Mudvayne - A New Game Lyrics

Hunger inside me, that's always rising
To quench is to kill
Lusting enemy but you don't know me
Snatched against your will
To satisfy me, pick my victim
Stealth is me (those poor little girls)
So charming, say all the right things
Just come with me (let's go for a ride)
Trust me, believe me
Don't be so deceiving
God help me, restrain me
From blood lust and beatings
I just wanna play
I just wanna play
A New Game
The hunter within me
That's always searching, thirst for the kill
Abducted, take away cursed with patience
Of a thousand men
Peel my eyes, lock on target
The covert man (you never had a chance)
Don't be alarmed, want some candy?
Just right over here (now get inside)
Trust me, believe me
Don't be so deceiving
God help me, betray me
From blood lust and beatings
I just wanna play
I just wanna play
A New...
I just wanna play, I just wanna play
I just wanna play a game
A New Game
You meant everything to me
But now your nightmare's come
Another broken doll to me
But now your nightmare's come
You meant everything to me
But now your nightmare's come
Another broken doll to me
But now your nightmare's come
Let's take a ride
I just wanna play
I just wanna play a game
One that you've never played before
One that you'll never play again, I'm sure

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Mudvayne A New Game Comments
  1. Christine Vanderheiden

    Well...I've got an unhealthy obsession with Chad gray....and my bass player idol is in the same band...or yeah...dream come true for me. Ryan martinie is not human good. And chad gray is...a magical creature...its hot in here now...

  2. Sharkion

    Who's banging to this in 2020?! I want Mudvayne back!

  3. Christine Vanderheiden

    Hottest fucking ring master EVER. I've been looking at anything involving mudvayne and therefore Chad gray. I bought LD 50 and fell in love. That was 20 years ago. And he is still so hot its o overwhelming. Good god...and ryan is my bass player hero.🖤🖤🖤

    Scott Watson

    Same here,and I'm a straight dude,just not when it involves Chad Gray.

  4. Christine Vanderheiden

    Yes Chad...let's go for a ride. 😉

  5. Christine Vanderheiden

    For some reason this song took me way longer to learn on bass. I'm very...backwards as a musician...the harder it is the faster I learn. The more simple...I'm this song was confusing. It's not simple...but whatever. I learned it.

  6. Simon-pierre Drolet


  7. จารุพง ทวีรัก


  8. the.wiccan.witch

    Mudvayne is so fucking amazing.
    My GOD.

  9. Christine Vanderheiden

    I will play any game Chad wants to play.

  10. Dave Torres

    This video it's kind of shitty, but i love the song.

  11. Ago Contealia

    Do you have what's mine? 🐿️ Or I'm I or you what's mine? 🐿️

  12. Ago Contealia

    What's Wrong with your? 🐇

  13. Emiliano Dean

    This Album was Incredible !! many great tracks; Dull Boy , Fish out of Water, Never Enough etc...people acting like it's not good in the comments or in fan sites can stop complaining just because they broke up and left you hanging for more xD

  14. kawa!!N3k0K!tty

    This song is so insane that I want to go to there concert's really badly!!Who's with me?? I mean come on they are the best insane band beside's some other's and I just love this band with all of my heart. They sing about there whole life's and shit like. I think that's pretty cool. :)

  15. Colton Smith

    I don't personally view the message as evil. Vengeance is how it comes across to me. Someone you cared for screws you over so hard it broke you for a time, but with time everything is made anew. And once you're back and better than before vengeance is what drives you to punish those who hurt you.

  16. Andrew Star

    This is Sick! and I know metal.

  17. Doug Kuntz

    A new game was a solid album. It's a shame it didn't get very much in the way of promotion. Cinderella, fish out of water, Scarlet letter... I mean it was a good album. People just can't accept that people grow and change as does their artistic expression. I am so grateful to have 4 albums by these guys and grateful to have been fortunate enough to have seen them live in my youth.

