Mudhoney - Sonic Infusion Lyrics

Don't hand me that line about transubstantiation
I'm not buyin' and I'm running out of patience
I can't afford to believe your kind of truth
The truth is plain to see, I'm a sonic transducer
Redirecting energies, I'm a shaker, I'm a mover
There ain't nothing, no, I won't misuse

The time is right for sonic infusion
We can turn the tide with sonic infusion
Permeate everything
Penetrate and pull the strings
It ain't too late to make 'em sing
Sonic infusion
Sonic infusion
Sonic infusion
Sonic infusion

They think we don't exist since we've become translucent
They feel just what they miss and it adds to their confusion
They can't afford to believe our kind of truth
Hidden from our enemies, intercepting their transmissions
Rewriting history, transmitting our revisions
There ain't nothing, no, we won't misuse

The time is right for sonic infusion
We can turn the tide with sonic infusion
Permeate everything
Penetrate and pull the strings
It ain't too late to make 'em sing
Sonic infusion
Sonic infusion
Sonic infusion
Sonic infusion

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Mudhoney Sonic Infusion Comments
  1. 田中あばび

  2. Guitare Noire

    Du bon Mudhoney!

  3. I.F. Horus

    Zildjian K's my ass.

  4. Eichi Hoba

    Im in seventu dimension now.

  5. thesecond

    First minute reminds me of Bikini Kill-Candy.

  6. Edwin Rommel

    Hell Yeah! back at Melkweg Amsterdam best action ever!

  7. Dreyted Jr.

    D-7+Big Long Now+Mudhoney = Sonic Infusion

  8. paolo chilardi

    they are so sick & rad!!!

  9. David St John

    Not bad.... Not at all!

  10. Dawid-Sebastian Jojt

    Trippy song :p

  11. Luis Finch

    D7? e.e
    always is a nice song!

  12. Izaak McCullough

    Omg what a riff!

  13. Jimsters

    Nirvana's Big Long Now reminds me of this... And another one of their songs but I can't figure out which one...

  14. Jesús Bassbreaker

    Wow I didn't know this song had a video... I never watched it. It's very cool that mix 70's efects with the modern in the video. :-D

  15. shavenhobo

    Seeing these dudes tonight, getting hyped

  16. kix7711therealone

    They're not from Seattle and therefore not grunge. Grunge isn't a genre more of a descriptor of a certain scene.

    Izz the Wizz

    keep your labels dude, we only want the music

    HR TheFlameBladesWielder

    but they are from Seattle, i agree about grunge not being a genre but they are from Seattle


    @HR TheFlameBladesWielder grunge is 70s punk with full distortion. Or garage rock with distortion

  17. mudhoney21

    mudhoney the best!!!!

  18. BITEM100

    Tu mama

  19. Florencia Manzano

    Permeate everything.... n_n

  20. MrCesaradrianer

    The Grunge died?, haha, sure you don't know about this:

  21. Alma Sv

    I'm in love ♥ _ ♥

  22. Andres Vargas


  23. wayek

    looks like he's using an old VOX wah....

  24. wayek

    someone was right when they said this is their best video

  25. Rob Davies

    I like muff

  26. Guitar & Composing

    Indeed pryceslayer, first i called the genre "grunge" also
    but I think bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, The Melvins , Sonic youth and the smashing pumkins are more Alternative, punk and indie bands and can't be commpared to Alice in chains, Soundagarden and the screaming trees which are more hardrock influenced

    Alex Williams

    Unnecessary comment

  27. Thomas Wakely

    why is there so much people saying 'grunge' :/ this type of music was made as rock but MTV just labelled it Grunge :L Stone Gossard and Kurt both taught it was a type of green mush :L

  28. jorock01

    Those girls are not for me if they don't like grunge

  29. Lucas Souza

    someday the grunge will burn again hahahahahahaha grunge is the best kind of rock

  30. Kyle C.

    ripped off of sonic reducer . (dead boys , circa. 77')


    Nah, it's much more of a Hawkwind-quote, really. But a great one at that.

  31. J Strummer

    lol this video is pretty funny and this music is just awesome :D

  32. willzer808

    is that the nicest looking asian girl in the world ever? Or do I just need to visit Asia soon..

  33. ElliS OWENN

    @pivot1022 YESssssssss ! ;D So , you should SHARE MUDHONEY's VIDEOS ON FACEBOOK and everywhere else for your friends ! OK ? GOooooooooooooo !!! ;))

  34. Smokey McBongwater

    i love mudhoneys videos there so bad there good.

  35. Aliens and pyramids and shit

    wowowowowowowowowwowow i want more mudhoney

  36. Riez Stoner


  37. franknwalters

    * * * * *

  38. Matias Prietto

    great!!!!! ! ! ! !! !!!!

  39. anto hall

    awesome video,song and band

  40. GEOpz838

    haven't see this in years... you rule for posting!

  41. Itsrealhands

    Back in the tin with you Mudhoney!

  42. ThoughtScientist

    everytime i look in to a microscope at my lab, i look forward to having my ears blasted off by a mudhoney set.

    love the mc5 feel on this one. seeing them at NXNE (twice) is gonna be awesome :D

  43. matt dimart

    mudhoneys fucking awsome... if they tour around CT im willing to drive a long fucking way to see then

  44. lonestone

    Where the Hell has this been?!?

  45. matt walker


  46. Rieke L. M.

    First view! q;