Mudhoney - You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) Lyrics

Whoa... they say you got it
I've seen you got it
You got it... you got it good
You've got it, you can keep it
That's right... I don't want it

You give it away like free samples
But I don't want what anyone can have
You've got it... yeah you got it
So what?
Keep your mirror... 'my face
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face

Just 'cause you got it, you think everyone wants you
You got it, that's enough
You got it, that's right you got it
You're fucked

Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face

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Mudhoney You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) Comments
  1. r uh

    how can you not like this are you fucking nuts

  2. Victor Daraban

    Listening to this with headphones on and hearing all that bass is something else...

  3. babycaaakes

    A guy who doesn't want a whore?
    Love it.
    Just sounds great too.

  4. blanche starbong

    First grunge song I ever heard. It took me a minute.

  5. d cowlam

    Fuck the CD versions who out there has the original European and US versions on 12" with different versions?

  6. D K

    Keep it outta my face :)

    Ophelia Bawles

    And keep this in my ears.

  7. Fahrenheit

    stil killa times in music

  8. EpicBundy

    Ah the memories, being 16 in the mid 90's with my buddies in a dark basement, playing mudhoney with my cheap ass guitar. I want a time machine.

    D K

    I was doing exactly the same thing then at the same age. Saw them live for the first time at Manchester Academy Oct 92. Good times, we were lucky to be part of that era

  9. Quentin Elliott

    Woah.. They say you got it
    I've seen you got it
    You got it.. You got it good
    You've got it, You can keep it
    That's right.. I don't want it

    You give it away like free samples
    But I don't want what anyone can have
    You've got it.. Yeah you got it
    So what?
    Keep your mirror.. 'my face
    Keep it out of my face
    Keep it out of my face
    Keep it out of my face

    Just cuz you got it, You think everyone wants you
    You got it, That's enough
    You got it, That's right you got it
    You're fucked

    Keep it out of my face
    Keep it out of my face
    Keep it out of my face

  10. Ryan Anderson

    grundge is a bulls#@t word. it's only rock and roll, but i like it.

  11. just my opinion

    mgtow baby

  12. mr mistour

    when people keep posting shit about their significant other on Facebook......

  13. Leandro Farias

    Best of grunge

  14. Bruno Aziz

    good times

  15. Jonathan Ayala

    Kruger brought me here.

  16. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Kurt took the voice of Mark Arm as a influence of himself voice!

  17. Beautiful Dramatics

    One of the Original Grunge Bands alongside Alice in Chains Soundgarden Nirvana , and Mayb Pearl Jam Mayb ,That's debatable for ever now


    Mudhoney and Pearl Jam both came out of Green River, one of the earliest grunge bands.


    Grunge started with the U-men

  18. jay walker

    The original Grunge band!

    Ana Mendes

    the original TOTALLY MAN

    Ana Mendes


    dt jimmyb

    Nope, The Melvins. I was born and raised in Cleveland and had Melvins records as early as 1984. Super props to Neil Young and Crazy Horse for being the godfathers.


    I'm starting to think that Muddy Waters may have actually invented what would become Grunge with those 2 albums he put out in the late 1960s - Electric Mud and After The Rain.


  19. Ivan Corano Garcia

    Regresen a Mexico

    Ivan Corano Garcia

    Ya el sábado los vuelvo a ver !!

  20. Jake Whitaker

    This song epitomizes how I feel about Bruce Jenner cutting off his weiner.

    Maria Gros

    are you sure he cut it off?

  21. roz turner

    They say you've got it, I've seen your garden!

  22. Leigh Ford

    I hated to like this song when it was at 420 but had to be done. Mudhoney fuckin' rocks!

  23. Mark Aziz

    Fuck 'em ALL!!!

  24. valueape88

    Hey, every chick in yoga pants...

  25. mark deamer

    I vote this song as the greatest moshpit song ever

  26. CaramelDermis

    Does anyone else hear "They say you've got it, I've seen your garden"?

  27. 2tuftie

    I don't

  28. moonlily1

    Everyone has an easily accessible vagina, unless it has rigid musles, has been sewn shut, or you're wearing a chastity belt.

  29. purplestuff

    "It" means an easily accessible vagina.

  30. CiCi Guo

    courtney love, what a lecherous floozy you are

    xxSlayer xxSlayer

    CiCi Guo The reason Cobain Was Murdered

    Kel B

    I don't think she murdered him. But I think she was mostly the reason he killed himself. I honestly liked her band Hole, but she herself was not a good person. I think she's mentally messed up. She dragged Kurt down with her, and probably a number of other people. She was a user and attention whore.