  18. Adham Salama

    I miss you guys.

  19. I D

    I still have somewhere in my storage unit or haunted looking deceased Grandma's old house out in the country the Best buy special edition to this CD. It will be a game to just track it down, I got it in 2009. The CD was lost but I know the envelope with a package case it came in is still around. It was the CD inside a envelope with a booklet inside where it had a actual game in it with characters in it like a murder mystery I think or who done it scenario in a shady town full of killer criminals kind of deal. Anyway it was one of the most creative special edition CD's I ever bought. Mudvayne Love for life.

  20. Perfect Stranger


  21. Varmando Varuso

    When the director thought he would be making a music video for The White Stripes.

  22. Leo Gil

    we need. you motherfuckers. :’(

  23. Alec Fisher

    if this song was released in 2018 it would offend the hell out of people

  24. Johnathan boxx

    I'm still waiting for that game

  25. Johnathan boxx

    I just want to play a game

  26. Evan Blake

    I'm surprised more people aren't commenting on how the song describes pedophilia and predation.

    Holy Shit

    Evan Blake it’s about Albert Fish. Super fucked up song. I hated it at first. The amount of regret in the concept of wanting to play a new game of life is horrifying. I’d love to know what’s being said in the interlude after the solo. Subject matter aside, this is a very well-arranged song. Honestly one of their best, and the contrived guitar solo is awesome IMO.

  27. m XO nique

    I just wanna play
    I just wanna play a game
    One that you've never played before
    One that you'll never play again, I'm sure

  28. rybowski gra po polsku korg


  29. rybowski gra po polsku korg


  30. The Brown Note

    Thought that was Randy Blythe at 0:41

  31. Bobby Stewart

    This is [email protected]@

  32. Richard Bermudez

    My wedding song ..I'm sick

  33. Jake Allen

    I didn't know that willy Wonka was a metal vocalist.

  34. welkcub

    favorite ban d

  35. Nose Llama


  36. Jake Allen

    lol, I like their costumes.

  37. Harry Dunn

    Thank you satan for rock music.

  38. Conor Somers

    This song should have been in a Saw movie instead of Forget to Remember. The outro fits it so well!

    Carrie Walker

    I agree!

  39. Canal da MonaRock

    Chad Gray with eye pencil and dressed like e clown is still the most sexy thing ever haha

    Watching in 2018, I miss this band so much!

    James Perry

    same dig was my first song by them miss them

  40. SaidoKun

    What kind of Willy Wonka is this?

  41. Michael Perry Batts

    They should make another SAW movie and let Chad replace Billy as Jigsaw's avatar

  42. Jonathan Rendon

    this band was really  fucking amazing and unique

  43. Stiles Fifield

    This album was so underrated

  44. John Doe1

    Want some candy? Is right over here!!! That Ill state mudvayne

  45. Nikolai Alonso Asencios Garcia

    What are doing Chester bennington in the drums?

    Sarwar Rana

    Because of the evil is as a vocal 😂

  46. Missed Memories

    Idiot got lazy on the lyrics. Weed musta been A+++

  47. WaaTirk

    5+5=15 f

  48. MrCaptainSnax

    I'm working on a pairing right now and i be been trying to deal with this one spot I spilt paint. Well during the ending versus of this song I got the fuck into this song and some how destroyed that paint spot. Fuck yeah madvayne. Fuck yeah

  49. Callum Day

    Ryan normally looks like an idiot but in this video he looks pretty good

  50. john israel


  51. Baptiste Appel

    I lost the fucking game.

  52. Gerrod Boothe

    Oo! Piece of candy... What can I say? I'm a sucker for free candy.

  53. heat mizer

    this always fixes whatevers aint the same anymore...whathappened

  54. Misticemprist Stafford's black majic!!!

    Just too say it again chadd Grey and Mudvayne need too come back again!!!!

  55. Alejandra Quezada

    Este hombre me enamora 😍😘

  56. Cristhian Fermín

    Totally unexpected guitar solo... cool.

