earphone for guitar
    Right earphone for bass 🤘🏽

  4. Garrett Anderson

    Ever you ever wake up in a strange place start singing this

  5. Kenneth Zambales

    sounds like my funeral music


    Saw 2 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  7. Brandon Martin

    Guitar player plays for Hellyeah don't he? I forget to remember

  8. Matthew McCullough

    Will I ever Forget to Remember????

  9. Виктор Малых

    Muuuudvvvvayyyneeee)))))))))))) best

  10. Daniel Uchiha

    Foda 😡

  11. Marcion of Sinope

    Holy shit the sound effects are loud as fuck on this lol

  12. Chace Shinohara

    I want to play a game
    The only rule is...

    Did saw 2 bring you here?
    Make your choice

  13. Jamal Sampson

    I absolutely wonder why radio stations don't keep the original sound of a band's hit song; even if there's a tiny bit of cursing?

  14. Flavio Thepianist

    Good song to listened to when you workout 💪

  15. llc justina wimg caldwell

    i warned threm Amanda paula carla

  16. Bruh Flex

    I try relax to music, but video clip is so uncomfortable.

  17. Jesus Herrera Comedy

    I had no idea, Saw had a Music Video!

  18. mmoviefan7

    BRING BACK MudVaYne 1!1!!1!1

  19. Brenda Dunfee

    Cool bands

  20. Chris Jones

    I went to a mudvayne and korn concert in lewiston. It took me 2 weeks to recover from the moshpit I was in while mudvayne was performing!!! Badass concert that's for sure

  21. Kristen Green

    I agree with other people that mudvayne was highly underrated because of attention Slipknot received. I also disagree with others that mudvayne was never copying Slipknot, Chad and company were unique and original, they just did not get recognition that Slipknot did.


    the success of Nu Metal, Rap Metal and Alternative Metal

  23. Clayton Ferreira

    Fodastico madvayne

  24. Neil Gerbe

    2:46 is that a csgo usp with the silencer?

  25. Tuma avatars Gak


  26. Simon-pierre Drolet


  27. ryan55

    Right now, im here

  28. Albon Forbes

    The End of all Things to Begin...

  29. Someone Who loves music

    better than slipknot

  30. Devastator 666

    still listening in 2019, 2020, 2100, 3000,... I'll be coming here till the end of time

  31. Der Gesichtslose

    The Soundtrack from Saw 2 is so amazing!
    And the Ost from Saw was very great.

  32. Jill Sandwich

    *Game over*

  33. CM PON-3

    I wanna play this song forever ♾


  34. FRED TV

    This Song of Mudvayne I Remeber not to Foreget! Mudvayne Rocks! ^_^

  35. Stacey Chad

    That metal scream! Love this band!

  36. Corey Sharp

    Come back please chad

  37. Lalo Villa

    Song is okay but they had to ruin the video with all those random movie clip noises.

  38. The One X

    Fucking loved the Saw movie it was in. I fucking love Mudvayne.

  39. Tuhin Parkerson

    Saw 2 ? Woahh

  40. Tomás de León Hernández

    SAW II Here it comes again, best band back then !

  41. Katerina K

    Oh, yeah, Millenials, rock-era - is OUR ERA!

  42. thebeast8410

    Back when music was a passion to the artist. Will never forget the era rock on 🤘

  43. Bruno De Oliveira

    This could have been in Code Vein. Would be badass since it fits the theme.

  44. Des

    🖤🖤🖤just perfect 🖤🖤🖤

  45. Kaitlyn

    Always will love this song... and of course a saw fan :)

    Der Gesichtslose

    What is your Favourite movie?
    I love Saw,too! :D


    @Der Gesichtslose hmm the 3rd saw moive wbu

    Der Gesichtslose

    @Kaitlyn My favourite Saw Movie is Saw 1.
    I love this shocking end. :D

  46. _4rain_

    Пила 2 норм фильм)

    Роман ХазиахмЕтов


  47. Beauty & The Kapre

    Cant wait to raise my daughter up to be a well cultured lass who blasts new metal while all her friends are listening to taylor swift.

  48. Nate Haji

    Oh can't you saaaaave me...from myselfff

  49. Mikołaj .Sobolewski

    I just came back to this video to appreciate 2:54 once again... Ohh, It’s sooo good!

  50. Sebastian Munoz

    Demons are real, ghosts too.
    There inside of us, and sometimes they win.

  51. Gabriel Colon

    Much love, from Puerto Rico. Keep it heavy brothers. I definitely became a fucking machine.

  52. hoiabaciufan

    Reminds me of the early 2000s. I ve never thought screaming can be so conforting, wrapped in a nice package

  53. Ago Contealia

    A selective breeding Program is not a Happy, Situation to be in.

  54. 7boR eeG7

    I'm going to forget to forget & then forget to remember that MuDvAyNe needs to come back...DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE

  55. Chris Craven

    'Hello, Mudvayne...I want to play a game...'

  56. Morgan Crook

    Explains my past to the core.

  57. Jason Smith

    Mudvane is so bad ass I like them better than hellyeah but they are bad ass, to

  58. Eve Lyn

    Son evelyn amor quieres. Te extraño bb

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    "we grow up to give up"

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    Promises To Remember

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    Swear it to The God

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    Justice has taken me again

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    Spun out from the inside

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    Perfection Invincibility

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    Feeling all done

  75. Brandon Lee Wright

    I want to play a joy stick controller

  76. Cassey Russell

    This was the last video my daddy watched before he died. He loved mudvayne.

  77. Christian Cb

    _2019_ 🚬🤘🇵🇪

  78. Justin Wilder

    This is chad grey.. not that cowboy he’s got in his place now, this messed up childhood letting it put through raw hatred in his vocals genius..

  79. Sabromet

    Nostalgia 🖤

  80. [Super Flyers]

    Miss the original look but they crazy but they crazy hair face paint!!!!

  81. [Super Flyers]

    I love Mudvayne!!👊😜👌

  82. Satsui Nohado

    Shredding at the gym blasting this

  83. Barbara Castilleja

    Amazing voice !Love the Jesus pose and then he looks up ,man what a feeling get from that


    Ojala mudvayne se reuniera para el soundtrack de saw 9 seria épico

  85. SergeMaximuz

    Saw, Mudvayne, those were the days...

  86. c gamming

    mudvayne am the best

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    Did they ever play this live though

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    These guys underrated AF

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    Forgot about this song one of my faves growing up 😍😍


    Mine to :)

  93. Isaac Fera

    Why can't i find this version with the badass base anywhere else

  94. L.K. SIGMA

    Directed by james wan

  95. Dusty Hurst

    Metal and horror always goes together

  96. Lucas Burns

    This band was so important to me i doubt i will ever hear another band that was so impactful to me . listen to what chad is saying he tapped into something that we all feel one of the deepest bands of the 21rst century.

  97. kalbir peixoto

  98. Joshua Perseverance Privett

    Most things unexplainable are unforgettable too Dope ass track

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    Mudvayne over Hellyeah
    All Day Everyday.
    July 2019 anyone?

    Lilly Mansky

    You rock dude awesome🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Tiago Orth

    Mudvayne is better ,but HELLYEAH its good too

    Jorge Gonzaga Rivera

    I'm here everyday


    Hell. Yeah.

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