  31. moonlily1

    Oh? Well if that's true, he must have been somewhat interested if he had to go to the trouble of writing a song about not fucking her. In fact, he would sound like he thinks she's pretty hot- "I see you got, damn right you got it!"

  32. Danny Eckstein

    the best tunes for my younger years - great to rock again !

  33. Dustin Linz

    poop on a stick

  34. indiepolo

    This is Superfuzz Bigmuff plus early singles version, i have this on a cassette and it has You Got It.

  35. Fluid Underground

    Why cover from Superfuzz bigmuff?This song is from Mudhoney album

  36. chadwick crawford

    Ah yes, the 90s when every one spent so much time worrying about who was a sellout and who was underground, who was a saint and who was an apostate. If we'd all been less judgmental and stuck up back then, we'd have better record collections now. And Candlebox wouldn't still be together.

  37. moonlily1

    What's odd is that 'Details' magazine, in a profile about lesser-known grunge bands, interpreted this song is being about the band having an aversion to sexually aggressive women.

  38. Kenneth Sonner

    I hate you and everything that your people represent...

  39. D R

    I thought this song was about penises.

    Stacys Mum

    David Rocastle nah dude its about vaginas

  40. UTFRG

    Yeah 80's hair rock was all about the looks and not the music the followers of it at the time were posers and as soon as the scene was done they had enough (i think the fact that a musical can be made about the genre shows how much credibility it has) if you dont know what im talking about you watch trailers for the peice of shit movie and youll know exactly what i mean

  41. GonzoAudio

    I came when I listened to touch me i'm sick a couple minutes ago. And now I just came again

  42. The Dalai Lager

    It was actually written (and confirmed by Mark Arm) about Courtney Love, whom everyone in Seattle had apparently nailed before she settled on a certain Kurt Cobain.

    Dean Knapman

    The Dalai Lager.. Mark Arm and the lads fuking hated her . They wrote a few songs including into yer shtick which was wrote as a direct fuck you too Courtney Love and her Hollywood lifestyle after kurts death .

  43. Evan Weber

    Killer tune...ROCK!

  44. Google made me do it

    @donwantstobesedated Indeed, fuck them ;) great times back then

  45. donwantstobesedated

    @HotTimeHarv Also to all those girls you knew in high school

    Fuck them.

  46. Fakename70

    Not that I'm here to defend Pearl Jam, but, you clearly don't have even a remote grasp of that band and neither their contribution to nor status in the history of Seattle bands and musicians if you seriously equate them with a fictional band created for a TV programme.

  47. 7kole4

    @scottsvomit2 FUCKKK YES!

  48. Jeff Olmsted

    It's about an allergy to dog hair.

  49. Philippe Laboissonnière

    @chilipeppers91 Look, I listenned to Alice In Chains and Youtube recommended me a song of Owl City... XD

  50. chilipeppers91

    YouTube actually recommended "Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It" because I listened to this song. How the hell could anything make such a horribly retarded conclusion as that? This song is like an anthem for hatred of shitty bands like Twisted Sister!

  51. Adam Sultan

    this is my valentines day 2011 song

  52. Sunny Jim

    one person dislikes this song,oh hell! he got it!

  53. stoopidryan8

    @Titsmcgee9001 we all think it. you just said it.

  54. Mr. Vicodin

    @grungebeatsall Piss off, Jon Bon Jovi. Nobody likes you.

  55. Mr. Vicodin

    One person must be a Bon Jovi fan.

    Atar a la rata

    They are 15 fans nowaday

  56. HotTimeHarv

    @Titsmcgee9001 It certainly does hold true today, but I was really thinking about how lame the 80's were, particularly when this song came out, since I was just starting to get into my first band and there was lotsa dangerous hairsprayed coifs with diminutive brains out there. Cheers...

  57. Titsmcgee9001

    @HotTimeHarv It holds true to this day, with crappy scenecore bands like Attack Attack and their self absorbed angsty teenage fans.

  58. unnecessaryNoisex

    easily one of the best songs ever written

  59. cazification

    @HotTimeHarv i want long hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  60. Summer Naght

    @kittycatlover763 yes i totally agree with u! but u have to admit some heavier stuff isnt bad. but metal heads go around like they have the best music in the freaking world!!

  61. donwantstobesedated

    @TheMusicVideoJunkie Indeed.

  62. HotTimeHarv

    This tune is the ultimate bird flip to shallow 80's hair metal douchebags. Cheers...