  57. Michael Stephen

    Great album! very underrated

  58. Eric Benes

    FUCK HELLYEAH bring back MUDVAYNE!!!

  59. rockerchris82

    I'm in this music video there where maybe 20 people there to start by end of shoot there where maybe 10

  60. Sercan

    i just wanna play a game..

  61. kornfreak78

    I miss this band fucking terribly.... Nothing against Hellyeah either because I love that band as well, but there was something special with Mudvayne.

  62. Julian Murillo

    Miss ld50 sound.hearing Ryan's bass sounding afuckingmazing


    Fantastic fucking Bassist....Truly one of the best and totally underrated too..

  63. Munchie Rivera

    what is this song about

    Adham Salama

    Athena Rivera Candy Canes.

  64. zPerfecto

    That stripes .. remind me of some strawberry ice-cream

  65. cheyenne garcia

    0:04-0:07 people at black Friday

    Colby Lawson

    iiOmg_Vivi Ford. True

    John Doe1

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 true

    Greg The Flying Whale

    you haven't seen a moshpit...

  66. Chosen Soulger

    they do need to come back ..

  67. Steve Sullivan

    0:23 "Lets do it spicy!! Do quenches the girl!"  0:59 "Nuts went BLAAACKKK!!!"

  68. Joshua Peters

    1 of my favorite bands till the lead singer left but there's a dime bag Darrell look a like in this video

  69. Salvatore Salemme

    so many people were disappointed by the general sound in The New Game but I think this is a great piece by old lovely Mudvayne, God bless them anyway

    Guillermo Rios

    Count me as one of those who didn't like the self titled and "the new game". this song is the exception and a few others but t most of the songs sounded like a copy paste version of Happy? or Forget to Remember. I am not a hater and never will be one, it only wasn´t of my taste. anyway, I would love to hear them again.


    Nobody can complain about this 2:21

  70. Davide Imperiale

    That solo sucks. But the rest of the song..... oh, damn!

    Donald J. Trump

    Davide Imperiale it's not about how fast you play, it's about actually making it sound good

  71. issachuntmm

    In a perfect world both mudvayne and tool would release a new album on the same day... And soad!!


    nick payne... No sorry I've been living under a rock for the past 6 years and never realised!!!


    @Horror and Halloween 101 Soad was never confirmed

    Just A Tool

    issachuntmm We'll be having Tool in August. Unsure on SOAD and Mudvayne. Atleast we're having Slipknot as well.


    half of your dream came true so thats good atleast :p

  72. Zyna Hill

    Love you forever!!!!!!! Seven

  73. Ryan Kaylor

    C'mon, Mutherfuckerz!!! ;)

  74. Ryan Kaylor

    They're too chicken shit to play the next one, and it has rules to follow, forget it!!

  75. Fetal Pig

    Id rather listen to Meshuggah

    Fetal Pig

    you're probably an all around shitty person, same can be said of anyone who hangs out with you. The only thing that rivals the shittiness of you personality is the shittiness of your taste in music. Please stop finger banging dogs it cruel and disgusting.

    Fetal Pig

    hahaha you're dumb as hell

    Fetal Pig

    You got nothin bitch.

    Dan Mule

    Then go draw your pictures and listen to them Eric

    Chafing cake

    Eric Andrews love the band, hate the singer.

  76. Amin Ghaemian

    Why Mudvayne Stoped Recording new Albums ?



    Lane Carr

    He's in a new band "Hellyeah", some of their songs sound like new Mudvayne

    Donald J. Trump

    Lane Carr Chad Gray you mean


    Cuz the guys in mudvayne as with many grate bands they couldn't get along any more.... sucks I love hellyeah but I miss the hell outa mudvayne..

