Mudhoney - Where Is The Future? Lyrics

I was born on an air force base
Nineteen sixty two
A rocket launch into outer space
Knocked me out of the womb
I cried and cried and cried
Happy to be alive
Astronauts were orbiting earth
The space age was in sight

Where is the future that was promised us
Where is the future for everyone
Where is the future that was promised us
Where is the future of fun
Where is the future that was promised us
I'm sick to death of this one

I want to live in a floating city
I want to drive a bubble car
I want to fly with my personal jet pack
I want to visit my family on mars
I want to live in an era of peace
Of love and justice, wonder and truth
I want a world run by giant brains
Instead of small-minded arrogant fools

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Mudhoney Where Is The Future? Comments
  1. Manuel Bucci Riedel

    did You also create a video for BianJonestown Massacre´s someplace else unknown

  2. Jerzy Dziś

    That fu*king childishness is the reason they'd never achieve commercial progression/success. Their problem with it. Like they did well, yet bit of acting on their part is required. It is a form of art &has nothing to do with being a poser. Compilation album or live performances would be highly anticipated on DVD'$ . I bet revival is coming soon... ;-)

  3. Shice Squad

    This and "Hard-on for War" have grown to become two of my very favourite Mudhoney tunes.
    It wasn't long ago that the critics were talking smack about how Mudhoney had become "irrelevant."
    But fuck 'em - this band is STILL going strong and putting out highly worthwhile songs.
    Saw'em on the "Vanishing Point" tour and it was an inspirational experience.

    BTW: Brilliant video to match the lyrics - MAD PROPS!!!

  4. Bart Tare

    There is no future of fun and endless progress.  It's a myth.  Doesn't matter if the world is "run" by "giant brains" or "small-minded arrogant fools."  We are all just individual blobs of cultural and familial assumptions bumping into each other and trying not to kill each other, with varying degrees of success.  

  5. Wayne .C

    This is a must see video!  I guess only someone who was brought up watching The Jetsons can fully relate.  This is another example of why I think Mudhoney was the best of the Seattle Grunge bands.

  6. Jan Parolek

    Oh gosh. That video is so scarily appropriate.

  7. Agoraphobic


  8. StarInvasion

    this is great stuff, thanks for uploading!

  9. rork00

    i'm not a big fan of mudhoney but that's a great song&video. i wonder why the previous version was removed.

  10. majBLINDapeMONLLER

    woooow!!!!! this is brilliant :o