  77. SoberNostalgia

    3:03 best part

    Cristhian Sanchez

    diría que el 3:23



    Colby Lawson


  79. Felipe Alves

    I just wanna play
    I just wanna play a game
    One that you've never played before
    One that you'll never play again, I'm sure ♫

  80. Angel Gurgutov

    Zetsu on the bass :O.... NEW FUCKIN' GAMEE !

  81. alberto felix

    necesito que vuelvaaa, volvé MUDVAYNEE !!! :)

    Cathaaa Guaripolo

    Que se separaron? O te refieres a que vuelvan canciones y/o albums como LD50?

    alberto felix

    +Cathaaa Guaripolo no se si se separaron xq el cantante tiene otra banda en la q sacan temas y eso (osea esta mas activo en esa). Y si, me refieria a q vuelva a la onda L.D. 50 o algo parecido a Lost & Found :)

    Alejandro segundo

    de hecho si se separaron , son mi banda favorita pero ya no volverán

    alberto felix

    DDD: estas seguro?? Osea tenes la fuente de lo q decís? u.u

    Alejandro segundo

    Claro....chad dijo que se separaron por problemas con gregg y fue lo peor que le pasó porque eran buenos amigos... Ahora gregg y matthew están tocando en audiotopsy

  82. Febon Abon

    aaa neew gameee !!!!

  83. The Doom

    Peppermint Chaos :)

  84. bourgeoisiebolt

    I adore this...

  85. marciano castillo


    Jessica Singleton


    Jake Allen

    don't you think they are a bit too old now? I love mudvayne and also kind of wish they would come back and all and I agree that LD50 was the best album, but have you seen their resent pictures? they have wrinkles.


    uhhh yes please! the whole album!

    John McCall

    You do know thats who hell yeah is right!!

    ker vet

    @John McCall hell yeah is trash compared to mudvayne

  86. christyinspace

    now I want a candy cane

  87. mary1868

    I want candy weres my candy huaa oooo Chad lied I'm telling.

    Toni Rae

    I'll take some candy from chad!!

  88. Old Numb Shadow

    I think they really wanted to be barbers

    Lizbeth White-Gluz

    +Old Numb Shadow The video screams WHAT A BURGER to me

    Alec Fisher

    Old Numb Shadow more like a circus, chads dressed as a ringmaster

    randie Griffith-Hannahs


  89. Jules Milner

    A new game..; Such a wicked song. MudVayne kick ass.

  90. followfornothing

    Makes me want to watch my Saw movies now!

    Connor Wimer

    The forget to remember video is dedicated to saw 2


    +Connor Wimer (Superbasskid) Thank you Captain Obvious! lol


    +Connor Wimer (Superbasskid) See! I too have a sense of humor lol.

    Connor Wimer

    +followfornothing finally someone who doesnt get offended at everything lol

  91. EUSL84

    So glad this guy vocalist is still rocking, i like a lot his voice and also the old vocalist from mushroomhead, you know they thought this guys were some kind of loser clowns but actually his music is good. The nineties were not so bad after all...


    agreed! but i will say i saw them on their debut at ozzfest 2001, and they were second stage (!) because they were brand spankin' new!  they shared second stage with the likes of Drowning Pool, Union Underground, Slaves On Dope, Hatebreed (haha), Taproot, etc.. look it up, awesome show!


    Cool gonna look up after that concert... thanks.

  92. Russ TheMuss

    LD52 should be out soon folks

  93. Jarrod Bushong sr

    Stop putting advertising on my videos!


    Adblock Pro or gtfo

  94. Deadpo0l

    Whats with the pedophile vibe?

    Don Calori

    +Deadpo0l ? wth.... i dont get that vibe at all

    Stiles Fifield

    He's playing a character

    Alec Fisher

    @Don Calori "those poor little girls" "want some candy, just right over here now get in side"

  95. Inkcorperated Records

    I miss the ld50 style mudvayne...They should make a new album and go old school on it..

  96. random white dude

    this song is so fucking heavy

  97. ladanielm

    matt with those lenses kinda funny